Brent's Adepitcon 2007 Report

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Brent's Adepitcon 2007 Report

Postby BrentS » Thu Oct 25, 2007 8:35 am

Match #1 "Its Precious to Me"
The scenario objective was to control both your object marker and your opponents object marker (most number of models within 2 inches). For this match, I drew the classic match-up of Isengard. The force was pretty small but featured Sauraman and an Isengard Troll. Based on my trial games, I wasn't anxious to muck it up with the troll and I've never faced anyone with magic before. My teammate warned me about the Sorcerous Blast but let's say I didn't learn my lesson right away. The game was set to end at the end of turn when one force was reduced to 1/4 of its starting points and a dice roll of 1 or 2.

Since this was my first tourney experience, I was pretty unsure how aggressive I needed to be. I knew that the Saruman and the troll were the most powerful forces on the board. I had one major tactical advantage in that his force didn't have any archery. He moved roughly a third of his Uruks to capture his battle objective. I was able to use a smaller group of Riders (armed with bows only) and pick him apart. He charged those riders with 2 bezerkers but I was able to make use of my higher movement rate and priority rolls to isolate them without suffering any casualties. I used those riders to take out the remaining 4 armoured Uruks and take control of his battle objective.

The main pitched battle centered closer to my objective marker. However, I was able to maintain control of my objective most of the game with the various Warriors of Rohan (foot models). My mounted forces made up most of my attacking army. I made a few minor tactical errors early on that resulted in me losing several models due to being too close to the range for a Sorcerous Blast. I learned my lesson and kept my Riders spread out as much as possible. I used some well timed charges to break up good chunks of his Uruk-Hai forces. I was able to use some well timed heroic moves/combats (spread between Eomer and the Captain) that enabled to whittle down both Sauraman and Troll. Having some RRG really helped as they didn't have to pass their courage tests for their charges. Luck turned my way as late in the game, most of Saruman's Sorcerous Blast missed its mark.


My opponents force was broken and reduced to 1/4 first. However, we still managed several turns avoiding the roll of 1-2 on the dice. At the beginning of each turn, I was quite worried that my one Rider who was controlling the enemy objective marker was going to fail his courage test. However, he held strong! In what turned out to be the last turn, a well placed charges on both Saruman and the troll allowed each to be defeated. His force was in shambles and the roll of "2" came on the dice. I had both object markers in my control and a Major Victory. I was quite pleased for my first tournament match. I really think the main reason I won this match was that I stayed focus on the objective and avoided getting into a pitched battle with stronger opponents.


Match #2 "Battle at the Border"
This match pitted my Rohan force against a Goblin Army with a Isengard scouting party ally. It was the largest force (model wise) in the whole event. All goblins including Durbaz, Drums, and a Shaman. The Raiding party was 6 Warg Riders plus Sharku. Our objective for this match was to control both deployment zones (within 18" of our corner). I divided my force into two group. Eomer led all the RRG and RoR with Spears around a flank to take the opponents area. While the Captain and 4 RoR with hand weapons and the foot soldiers formed the group that would defend our camp. The 4 RoR with bows, I kept back in the middle region so that they could lend supporting fire against any approaching enemies. I figured that once the Wargs were eliminated, I would easily have the fastest moving force and should be able to help support both corners of the board.

My opponents strategy was simple but sound. He advanced the Warg riders while forming large blocks of goblins. 10 Goblins with bows volley-fired every round. He kept all of his Goblins back in his control region so I got a bit nervous about storming that area completely. I knew that Eomer and all the riders with spears should be able to make relatively quick work of the Goblins but I was worried that there were so many of them that I could get pinned down a bit too easily. As I stated to make my first charge, a few stray arrows (missed the models) hit the mounts for Eomer and the RRG. I lost the precious mobility on these two models so I had to change strategies.

I made two huge mistakes in this match. First, the tactical mistake. I just didn't account for how much damage the 7 Warg Riders could inflict. I was hoping between the bow fire and remaining RoR and WoR, I would be able to take them down relatively easily. However, I just couldn't get rid of them. The second mistake was a rules mistake that I found out about later. My opponent was taking double strikes with the Wargs (one for the Warg and one for the rider). I believe he should not have been receiving any "extra" attacks unless he charged a model on foot. I think all those extra strikes he got put many of those die rolls against me and made my battle a bit more uphill. However, like I said, I didn't completely understand that rule until after the match and I went back and looked at it closer. Live and learn!! These two mistakes caused me to take much more time in trying to clear the battle field of wargs. I changed strategy with Eomer's Riders and brought them back to help in this battle.


