AdeptiCon Terrain Dates: Your Help Needed.

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AdeptiCon Terrain Dates: Your Help Needed.

Postby muwhe » Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:55 pm

The guys at Capital City Games in Springfield IL and a handful of people have stepped up and taken on a huge task of revamping 92 tables of AdeptiCon terrain !! We have made huge progress but have a significant amount of work to complete. With still two months out we are on schedule to finish this project but we need your help.

I have scheduled 3 more terrain dates at Capital City for the month of February including another terrain weekend. Matt and Marcin made it down for the last terrain weekend and we had a great time and got a ton done in the process. This is a great opportunity to carpool down, see a great store, some good eats, and help out. If you think you might want to make the trip .. post up.. .as I am sure some others would make the trip if they had someone to drive down with.... again for the evening on Saturday the 21st . I will be booking a couple of hotel nights off my vast collection of program points!

Dates scheduled so far are :

Sunday Feb. 8th - 10 am till we are told to go home.

Sunday Feb. 15th - 10 am till we are told to go home.

Saturday Feb 21st - 10 am till the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday Feb 22nd - 10 am till we are told to go home.

The ideal is for folks to be able to be at Capital City to work on this project. I understand that is not feasible for some folks and yet they still might be able to lend a hand. If you have a significant amount of time we do have some projects that can be worked on remotely… element creation, assembly, etc..

AdeptiCon is the convention that we all have built. The next 2 months are always a critical time when a lot of different elements start coming together and the difference maker in making a good convention a great one is to finish strong!.. So let’s blow the doors off the new venue and make Adepticon 2009 the best yet!

If you can make a day, the weekend, or can help out in some way… let me know by emailing me at your help is as always greatly appreciated.
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