should comp scores be taken out for A-con 2010?

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should comp scores be taken out for A-con 2010?

Yes, I feel that army composition should be taken out
No, I feel that army composition should be scored
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Comp for me

Postby cycleboy » Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:32 am

4 Points - Hey, look! Cycleboy showed up and brought his Tau. This is too easy!
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Re: Comp for me

Postby Huoshini » Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:46 pm

cycleboy wrote:4 Points - Hey, look! Cycleboy showed up and brought his Tau. This is too easy!

I lold
AdeptusBrewCityJoe wrote:Yeah I guess you are right.

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Postby WhiteRaven » Fri May 15, 2009 1:06 pm

Ok...I've written practically a novel at this point regarding comp systems in other forums...but I wanted to chime in here specifically because I love the Adepticon Tournaments.

Softscores are essential in Adepticon main events because you are using a swiss system. A 4 round event is not enough to determine a clear winner when there are more than 16 players (assuming only win/loss is counted). The objective setup of the Adpeticon scenarios allows for some variation in scores and this helps to seperate competitors more quickly. However, with a 100 teams, there is a pretty decent probability that you have more than 2 teams finishing the tournament with the same battle scores.

This is where softscores come in, they help to add the "hobby" into the tournament. Sportsmanship is key, everyone would rather see the good guys win over the evil guys...its a product of our Hollywood society :)
Painting can be pretty arbitrarily judged when done by the organizers.
Theme can also be fairly judged when given the nice checklist that Adepticon puts out with their rules packs.

Comp is 100% subjective (even when the organizers put a system up ahead of schedule. As with the aforementioned by Doc with the Astronomi-Con system). Either the Organizers or the Players are forcing their ideal of an army on a person. Personally, I don't like people telling me where my hobby inspiration (what I find cool about my army) comes from (be it in the GW universe, or parodying real life or even other sci-fi/fantasy themes, or even just an optimal list within the game rules).
As mentioned, all comp does is change what the power level will be. This doesn't mean you cannot find power gaming lists within the rules. WAAC players will always find "optimal" within any set of given rules...its what they derive their fun from.

Keys to winning a tournament is broken down into 3 categories, and no matter what you do with comp they don't change.

1) Pre-tournament prep. This includes list design to maximize your game day scores. It also includes conversion and painting time. Putting a lot of effort into this maximizes your starting chance at the tournament. You can adjust your list, painting technique, conversions based on any scoring system presented in order to do well.

2) Tournament Play. This includes all of the tactical decisions you make during the day. And even how your general demeanor at the table and how you help your opponent enjoy the game (sportsmanship) can be turned into a tactical decision. You must adjust everything about your game based on your opponent (it just happens to be less of an adjustment when you know someone well) in order to try and maximize your score. If sports is worth a significant amount, it may be worth shorting a few battle points to ensure you get max sports score.

3) Luck. At the end of the day these hobby games have a large element of random chance to them. Every dice roll, game match-up, opponent mood based on their previous opponent. These are also known as free variables in the mathematics world. And all you can do is hope you can adjust enough through the event to these events that you can come out on top. You could have done everything right in 1) and 2) and still not win, vice versa, you can make up a lot of ground with a little luck.

Unless you remove random and sequenced events (even sequence gives an edge to a good general...see Chess theory) from the game, you will never be on even footing with your opponent. And if you are on even aren't playing a very enjoyable game.

When I lose a game and care to analyze it, it falls into 1 of 2 categories.
A) I made mistake(s) in some action of step 1) or step 2) OR
B) Proability gave me an overwhelming set of circumstances to overcome
Option A happens far more often then option B.

Neither has anything to do with the comp of my opponents army.
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