This change in strategy allowed the goblins to slowly advance. Several more riders lost their mounts. In the end, it became more like a pitched battle that I wasn't able to control. I'd lost the mobility of my primary hero and my Captain had extended his might trying to dispatch Sharku and his mates. In the end, I just ran out of warriors. He moved in a dozen goblins to control my zone and I lost. Major Defeat.

It was a fun match that went wrong from the very beginning. I really think that if I 'd kept all my Riders together, I could have taken out the Wargs must faster and really used the RoR to charge the goblins and get sorts of cavalry bonuses. Big tactical mistake that I just couldn't recover from. Chalk that one up to inexperience!

Match #3 - Leave None Alive!
The last match was a classic 'to the death' scenario. All models had to be eliminated. I think I had the worst possible draw on this match - a Mumak of Harad. I never expected to see such a beast in a 500 point match. When I say him being used, I just hoped that I wouldn't have to face him in this draw. I was positively dumbstruck. How was my Rohan force going to kill this beast! He had about 20 Haradim on foot with spears (including one Captain) as well that needed to be accounted for.


Early in the match, I made a charge against the Mumak. He was close to the edge of the board, so if I could score a wound and a failed courage test, his Mumak would trample right off the mat. However, in bad die roll, I lost the fight. I survived the counter assault but I had left Eomer and his Royal Guards too close to the stampede path. I knew I was close but I planned to call a heroic move and get out of the way. However, the Mumak driver also called the heroic move and I lost the roll-off. This resulted in losing 3 RoR. Eomer lost his horse but was able to use his two points of fate and one point of might to save one wound. So early on, Eomer was left horseless, down to a single point of might and severely separated from his Eored.

On the plus side, my Rohan archers (both mounted and on foot) really shot well. Throughout the match, they were able to account for 10 casualties. The I moved the RoR with bows around the board and was able to avoid being trampled and get off a number of shots into the Howdah.

Having lost my initial attack against the Mumak and realizing my archers were doing a great job of whittling him down. I realized my best tactical opportunity was to try and break his army. I took my remaining Rider force (lead by the Captain) and charged towards his spear block of Haradim. I left myself just outside of his charge zone on my priority. He moved within his next charge zone and one the following priority. Having expected this, I called a heroic move and I was going to charge his lines and break through! However, I'd forgotten about his Captain. He countered with a heroic move and again he won the roll-off! My riders were surrounded and quickly outnumbered. This turned the battle. My captain went down still holding on to a point of might.

I huddled as many of my remaining models near Eowyn in order to make use of her high courage and Stand Fast! rule. I was able to plunk away with a couple remaining archers and got to within a couple models of breaking him. Eomer emerged from the shadows and faced off against 5 Haradrim, including the Captain. He was surrounded. I rolled his fight and scored a '6' so he one the fight. He wounded one. His force was down to 15 total, 13 casualties. One more casualty and I would break him and at least secure a minor defeat. The next round. Eomer against 4 and I rolled another 6. However, he failed to wound. He couldn't survive the third straight combat. He fell valiantly. I was down to my final 5 models. Eowyn, and 4 WoR. One had a bow and one a throwing spear. My opponent knew that his best tactic was to pull back and wait for the courage tests to fail. I couldn't score another kill with the remaining archer. Within two turns, the unthinkable happened, Eowyn rolled snake-eyes on her courage test. Even her two remaining Will were not enough. She fled and subsequently 3 of WoR fell beside her (including the bow). In a last ditch effort, my lone WoR with a throwing spear assaulted the Mumak. He threw at a Haradim on Mumak but only scored a hit on the Howdah. In the end, I came up one casualty short and "earned" a major defeat.

This match was the most memorable, if only because of the Mumak. Looking back, if I would have focused on the Harad forces and trying to break him early on, I may have had a much different outcome.

All in all, the Adepticon was a GREAT experience. I met a lot of really cool people and had a blast playing this game. I learned a lot about strategy and would like to think that I wouldn't make the same mistakes again. I'm already looking forward to the next battle!
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