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Ranting and Raving for the 40k team tourney

PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:34 pm
by goatboy
I've been so disappointed to see no ranting or raving at all about teams. Lets start the show of sportsmanship for the upcoming event. Let the jesting and jabbing begin!!!!!!!!!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:02 am
by seahawk
Sons of Shatner
How embarrassing? :P

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:10 am
by DragonBait
Didn't they win last year?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:59 am
by moonshadow13
well i don't know of the team names yet is there a posting for them? like they did last year and we ripped on all the names. I know my rant on the names are the ones that have the same name but add in team A or #2.

I mean please how hard is it to think of a differnt name? Are you that mentally challenged (i went PC with that description) that you are unable to come up with a differnt name? I understand you want affiliation to each other but trying using a little originallity.

using the name "sons of shatner" for my example. Instad of going #1 and #2 try the red headed step sons of Shatner, The adopted and forgotten sons of Shatner, The bastard sons of Shatner. Stuff like that.

IF you cant spend a little time to be oringinal with your names then maybe you should lose points for being lack luster copycats that are to stupid to think of another name :shock: :o

LOL!!!! now that should get the ball rolling for your posting :) That is unless i hurt their feelings with my jesting. Then they can just go off in the corner and cry about it :wink:

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:39 pm
by seahawk
I had a jolly laugh at your complete post fail, considering you are on Pusbag's Revenge #1, so your rant is about your own team name too. How comical, since there is not any #2 team :roll:

Next on the list is "Razorback Spam." Well hey, at least they're honest!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:01 pm
by goatboy
I think that is an excellent idea about points dealing with team names. Their needs to be a separate point category for team names that applies to the theme judging. If your team name is good you get good points. If your team name is lame, something like Bolter Gunners Detachment #2 or Ork feces B, then yes, your points should be lost.
(Although I would award points for anyone who names their team Ork Feces as long as their is no A or B or #2 next to it.)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:29 pm
by n00bzilla99
There is a bunch of unknowns so I left them out, but heres a razzing of every team, bear in mind this is my first go at it so some probably suck.

Riders on the Storm - Try a car, they usually are more predictable.

Chapter 13 - Very clever, which book might I ask?

Team Misfit - Ah yes, the table of nerds from high school.

Tie or Table - I think "Tie or Lose" would have been a better name.

SOS - Oh, I get it, you'll be using morse code to call for help when your hopes are drowning in last place.

Sad Pandas - Drinking won't solve your problems.

Delusions of Grandeur - Delusions is the right word here, congrats on last place and still thinking it's first.

House of Cards - So, people will just blow you over and win? Awesome, sounds like a bottom of the pile team to me.

Whiskey40k - Combining our favorite things in one, problem is, you'll be too smashed to play any decent 40k. :P

Pwnage Undivided - Uh huh, originality check in aisle 3 please?

Scoring Units? - I don't even have to play you when I get matched to win, even better!

Chaos in the Colonies - As opposed to what?

Sons of Shatner - I'd be embarrassed too.

Bruce Campbell - You take your name from a middle aged actor? Talk about washed up.

Team Snake Eyes - All you'll be rolling is snake eyes, have fun at the bottom.

Codex Toledo - Is this city even relevant? I didn't think so.

Team Rockheads: Dances with Wolves - Enjoy being mauled.

Adeptus Brew City Ballers - There's a team name, talk about a first place contender, it's these guys :D

Charlie Don't Surf - I'll bet he does.

Team Rockheads - DA Green Mile - Brains of rocks? Last place for sure.

The Greg Sparks 5 - ABC... 123... Sing it with me!

Suffer the Alien to Live - I'd rather not, a good dose of bolter fire will cure that.

The Pink Shirts - I assume popped collars too, great.

Dakka Detachment One - Original, where's tweedle dee?

Path to Damnation - I can only imagine that being on this team will make a person crazy enough to want to be on that path.

Angry Dwarves - I believe the proper term is Little People.

