AdeptiCon 2009 Seminars

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AdeptiCon 2009 Seminars

Postby Matthias » Wed Jan 21, 2009 6:01 pm

With AdeptiCon 2009 rapidly approaching, we are proud to announce this year's line-up of Hobby Seminar classes. This year sees our usual wide range of topics; from army painting to competition painting, sculpting with green stuff to creative basing, and much more. We are extremely happy to announce a truly noteworthy group of instructors; including 4-time Slayer Sword winner Chris Borer, the return of fan-favorite Joe Orteza and his green-stuff class, CoolMiniorNot sensations James and Cathy Wappel, and an array of other Golden Demon and Grand Tournament veterans lending their skills to the line-up.

In addition, this year sees an expansion of the AdeptiCon Rogue Demon miniature painting contest and the inclusion of the popular Avatars of War figure line. We are very excited to open the competition to Felix Paniagua's excellent line of models. In true AdeptiCon style, we will also be awarding some major prize support for this year's Rogue Demon.

For more information, click here. See you in April.

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