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On The Lamb at Adepticon 2012 - Brushfire & More

PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2012 11:13 pm
by Cyporiean
On The Lamb will be back again this year for our second Adepticon!

We'll be doing our usual demoing and selling of Brushfire while at the show, but we have a few new things planned for this year:

- Two Megabattles! 50 Resources per player, and as many players as we can squeeze around a 4x6 table.. Experience with Brushfire helps, but first timers do surprising well in our Megabattles. Prizes for the winner, and best painted. We'll have a few loaner armies on hand.. but not many.

- Child's Play Charity raffle! We'll be holding a raffle for a bunch of stuff, signed posters, books, starter sets, and prerelease models. We will be doing the raffle in the same style as the Humble Indy Bundle, where you name the price per raffle ticket (Min $1) since its for charity. On Saturday night, after the second megabattle, we'll start pulling tickets and awarding prizes.

- New Game! We've got a new game in the works, and Adepticon is going to be your first chance to try it out in its wonderful prototype state. :)

Keep an eye out for our Orange table clothes and shirts during the weekend :)