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PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 1:45 pm
by moonshadow13
well right i don't exactly have spell check here and i didnt bother to type it else where to make sure in my spam typing that i spelled it correctly.

Oh well "defecation" happens

I don't think we are putting that on the banner as its just suppose to be a Nurgle banner, but thanks anyway for the update. I will check with Depayen, but i think he is just leaving the whole thing up to me for the banner.

If you got any tips PM me and i can go over what i am actually doing with and we can go from there. I am going to have to get some time together and make fun of some team names in this rant.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:01 pm
by YeezyMozart
Hey Brewcity. . .

You will know exactly what we are gonna be Baals Deep in! :shock:

PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:29 pm
by Elthniar
B-Rad wrote:You will know exactly what we are gonna be Baals Deep in! :shock:

Dat's Nasty...

PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:53 pm
by n00bzilla99
Elthniar wrote:
B-Rad wrote:You will know exactly what we are gonna be Baals Deep in! :shock:

Dat's Nasty...

I'm quite inclined to agree... :P

PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:01 pm
by Green Blow Fly
0kay so here we go... Don't be offended now...

Riders on the Storm:
Jim Morrison called, he sez ya really need some mojo!! Lame!!

Chapter 13:
Good luck with that name ya Losers!!

Team Misfit:
Try size 11 ya Losers!!

Tie or Table:
I won't go here for the sake of sanctity... Lame!!

Abba called and said you need a real name... Lame!!

Sad Pandas:
Ah soooo... Hurrr hurr!! Lame!!

House of Cards:
This is Chi town baby... Try some jazz... Losers!!

Good luck with that... You'll be needing it ya losers!! Competitive 40k my arse!! Losers!!

Pwnage Undivided:
You know when you see the 'e' on your calculator... Losers!!

Scoring Units?
Another Death Company team... Lame!!

Chaos in the Colonies:
Wrong century ya Losers!!

Sons of Shatner:
Oh Gawd not again...

Bruce Campbell:
Bruce wanna play baseball !! Hahahaaaa!!

Team Snake Eyes:
Don't ya even think about touching my dices ya Losers!!

Codex Toledo:
So what award will it be this year guys?? Lame lame lame!!

Team Rockheads:
Funny dat one... Heee!!

Adeptus Brew City Ballers:
Stick to the brewskis fellas - yer old ladies called and sed ya can't ball yourselves out of a wet paper bag... Lame!!

Charlie Don't Surf:
Then how the $&@(!? Did you register?? Losers!!

The Greg Sparks 5:
Nice with the obvious suck up... Heres to hoping ya play DD1 in the 1st round... Good luck with that ya Losers!!

Suffer the Alien to Live:
Eat some red hof plasma ya Losers!!

The Pink Shirts:

Dakka Detachment One:
I am wondering who you'll play in round 1 this year... SoCal Gamers maybe ? Losers!!

Path to Damnation:
We got yer red hots right here... Lame!!

Angry Dwarves:
Who cares?? Wrong game ya Losers!!

DaBoyz are Back in Town:
So are guys the B team perchance... Lame!!

Angels of Sanguinius:
Yet another BA team?? Did I mention I'm glad I'm not playing BA... Losers!!

BNB Revenge of the Smurfs:
Good luck with that... Lame!!

Stupid Math:
Well at least ya got the first part right... Losers!!

Rude, Crude & Thoroughly Unattractive:
No dates for you guys... Thank Gawd for pr0n... Losers!!

Chaos Theory:
Is anyone still playing that codex... Really now... Lame!!

High Rollers:
Here's to hoping ya fail all yer critical leadership tests !! Losers!!

Razorback Spam:
This one wins an award for most unoriginal- Lame!!

Cold Steel Mercenaries:
Still trying to win something... Good luck with that ya Losers!!

Emperor's Grease Monkeys:
O Rly?? Try some dice monkeys this time... Losers!!

The Emperor's Light:
Sounds like some really cheap Roman beer... Yucko!!

40k Fightclub Blood Wolves:
Really really lame... Tyler called to say get a new name ya Losers!!

Prospero Burns:
So ya call yer bum hole Prospero now?? Tell yer mommy to rub some ointment on it... Losers!!

Warriors of the Festering Wound:
Use some soap... Please ya Losers!!

The Rusty Scabbard:
Isn't that a tavern or pub over in England... Losers!!

Baals Deep:
Oh another BA team... Lame!!

Artik' Powah:
Yer listed under Baals Deep... Just shows how really lame this name is ya Losers!!

Cobra Kai:
WTF?!?! Losers!!

Brotherhood of Blood:
Oh I keep forgetting about the new BA codex... I wonder why with all these really lame BA team names... Losers!!

