Goblin Shoppe Tourney 10/27/07

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Goblin Shoppe Tourney 10/27/07

Postby febber » Sun Oct 28, 2007 12:38 am

We played 500 point armies and there were 6 contestants, all LOTR veterans, playing a 3-rd Swiss system tourney.

Since I used Saruman to test for my Baltimore GT tournament army, I brought a 28 model army. Each of my games was against an army that outnumbered mine substantially -- 2 of the armies had 44+ figures!

First game was To Kill a King against Easterlings. Although outnumbered 2-1 in heavy infantry, my crossbows put a dent in his King (an Easterling captain) forcing a fate save before we entered hand-to-hand. I also used a small force to lure his 7 Kataphracts into range before Saruman's sorcerous blasts un-horsed all of them in 3 turns. Vrasku wounded the captain with another well-placed quarrel and Saruman managed to finish off his captain with a blast that drove a pikemen all the way back into his captain. With the help of a might point Saruman managed to inflict the last wound.

The game was a challenge because I was so heavily outnumbered. I needed to kill his king fast before I was outflanked and overwhelmed.

The second round was contest of champions and I chose Vrasku as my champ. William had a 40-figure Isengard army with no missile fire but 8 berserkers. He put his champion, an Uruk captain, in the 2d rank of the middle of his army surrounded by berserkers, with 2 strong forces on his wings. I shot every crossbow at his Captain and while I hit on several, I could only kill the blocking berserkers. I expected to seriously hurt his captain but had no success. We entered hand-to-hand with both champions scoreless but with William still carrying a major numerical advantage.

The first turn of combat I got to pick some countercharges and did well, but it was clear that my flanks would eventually get overrun and I had to win quickly. William's champion's central group had not been reinforced -- a costly mistake for him. Saruman used the "command" spell to draw his champion forward into my ranks, and I surrounded the champion and created an orc barrier around the battle so that William could not come to his aid. As expected, I won the fight but then got cute and almost suffered for it. Had I rolled Vrasku's 8 dice first (the champion was trapped and Vrasku was supported by a spear and pike), I would almost certainly have killed his champion with Vrasku and clinched a major victory. Instead I rolled with my berserker first to "soften him up" and of course my berserker inflicted 2 wounds on 2 rolls and killed him! While William's captain was dead with no kills, I still had to score a kill with Vrasku to win and I had sacrificed a lot of orcs on the picket line. Next turn I lost priority, but called a heroic move, won the roll-off and repeated the command spell trick on one of William's berserkers. I still had enough figures to create an orc barrier around the fight so that William couldn't counter-charge Vrasku. This time Vrasku won the fight, rolled first, and with the help of his last might point killed the berserker and clinched a major victory.

If the first 2 rounds were a challenge being so outnumbered, I at least had the advantage of having better heroes for the scenario victory conditions. Last round, to determine the champion, was Total Victory against John's 45 figure Gondor force with 10 GotFC with shields (D7), 11 rangers, Forlong the Fat, Beregond, 11 SKODA and 11 Dol Amroth men at arms. Watching this huge, high defense army come across the table at me was a little scary, and it got worse when his rangers started carving me up while my crossbows underperformed.

Once we got into hand to hand my uruks proved their worth, as I slowly began to catch up on casualties. But John won a crucial roll-off on my right flank, killed 2 crossbows, and my line became untenable. Using a heroic move, I reformed my remaining figures in a semi-circle with its back to a building. There could be no retreat or escape at this point -- it was fight and win or die. Here's where the banner proved its worth.

Although John outnumbered me in every fight, with my phalanx and banner I usually had enough dice to get that 6 to force a rolloff, and I won my share of those -- or maybe more than my share. In one battle John had 7 guys attacking an unsupported berserker. Thanks to the banner re-roll, the berserker rolled a six, tying on FV, won the roll-off and killed a SKoDA to top it off. Needless to say, John was not thrilled.

After 3 tense turns of bloody combat, roll-offs occuring right and left, time ended just as I was broken. We went to the points victory condition and I had squeezed out a minor victory on points by a score of 187-158, one of the toughest clutch victories I have ever earned.

Saruman only killed two fighters during the game with his sorcerous blast, but he was still useful. One one turn he blasted 8 fighters into a massive pile, and although he wasn't killing them he seriously disrupted John's formations. I also got to charge a few of them while still knocked down. But the real heroes were Vrasku, who held down a whole section of the front, regularly fighting off 5-6 Gondorians (and killing several), and the banner, who kept me in the game the last few turns. Considering how outnumbered I was, how poorly my crossbows shot, and the fact Saruman killed so few, it was a major accomplishment to win and only my effective use of heroic movements and formations, as well as a little luck on some roll-offs, saw me through to victory.

It was great experience and it will prepare me well for next weekend.
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Postby JLeong » Sun Oct 28, 2007 12:59 am

Great report! For me, it reinforced the value of Vrasku. Even though he is no problem to add to any Isengard army, I am not sure why he is in the Uruk Raiders army list. He only has light armor, but he also carries a crossbow. Perhaps he belongs in the Legion of the White Hand list? Well, it's not all that important.
Good luck at the Baltimore GT, Frank! I can't wait to hear about it (and of course see some of it online :wink: )
Good luck all
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