Warhammer 40K INAT FAQ version 2.0 Released!

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Warhammer 40K INAT FAQ version 2.0 Released!

Postby Centurian99 » Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:03 pm

Well, the FAQ council has finished going through the 2.0 revision of the INAT FAQ, and we're releasing version 2.0 for a "public beta" so to speak. We've gone through the new 40K 5 rules and each codex, and provided answers for the most frequently asked questions that pop up in tournaments.

This document is, of course, entirely unofficial, but we believe that it provides a valuable tool for tournament organizers and 40K players in general to use to resolve some of the thorny issues that pop up during play. It isn't meant to replace the GW FAQs in any way - in fact, the questions answered in the GW FAQs are not addressed in this document.

Click here to download the INAT FAQ ver 2.0

This document WILL be in effect for all 40K events at AdeptiCon, so its highly recommended that all attendees who plan to play in a 40K event look at the sections relating to general gameplay and your particular army. This FAQ will be used by the rules judges to resolve rules disputes.

We welcome comments from the greater 40K community about the rulings made in the INAT FAQ. You can post comments in this thread, or email us at: awc_nfp@yahoo.com

FYI, this year the FAQ Council consisted of 9 members. The questions were generated through our own review of the rules, submitted to the council by members of the 40K community, or from monitoring various 40K web forums to see what questions came up often. The vast majority of the questions were answered with unanimous or near-unanimous consent. The contested questions were debated (at great length) and the majority opinion used.

Again, click here to download the INAT FAQ ver 2.0.

NOTE: You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader ver. 7.0 or later to view this file.
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Postby Generalissimo_Fred » Wed Dec 24, 2008 7:11 am

You can work hard on something, but that doesn't make you immune to critics. Some of these rules are a strange.

A Daemonhunter Rhino with smoke will only take glancing hits, just like 4th edition, while every other Rhino in the game will have their smoke launchers ignore results on a 4+ as in 5th edition.

The Eversor Assassin's pistol will not fire twice because 'that's not how pistols work in 5th edition'. BUT the Daemonhunter smoke launchers will work as they did in 4th edition when there is no rule for them to work this way in 5th. Why the discrepency. Why have one rule bleed over from 4th, but not the other.

I also love how the Daemonhunter Force Weapon will instant kill anything it touches, even something immune to instant death. That will be a shock to the system of a ton of players from all over. 1 wound and POW goes the Hive Tyrant, POW goes the Daemon Prince, POW goes the Greater Daemon, POW goes Marneous Calgar. POW goes the rule.
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Postby odinsspear45 » Wed Dec 24, 2008 2:38 pm

Those are consistent with how GW has ruled how things work.

Faq > Codex > BRB

Since daemons all have eternal warrior it would be pointless if the NEMISIS Force Weapons were ineffectual against them now wouldn't it. It is given a special name and ability. (IMHO)

However that Doesn't always work when dice are tossed on a battlefield that is being scored. THus the need for a document explaining how things work in a specific environment. You can now adjust your strategies and lists to handle what could otherwise be an unexpected judge ruling.

The Balancing act between various Codex's is a precarious one indeed. I applaud the effort and i think it is obvious a lot of work has been poured into this document. please feel free to contriobute to the tournamnet and community by presenting your opinions ideas and perceptions on how to improve the ruleset. Just expect others to debate your concepts just as passionately ;)
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Postby The Manhammer » Thu Dec 25, 2008 1:02 pm

RB.22A.01 – Q: When models from two or more units
are intermixed together, can these units
simultaneously provide cover saves for each other
from a single enemy firing unit?
A: Two or more intermixed units cannot simultaneously
provide cover saves for each other against a single enemy
firing unit. When such a situation occurs, the intermixed unit
with a model closest to the firing unit does not count as
being in cover from the unit(s) they are intermixed with
[rules change].

Thank you.
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