The Green Tide:
Sad just really sad... Lame!!

DaBoyz A-Team:
My my... Mr. T called to say "Get off my lawn ya losers!!!"

Dorks with Orks:
+1 for honesty ya Losers!!

Tenacious Team:
Don't forget your D... Losers!!

Dakka Detachment 2:
Hopefully theyll match ya up versus DD1 the first round... That would most surely be a real hoot!!

Opposing Forces:
Hmmm... All I can say is LAME-O !!!

Blood Angels:
Wow how unoriginal!! Losers!!

The 4 Guys:
No burgers for you!!! Lame!!

Team Sweden:
I just hope this is the bikini team... Hurrr hurrr!!

Try some Dargon Ballz... You'll be needing them ya Losers!!

Richard Butts:
Butt butt butt... Yer a bunch of losers!! Lame!!

Ave Dominus Nox:
Oh Jebus another really lame Latin phrase... It ain't high Gothic don't ya know?? Losers!!

Team Snake Eyes:
Hey keep yer stinking mitts off my dice ya Losers!!

Shaken Not Stunned:
15 points for extra armor - really lame ya Losers!!

Team Handsome:
Sure if you really believe that... Just keep looking in the mirror... Losers!!

Arrogant Bastards:
Great beer but terrible name for a team ya losers... No one cares!!

What, three pissed off teams that had to play ya... Really really lame ya losers!!

Rocky Mountain Cavaliers:
Wrong state... Oh and Lebron called to say ya can keep Shack... Lame!!

Chaos Ascendant:
You wish... Losers!!

The Warmonger Club:
Didn't know you guys are still playing... Oh well... Lame!!

Fifth From Last:
You wish you would end up there... Try some stupid mustaches ya Losers!!

Team ATL:
Well you'll never make it out of that airport in time... Try YYZ next time ya Losers!!

Murphy's Lawmen:
Hurrr hurrr ya can't bring six shooters into the gaming area... Stay home and watch some more westerns... Lame!!

Krump 'n' Drunk:
Why does anyone who plays orks always have to say krump?? Really really lame ya Losers!!

The Imperial All-Stars:
Sounds like a disco band from the 80s... Look what happened to Devo ya Losers!!

Battle Ready:
Oh wow I'm so impressed... Not! Lame!!

Team Better Than You:
Inferiority complex for sure... Is Napoleon yer captain's name? Losers!!

Wardens of the Maelstrom:
Wow how not intense is this one?? Don't forget the rubber bibs... Losers!!

The Great Hunt:
Hmmm... Hint - we aren't in Timbuktu anymore.. Lame!!

Fuster Cluck:
Good description there of your games... Losers!!

Iron Fist League:
We don't really care what ya are doing behind closed doors... Perverts!!

Little Red Riding Hood just called... Her granny is pissed for sure... Losers!!

Operation Occludus:
Must have taken all of five seconds to come up this name... Losers!!

Capital Imperialis:
Wow how original... Wow how stupid! Lame!!

Angels of Death:
Oh my how scary!! Not! Losers!!

Say Car Ramrod! Say Car Ramrod!:
Can I say retarded... Retarded!!

Checkmate Hobbies:
Same name every year... Same armies every year... Lame!!

The Tax Collectors:
Nobody likes these guys... Losers!!

Make sure to bring nose plugs when you play these stinkers... Lame!!

Cool Name Pending!:
This is my number one pick for the most lamest team name... Losers!!

Mile High Club:
Too bad you're riding in a bus... Last time I checked Greyhound doesn't have any stewardesses... Losers!!

Unsung Heroes of Toledo:
Unsung... What is that Chinese or something... Lame!!

PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:47 pm
by Depayen
This last entry looks like it was written by a LAME LOSER. Try a Thesaurus.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 10:18 pm
by Green Blow Fly
Spam - it's what 40k gots cooking ya lame-0 !!!


PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:30 am
by Depayen
At least your consistant.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:50 pm
by Marius Xerxes
Green Blow Fly wrote:

Checkmate Hobbies:
Same name every year... Same armies every year... Lame!!

Its actually going to be a new army this year :shock:

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:12 pm
by Hero Jones
This is not meant to offend anyone, just my bit of fun. :D

1 Riders on the Storm
+++Riders on the Storm? So you get blown away...

2 Chapter 13
+++How unlucky a number.

3 Team Misfit
+++So you have Chaos/Eldar/Space Marines/Orks...yea, that is a misfit.

4 Tie or Table
+++You either tie or get tabled huh? Not much competition there.

+++You'll be sending a lot of those up to your teammates.