DaBoyz are Back in Town - You know where the exit is...

Angels of Sanguinius - Original, what's next? "Wolves of Russ"?

BNB Revenge of the Smurfs - Part Tre! - Papa smurf does not approve of this.

Stupid Math - Sounds like you were the kids that failed 5th grade math.

Rude, Crude & Thoroughly Unattractive - This team makes fun of itself so bad I couldn't possibly do it justice. Let's just say you're right on the ball :)

Chaos Theory - "Once in last, always in last."

High Rollers - In vegas maybe, not here, that's for sure.

Dice Junkies - Try Dice rehab.

Emperor's Shield - You'll need a shield when you can't make a single save!

Pusbag's Revenge #1 - How original? Are there other plans for revenge or will this pathetic attempt be all the top runners need to stave off?

Razorback Spam - IC wUt u dId thAr!1! Would your lists perhaps have razorbacks? Bottom for sure.

Cold Steel Mercenaries: Cavaliers - Oh, Lebron, where fore art you Lebron?

Emperor's Grease Monkeys - Tone it down on the hair gel.

The Emperor's Light - 20,000 psykers a day, that's a pretty poor battery rating, i'd say.

40k Fightclub Blood Wolves - First rule...

Prospero Burns - I'd like mine ice'd if that's not a problem.

Warriors of the Festering Wound - Antibiotics would do nicely for you guys.

The Rusty Scabbard - I'm glad I got my tetanus booster recently...

Baals Deep - In what exactly?!

Artik' Powah - Try a jacket, I hear they're great this time of year.

Cobra Kai - Mongoose go!

Brotherhood of Blood - Bloody blood for the blood god with my blood talons of blood awesome! PS. BLOOD!

The Green Tide - I hear that anti-fungal creams will clear that right up.

DaBoyz A-Team - The real A-Team called and they want their name back. Try the C or D team.

Dorks with Orks - Pocket protectors everywhere.

Tenacious Team - Tenacious for last.

Dakka Detachment 2 - There you are tweedle dee! Missed you by tweedle dum!

Opposing Forces - Opposing forces are always beaten, just like you!

Blood Angels: The Darkest Hour - Nobody likes to remember the darkest hours, like nobody will remember you!

The 4 Guys - Who nobody remembered since they were at the bottom.

Team Sweden - Ah the swedes, bring some meatballs for the last place finish!

DragonFire - Through the Fire and Flames, I expect you to all know the solos.

Richard Butts - Oh, look, a no-name team with a nobody name. Bottom half for sure.

Ave Dominus Nox - I can't call this one a last place, but would bottom make you happier?

Team Snake Eyes- Iron Hands - More snake eyes? Keep rolling those double ones, it'll ride you into last place.

Shaken Not Stunned - Shaken or stunned won't matter when you're vehicles are all wrecked.

Team Handsome - Mustaches aren't going to cut it this year gents, try the full goatee :)

Arrogant Bastards - Speaks for itself.

3PO - I believe you are missing the C, as in C for average and that's it.

Rocky Mountain Cavaliers - Like the oysters?

Chaos Ascendant - Chaos fail?

The Warmonger Club - Atilla is that you?

Fifth From Last - Like last year, shooting for that spot again?

Team ATL - I assume theirs a clever acronym in here but it looks like a bottom finisher to me.

Murphy's Lawmen - What can go wrong, will... as in you'll be in last like usual.

Krump 'n' Drunk - I can only imagine that every time you win, there will be a krump-off... delighted to see this. Too bad there won't even be one. ;)

The Imperial All-Stars - Straken, Vulkan, Grimnar, Mephiston? Biggest losers in the galaxy.

Battle Ready - Battle ready for what? Loss after loss?

Team Better Than You - This, I highly doubt, you look like you need an ego check.

Wardens of the Maelstrom - In the maelstrom all of your nightmares become reality, like being in last?

The Great Hunt - Hunt for a win?

Fuster Cluck - I almost laughed. Almost.

