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xenite does nids - 11/14 start

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:52 pm
by xenite
I've had a lot of fun with the Eldar getting back into WH40k. I'd always been a fan of the Tyranids as well, so I have been collecting models for the last pile of months. As a way to shake things up and get a break from my sculpting work, I've started to put some of these models together. I have about 20 Termagants in progress, and some Genestealers ready to prime. I am going to do a scratchbuild for some Tyranocytes. I like the GW models, but they are pricey if you want several of them. So on the list of things which I would eventually like to build...

  • Flying Hive Tyrant
  • 30 Termagants
  • 3 Zoanthropes
  • 10 Genestealers
  • 1 Exocrine
  • 4 Tyrannocytes
  • some other stuff...