6 Sad Pandas
+++You guys wearing panda suits or something?

7 Delusions of Grandeur
+++Yes you do have those don't you?

8 House of Cards
+++One bump of the table and your models all fall down...better bring a lot of glue.

9 Unknown (Captain: K. Hill)

10 Whiskey40k
+++Now that is no good. Jagermeister is the way to go!

11 Pwnage Undivided
+++So Chaos Undivided...its a crap codex right now. You'll be on the lower part of the tourney.

12 Unknown (Captain: H. Doughton)
+++So here is number 2.

13 Scoring Units?
+++Why is this a question? Scoring units are a must.

14 Chaos in the Colonies
+++The big CC huh? Cool name though.

15 Unknown (Captain: B. Uytenbogaardt)
+++Number 3, these guys...nice last name by the by.

16 Sons of Shatner
+++Oh God...Orks...change it up guys.

17 Unknown (Captain: J. Freeman)
+++Number 4. At least the first initial isn't M. Might have thought Morgan Freeman was showing up.

18 Bruce Campbell
+++If one of you isn't Mr. Campbell, there may be rioting.

19 Team Snake Eyes
+++I remember you guys...may yours saves be as such and your leaderships be the opposite.

20 Three Men and a Little Lady
+++Not going to lie here. She better know the rules!

21 Team Rockheads: Dances with Wolves
+++Hmmm...whatever could you be?

22 Adeptus Brew City Ballers
+++Crying will do you no good here. Grow up.

23 Charlie Don't Surf
+++I like the reference. But yes he does.

24 Team Rockheads - DA Green Mile
+++So you are the second part huh? And it is nice to know that you guys can be sooo creative with your names.

25 The Greg Sparks 5

26 Suffer the Alien to Live
+++No, we will not suffer the alien to live. They die.

27 The Pink Shirts
+++If you are doing this for cancer awareness, thats cool. But if not...then you have problems.

28 Dakka Detachment One
+++Oh great. You guys again...change up the name.

29 Path to Damnation
+++More like the path to losing.

30 Angry Dwarves
+++Wrong game system guys. But if you insist, we are playing 40k rules so your dwarves won't make it far.

31 DaBoyz are Back in Town
+++Nope. might as well turn around.

32 Angels of Sanguinius
+++So dante, grim guy, and every other special character you can?

33 BNB Revenge of the Smurfs - Part Tre!
+++What does BNB stand for? And I think you were Part dous last year, so its the number of years you've attended.

34 Stupid Math
+++Might want to reconsider playing...there is some math involvement.

35 Rude, Crude & Thoroughly Unattractive
+++Just stay at home guys. We don't want your kind at the tournament.

36 Chaos Theory
+++Chaos is not theory, its fact. I can only guess you have all four factions.

37 High Rollers
+++Illegal items are frowned upon guys. Keep it clean.

38 Team Anathema
+++Like the band? Or the definition?

40 Pusbag's Revenge
+++I really don't want to know...

41 Unknown (Captain: M. Twitchell)
+++Number 5. Sad that we have this many unnamed teams.

42 Razorback Spam

43 Cold Steel Mercenaries: Cavaliers
+++Same name as last year I see...witty.

44 Emperor's Grease Monkeys
+++So you have quite a few vehicles.

45 The Emperor's Light
+++The Emperor's light shall not reach you on the field.

46 Sweeping Advance
+++Will do you no good here.

47 40k Fightclub Blood Wolves
+++Good website. But now we know what your team is bringing.