Iron Fist League - Joseph Stalin called, he want's his fist back.

Skul-N-Bonz - There better be cadavers right next to you, every game.

BloodFangs - Oh, I get it, blood angels and long fangs, too bad you'll only see the middle of the pack so it won't matter.

Operation Occludus - Bottom for sure.

Capital Imperialis - We're all on terra, this one makes no sense, definitely a bottom pile for sure.

Angels of Death - As opposed to the angels of life?

Say Car Ramrod! Say Car Ramrod! - I'd rather not.

Checkmate Hobbies - Wrong hobby. Bottom is a guarantee.

The Tax Collectors - I assume that since you're government run, you'll be inefficient and lacking in results?

BO - Is that what that smell is? Try deodorant for all our sakes!

Cool Name Pending! - Not likely in our lifetimes.

Mile High Club - Fans of denver? They had a pretty poor season, indicating what kind results you're going to get.

Penguins of Chaos - The Penguin called, he wants his prestige back.

Unsung Heroes of Toledo - Looks like it'll stay that way when you finish near the bottom.


That's my first go at some TT trash talk.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:35 pm
by Depayen
Seahawk, for moonbeams reason thats why you don't see a #2 went with a different name and I all ready had sign up so I couldn't pull the #1. Believe me I would like to see it go. By the way last I recalled you were on the second team, then were alternate, and then move on to working adepticon. So in away this reflects on you too.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:46 pm
by muwhe
Don't worry Goatboy ...

The original .. will be back shortly.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 3:13 pm
by seahawk
Silly you for signing it up so early Depayen! :P No it's just silly that he said that all when it only was in reference to his team and one other maybe, have a "#2" or "A" (who knows, maybe one of the unknowns will though). It's like saying "Hey, the Chicago Bulls suck because they have a stupid name. Who comes up with these terrible names? Bad people." and yet they are either a player on the team or the manager who came up with it. Unless moonie was left out of the naming process...

It's not my fault he called himself or you mentally challenged... :P :P Doesn't reflect on me, for had I stayed on the second team I would've made stinky about the name to be different but still related.

And I'd agree that additional points for team names could be something interesting to implement.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 3:38 pm
by moonshadow13
:oops: I had no idea DEPAYEN was doing that as i would be shocked at the thought of such a thing. As we never had a second team with us i did not think such a thing would occur with us as i would have gladly helped create some colorful names add ons to puss bag's revenge.

As i have dumped almost $200 into this banner i am creating for our teams its not done yet as i still need to go to a costume shop thats open year round to get certain addities that will probably put the cost of it close to $400-$500 depending on what i order.

I will talk with our fearless leader (fearless only because he plays daemons) to maybe mod the names because i basically ripped on him without knowing he was doing that. (that or he told me and i forgot)

I was actually commenting on last years names because we had so many like that. now i will need to comment on the team names that brew posted. Don't worry i will avoid ours or face expulsion from the team. I will end up a lone player with a huge banner for my 1000 pt chaos plague marine army and that will just look pitiful and silly.

As for Depayen i have one phrase for ya "it is what it is " :lol:

My thoughts on colorful team names are:

Puss Bag's Revenge: Urinate or Urination (for #1 8) )

Puss Bag's Revenge: Deficate or Defication (for #2 :shock: :lol: )

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 6:22 pm
by Depayen
It sound like we will have a opening soon.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:28 pm
by moonshadow13
OK then how about Puss Bags Revenge "The Defication" :).


We can paint you face green and have you make a face like your straining to release some gastral instinal blockage for our banner picture. That would be hilarious :lol: . At the very least people might feel sorry for you and bring you gift boxes of bran muffins to the tournament.

:roll: do i do that?!?! HEHEHE!!!!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:55 pm
by goatboy
that name is good. I'm sold and you can add it to the list of good ones

PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:30 am
by seahawk
Don't forget to spell it correctly! Wouldn't want it to show up on a banner lookin' all fail: