Warhammer 40K Championships: Final Mission Objectives

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Warhammer 40K Championships: Final Mission Objectives

Postby Matthias » Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:55 pm

After the release of the Warhammer 40K Championships Primer missions, we received some incredibly constructive feedback concerning the scenarios as a whole, and in particular some of the individual mission objectives. This feedback, as well as the results of several primer missions over the Winter, gave us a general idea of what people want to see out of this new format.

The final mission objectives for the AdeptiCon 2011 Warhammer 40K Championships can be found here. Additionally they are also attached at the end of the Warhammer 40K Championships rules and the primer missions. They are presented in alphabetical order and not in Scenario format. The exact combination of mission objectives, deployment options and any special rules will be revealed the day of the event. Additionally, at least two of the following mission objectives will be repeated throughout the day.
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