48 Prospero Burns
+++Space Wolves or Thousand Sons, more likely the SW.

49 Warriors of the Festering Wound
+++That just sounds bad.

50 Unknown (Captain: A. Kramer)
+++Number 6. Pick it up guys!

51 The Rusty Scabbard
+++This is a bad thing remember.

52 Unknown (Captain: C. Markgraf)
+++Lucky number 7. Cool last name though.

53 Baals Deep
+++Oh no! Another Blood Angels army with 5 Baals...

54 Artik' Powah
+++Powah! Lol!

55 Cobra Kai
+++Either this is a reference to G.I. Joe or a reference to DBZ...

56 Brotherhood of Blood
+++Either a Chaos army of Berzerkers or yet another Blood Angels army.

57 The Green Tide
+++Orks! 'Ere we go! I better see over 200 models per table.

58 DaBoyz A-Team
+++Another Ork army...but specialized because of the A-Team reference.

59 Dorks with Orks
+++Yes you are. And trying to be cool with yet more Orks.

60 Tenacious Team
+++Just how tenacious? Not very.

61 Dakka Detachment 2
+++Was wondering when you guys would show up.

62 Opposing Forces
+++So a hybrid team...can't wait to see.

63 Blood Angels: The Darkest Hour
+++Your darkest hour I'm sure.

64 Imperial Blitzkrieg
+++There better be lots of moving with this army or you should be ashamed!

65 Team Sweden
+++This isn't the Olympics.

66 Unknown (Captain: M. Issac)
+++Number 8. With a month to go and still no name.

67 DragonFire
+++This is 40k, not fantasy.

68 Richard Butts
+++Wow...that is pretty lame for a team name.

69 Ave Dominus Nox
+++A Night Lords themed army...this could be cool.

70 Team Snake Eyes- Iron Hands
+++Better be a good looking Iron Hands army.

71 Shaken Not Stunned
+++Extra armor for the win. Won't do you any good when your tanks are laid to ruin.

72 Team Handsome
+++Sorry guys, but not really.

73 Better Late Than Never
+++Yes it is...but it won't help with your reserve rolls.

74 3PO

75 Rocky Mountain Cavaliers
+++So you have rough riders...let me know how that works out for ya.

76 Chaos Ascendant
+++Abby with four marked armies. Didn't see this one coming.

77 The Warmonger Club
+++We are all coming to have a good time, not fight a war.

78 Fifth From Last
+++Yes you will be. Its ok, someone has to be there.

79 Team ATL
+++All the way from Atlanta...just to fall.

80 Unknown (Captain: A. Olsen)
+++Number 9. Jeez!

81 Murphy's Lawmen
+++So you guys are already planning on the worse...good.

82 Krump 'n' Drunk
+++Get drunk after the gaming...I don't want to see you guys throw chuncks at the tables.

83 Unknown (Captain: N. Potgiesser)
+++Number 10. Lets keep it going!

84 Unknown (Captain: E. Biessman)
+++Number 11. Didn't take long.

85 The Imperial All-Stars
+++And who pre tell are they?

86 Battle Ready
+++You better be, because if you aren't...its going to be a long day.

87 Team Better Than You
+++Just keep telling yourselves that.

88 Wardens of the Maelstrom
+++Uh huh...

89 The Great Hunt
+++Why are you hunting animals? There is a game a foot!

90 Fuster Cluck
+++Oh now this is just clever.

91 Iron Fist League
+++I'm going to go with the notion that you are Fist players uniting.

92 Skul-N-Bonz
+++Dark Eldar!!! Please have Vect tag along.

93 BloodFangs
+++Yet another Blood Angel/Space Wolf alliance...

94 Unknown (Captain: M. Smith)
+++Number 12. We are at a dozen teams without names! Sad!

95 Operation Occludus
+++Its going to fail! Just to let ya know.

96 Unknown (Captain: J. Rohan)
+++Number 13. How unlucky for you guys.

97 Unknown (Captain: M. Chval)
+++Number 14. Really guys?

98 Capital Imperialis
+++So the Springfield group signed up in time to join. Took ya long enough!

99 Angels of Death
+++Space Marines...hopefully they stand up to their name.

100 Say Car Ramrod! Say Car Ramrod!

101 Checkmate Hobbies
+++Wow! You guys almost didn't make it.

102 The Tax Collectors
+++There are no taxes to collect here.

103 The Dead Beats
+++Yea you are. Lucky you even got in.

104 BO
+++I swear if I smell you guys, I'm going to throw soap at you.

105 Cool Name Pending!
+++That is your name? Horrible.

106 Bad Donkey Gaming
+++I don't want to know.

107 Unknown (Captain: J. McComb)
+++Number 15. Good job guys.

108 Mile High Club
+++If everyone of your players has not done this then you should be ashamed.

109 Penguins of Chaos
+++How does this name even come to mind.

110 Unsung Heroes of Toledo
+++Hero's are always sung of.


PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:17 pm
by Depayen
Now there one with orginality and well thought out. Qudos to you sir.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:15 am
by AlGleason
33 BNB Revenge of the Smurfs - Part Tre!
+++What does BNB stand for? And I think you were Part dous last year, so its the number of years you've attended.

BNB = Blade and Bolter Boyz (our Nashville Club name - to long to type otherwise)

Yep - third year attending with this team.

Here's what we are modeling this years display board on - to push the Revenge part


PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:47 pm
by Mr. Bleak
Team Razorback Spam is going to win. I know these guys, they go to my local Games Workshop. Last year they came in pretty high. The kick butt and take names.

So be careful, and if you end up against them, put on a brave face, because you will have a fun game but get your butt handed to you on a platter made out of the melted plastic and pewter of your army.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:04 am
by Depayen

PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:32 pm
by Elthniar
Mr. Bleak wrote:Team Razorback Spam is going to win. I know these guys, they go to my local Games Workshop. Last year they came in pretty high. The kick butt and take names.

Three of the four members of that team are new. I know because I was on that team last year. Just saying ;p