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Questions & Tips on painting, converting, and photographing models. This is also a great place to show off your latest work.

Postby ChrisMIronHands » Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:50 am

EldarCorsair wrote:Great stuff so far, Chris. How much is left?

I just recently finished my Malifaux crew and, once I get the base edges painted this weekend, I'll post pics.

Unto Flames Of War! "Of course I'm French! Where do you think I got this outrageous accent!?"

Three more Flamers, basing, magnetize the bloodletters in one unit,stain the edge of the display board, paint 180 skulls and drop em into the blood area, water effects the blood area... Not much LOL!

Looking forward to seeing your Malifaux crew. I have Perdita's and Rasputina's crews. I havent really done anything with em though as I've been working hard on the Fantasy stuff.
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