Mordor vs. Eastern Realms

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Mordor vs. Eastern Realms

Postby BaronDeSade » Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:24 am

Monsters! Monsters have become quite powerful in the new rules and so I thought I would roll out some monsters to challenge Tim's Eastern Realms army. Our scenario was the High Ground.

My army was: A Mordor Troll Chieftain leading a band of Orcs, an Orc Captain leading a band of Orcs and one Mordor Troll, and the Spider Queen leading a band of Orc archers (which I discovered, to my great chagrin, was illegal as now the SQ has been made into an independent character.)

Tim's army was: A Khandish King on a Chariot leading a band of Khandish horse-archers, an Easterling Captain on a horse leading some Easterling infantry, and an Easterling Captain on foot leading some more Easterling infantry.

Usually, I'm the one commanding the Eastern Realms, and I knew that Easterlings are generally going to cause 100% more casualties than Orcs will in a straight fight, so I was going to have to rely on my monsters to win the day! A risky strategy, since it relies on only a few models.

The Orc archers faced off against the Khandish horse-archers, while the SQ lurked nearby. The four infantry bands faced off against each other, and the Orcs and Trolls charged forward. My Mordor Troll first made contact on the right flank, and as the Orcs ran in behind him, he grabbed a hapless Easterling warrior and hurled him down the battle line, knocking down a row of Easterlings. The Orcs were able to smash up the Easterlings by getting double-strikes on their downed foes, as well as being able to use their piercing weapons, such as military picks, to cause further harm without fear of retaliation.

More Orcs and Easterlings were drawn into the fray, and the Mordor Troll Chieftain now attacked the Easterling infantry from the other flank. As a result, Easterling infantry were being hurled from both directions, and the Orcs were inflicting terrible casualties as a result (and also a good deal of luck. My Orcs were quite lucky with their rolls in this game.)

On the left flank, the Orc archers and the Khandish horse-archers were trading shots fairly evenly, which was not good for my opponent as he was losing more expensive models than I was. He didn't want to commit his King on Chariot because the Spider Queen was perfectly capable of smashing up the chariot and killing the King. As an aside, when looking at the rules, we discovered that a cavalry model always gets the 2nd attack when it charges an infantry model, but there are situations where a monstrous mount does NOT get the 2nd attack, which seems like a mistake.

Anyhow, Orcs were starting to die and so the archers retreated towards the hill. The Spider Queen moved up to attack something and the Khandish horse-archers sent a volley of shots into her, almost killing her. The horse-archers charged forward, and as the SQ moved to bite one of them, they concentrated their fire and killed the horse-archer she was attacking, robbing her of a heroic fight.

On the right, the Mordor Troll was surrounded and severely wounded, but the Easterlings couldn't finish him off. The Terror effect of the Trolls severely hampered the Easterling's ability to coordinate their attacks. There was just no stopping the Trolls as they pulped their way through the Easterlings, and the declining numbers of the Eastern troops allowed them to be swarmed by the Orcs. There was no dawn for men!

Not sure what my opponent could have done differently except to avoid my Trolls as long as possible and attempt to weaken or kill them with missile fire. Once the Trolls are in melee, they can Barge individual units out of their way, Hurl troops and knock down a battle-line, or Rend enemy heroes that go to challenge them. Heroes have a better chance against them with Heroic Strike, which Tim did attempt, but it is still a very risky maneuver. I think if Trolls have any particular weakness, it is a lack of magic resistance, so they are vulnerable to spells.

Watch out for Trolls!

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Re: Mordor vs. Eastern Realms

Postby Smaug » Wed Jul 24, 2013 4:05 pm

Trolls do have a weakness when the opponent uses magic. However, a troll can easily be killed with a captain and his war band due to Heroic strikes. It is hard to say what the opponent could have done differently without spectating. However by thinking about the list that he used I can not really see what he had in mind while creating the list. Sure it has a bunch of calvary and infantry with heavy armor but that is about it. If he did have some sort of strategy in mind while creating the list than he can at least know now that that does not work. You always got to look on the bright side :D I enjoyed reading the post!
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