Venerable Dreadnought and Dreadnought Kit (Multi-Melta?)

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Venerable Dreadnought and Dreadnought Kit (Multi-Melta?)

Postby Lord Baerion » Thu Jun 04, 2015 1:19 pm

I built a Venerable dreadnought kit recently and it included an Assault Cannon, Plasma Cannon, and TL LasC.

The basic entry in the codex comes with a Multi-Melta. Does anyone know where I can find a venerable multi-melta arm? Looking at the Multi-Melta arms on Forgeworld they're listed as MK IV and MK V and neither look to be a match with the close combat arm.

Similarly looking at the regular dreadnought kit on GW's website it doesn't mention a Multi-Melta being included? Is there a Multi-Melta included in that kit?
Lord Baerion
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Re: Venerable Dreadnought and Dreadnought Kit (Multi-Melta?)

Postby cjputrich » Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:02 am

You could try the Hellbrute multi-melta. Would likely require signifanct sculpting to blend it well, but I think those dark vengeance kits are on eBay with regularity for pretty cheap.
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