Model policy question

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Model policy question

Postby Janthkin » Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:06 pm

Here's one: the Adepticon model policy "always" allows Armorcast models to represent the appropriate units.

This is followed immediately by "Because of the uniqueness of Forge World models and rules, Forge World units (i.e. units found ONLY in Forge World rules supplements) must be represented by the appropriate Forge World model."

Can someone field an Armorcast Reaver Titan? The rules are solely Forge World, but the Armorcast model is still out there (and, I'd guess, much more common).
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Postby Cptn_Snuggles » Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:18 pm

my initial reply would be yes, seeing that they were official GW models back when they were produced. If I remember right the old armorcast warhounds are allowed as well.

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Postby muwhe » Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:46 pm

Armorcast have always been considered GW offical models.

And have been allowed in the past in the case of Eldar Titans.

That said ... karma will favor the FW model.

IMHO the Gladiator is all about vibes, karma, and attitude... whose got the biggest stick !!

Showing up with the Armorcast Reaver is like showing up with at a mustang muscle car show with a 4 cyn mustang from the dark age of mustang design the mid-1980's .. When you could have brought a Shelby .. or at least a mustang with a V-8.
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Postby flatlanderboss » Thu Feb 19, 2009 4:25 pm

And most of those crappy models have chain fists, Apoc launchers and plasma blast gun.

I'll GLADLY play against that if they're paying 1750 points.

Hell. I'll even bring them one of mine fully painted to borrow.

Three Laser Blasters on the other hand....I'd want this ruled the other way :)
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