Any chance of adding more 40k events?

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Any chance of adding more 40k events?

Postby Leridas » Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:40 pm

Well my friends and I were too slow to sign up for Adepticon. Now the Championships, Team Tournament, 2012 Friendly, and the Saturday Combat Patrol are sold out, plus a lot of the hobby seminars. It's slim pickings out there. Any chance of some other events being added or spots opened up later?
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Postby Matthias » Wed Nov 02, 2011 8:01 am

On adding events and/or ticket to events. It is not possible for a number of reasons...first being space. We simple are already utilizing all of our floor space, terrain and staff to run what we initially ticketed. We actually found a little of all three this year on Friday in order to add The Friendly event, but that was a real logistical challenge. Secondly, certain events cannot handle additional players. The 40K Team tournament is just a massive mob of people and armies. Turning around scores (games and soft) and posting table assignments in a reasonable time has always been a top priority. The 40K Championships is designed to max out at 256 players, otherwise you are looking at 9 rounds. 8 is already too much.

If we had the space, terrain and staff, I'd love to add additional events as opposed to grow anything we are currently running.

I'd suggest getting on waitlists. Email and state which event you are interested in.
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