Ghost Knights WIP test model

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Ghost Knights WIP test model

Postby Brian » Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:04 pm

So I decided to do some Ghost Knights for my GK army that's been a work in progress since April.

I didn't want the Ghost Knights to just be Terminators with different color swords or something; I wanted them to really stand out and look ghostly without looking like something I snatched off of the Pelennor Fields. In other words this would not be a lazy two-tone wash job.


My standard GK scheme is illustrated by Drago. I try to include many warm colors, dark brass, and scroll work to break up the metallic base. Base coat boltgun metal, badab black wash, mithril silver highlights. Red and brass heraldry with white and off-white weapons. Ice Blue eyes. On my standard Grey Knights the power weapons have a blue effect. Drago's is orange (Can't really see it in the picture) because he's special.

The Ghost Knight has all warm colors removed from his scheme except for eyes, sword effect, and purity seals. I wanted the red to really pop out as if to say "I'm dead but I'm here and I'm pissed off." Mithril silver base coat with a 50/50 water/asurmen blue wash. In death he has put aside his Grey Knight heraldry which I have replaced with Scibor Celtic shoulder pads with the runes painted ice blue. I'm using Vallejo shining gold for all of the lettering on his armor as well as the hilt of the sword. It's hard to see in the picture but his storm bolter is bleached bone washed with that same blue solution (as are the skulls on his armor.) Everything is highlighted straight skull white to give him a glowing sort of effect.

Mordrak himself will be painted some combination of the two schemes. He will be a unique model in the army because I've pulled an old 2nd edition metal GK out of my bits box and outfitted him with arms off of the new plastic sprues.

I don't really plan to field him in the same army as Drago. Drago is just too cool a model to pass up so I made him my Finecast test case.
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Postby MaxeysPad » Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:57 am

Looks good! You could always do some flames come aroudn their eyes. A little greenstuff can do just the trick :)
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Postby SmokWawelski » Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:58 pm

I think that the problem you are going to run into is that some GK armies use your "ghostly" paint scheme as an army-wide way of painting models. I think that the GK I sold were actually very close to your ghost.

I myself did a BA Death Company squad with gray/white base and green wash. Picked some details here and there and call them the "Dead" Company. Head swap (for bare skulls) added a finishing touch.

I can try to take some pictures at some point....

Mind you, they do look like a port from LOTR game, so if that ticks you off, well, go ahead with your scheme.

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