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1K Rohan vs. Mordor

PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:33 pm
by BaronDeSade
Erkenbrand of Rohan looked skeptically at his prince. "Are you sure today is a good day for a battle, sire?"

"Of course," answered Theodred scornfully. Just because I tripped over that black cat and broke Eowyn's mirror while trying to catch myself is no reason to postpone a battle. We have Gimli the Dwarf and Gwaihir the Great Eagle on our side; what could possibly go wrong?"

Erkenbrand sighed and made the sign of the crossed horse-heads over his chest. "Yes, my prince. Of course."

"Now," said Theodred. "All I need is my helmet. Eowyn! Have you been stealing my clothes again?"


POINTS: 1,000

GOOD SIDE: Grimbold, leading a band of 12 Helmingas, including a banner. Theodred, Eowyn and Erkenbrand each leading a band of six Riders of Rohan, including some mounted Royal Guardsmen. Ghan Buri-Ghan leading a band of 12 Woses. Gwaihir the Great Eagle. Gimli the Dwarf.

EVIL SIDE: Four warbands of 10 Black Numenorians led by two Black Marshals, The Mouth of Sauron, and The Dark Marshall. Two warbands of 10 Orc Trackers on Wargs, led by an Orc Captain and an Orc Shaman, both on Wargs. Good is outnumbered, with 47 models to 64.

T1: The Woses, Gimli and Theodred all arrive on the West side of the battlefield. while Eowyn and Erkenbrand arrive on the East. Grimbold waits in reserve. The Rohirrim move cautiously onto the battlefield, unsure where their opponents will arrive.

Three Black Numenorian warbands all arrive from the North, showing some kind of favor from Sauron, in that none of their warbands scatter. The Warg Riders all arrive from the South. The evil infantry makes for the center at high speed while the Warg Riders hold the South side. The Orc Shaman casts a channeled Fury.

T2: Evil infantry runs towards the center of the board. The last Numenorian warband arrives from the North. The Rohirrim encircle the enemy, ready to pelt them with missiles. Grimbold's infantry arrives behind the Numenorians and begins to throw spears at them.

My thinking at this point is to encircle the enemy and wear them out with missile fire, especially the Warg Trackers. I am outnumbered and in a straight fight, my cavalry could expect to lose to the more skilled and more armored Black Numenorians.

T3: More of the same, as evil focuses on the center while good focuses on encirclement and missile fire.

T4: Evil infantry captures the center of the board, but two Black Numenorians are felled by missile fire.

T5: Two more Black Numenorians fall to the arrows of the Rohirrim, and there was much rejoicing.

T6: Gwaihir has moved in between the Warg Riders and the Woses, and the Orcs are driven by their Shaman to attack him. I believe this is a good thing, as the Orc cavalry are attacking through bottle-necking terrain and I have three excellent fighting heroes there. The Dark Marshal attempts to compel Gwairhi, but the spell is resisted. The Mouth then casts a channeled Transfix and holds the Eagle in place. The fearless Warg Trackers charge in, grateful for their Shaman's spell. Gimli and Ghan move on either side of the Eagle to attack the Warg Trackers and save the bird.

In the North, the Helmingas charge forward in a wedge to attack the Black Numenorians. In the West, Theodred charges forward, but his Riders of Rohan are fearful, even though they can hear the heroic horn of Erkenbrand, and fail to adequately support him.

Gimli and Ghan both launch heroic combats and slay the Warg trackers in front of them. They move around Gwaihir to attack the last Warg Tracker fighting him. There, they terrifically fail, and the Warg Tracker knocks both of them down, and Ghan takes a wound. Much cursing is heard.

Theodred cuts down a Numenorian but one of the Riders of Rohan is slain as well.

T7: Good seizes the priority, but the Warg Tracker Captain calls a heroic move. Gimli, from the ground, tries to counter it, but fails, and the Wargs charge in. Gwaihir flies around the Orc formation to attack it from the rear, with an eye on hurling a Warg Tracker straight through the tightly-packed formation and knocking down/dismounting/killing many Orcs with one fell swoop.

Theodred retreats from his ill-considered charge, and the Helmingas fall back a bit, even as Erkenbrand and Eowyn advance to charge range. The Black Numenorians pursue and engage the Helmingas. One Helmingas and one Black Numenorian are killed in the ensuing scrap.

The Dark Marshal again transfixes Gwaihir, preventing the Easle from attacking. Ghan and Gimli win their battles and stand up, proving that they are not entirely incompetent. Two woses and two Warg Trackers die in that fight.

T8: Evil has the priority, but there is much heroism on the Good side. Eowyn leads a heroic charge of Riders into the ranks of the Black Numenorians. Gimli attempts another heroic move, but he is caught by the Orc Captain, again. Melee is joined just about everywhere.

The charge of the Warg Trackers is too much for the transfixed Great Eagle, and he is torn to pieces. So much for the terrifying eagle! Ghan Buri Ghan is also killed in the fight, along with two other woses. Gimli, the lousiest Dwarf fighter in Middle Earth, loses another battle.

The charge of the Rohirrim is powerful, killing five Black Numenorians, while losing three riders.

T9: Good maintains the priority, but a clever Black Numenorian Marshal steals it and charges Theodred and his friends. Magic flies everywhere from the Evil army, but the spells either fail or are resisted. Theodred is surrounded by Black Numenorians, but with his famous luck, he wins the fight and is unharmed.

Gimli does one wound to the Orc Captain in combat, which is better than nothing. Four Black Numenorians fall as they are charged again, but two Riders die in the melee. Another Warg Tracker is slain by the Woses, who hate Orcs after all. The Fury save of the Orcs isn't doing too much for them.

T10. Theodred is still trapped, and the Black Numenorians cut him to pieces. Erkenbrand and Grimbold work together in a mighty heroic fight that crashes through the Numenorian lines. Six Black Numenorians are killed, for the loss of only two Riders. Two Woses die, killing one Tracker in the process, and Gimli kills the Orc Captain's warg, which is again, better than nothing.

T11. Erkenbrand heroically charges the Dark Marshal, but cannot wound the wraith. The Woses luck has finally run out, and they are charged by the Warg Riders, who kill five of them, for the loss of one Orc. Gimli kills a Warg Tracker, but now he is surrounded. One Black Numenorian and one Rider die in the continuing melee.

T12. Good has the priority and the Riders of Rohan charge their Evil foes again. Erkenbrand's horn is proving invaluable against this terrifying foe. Gimli loses combat against the Warg Riders and takes a wound. Erkenbrand charges the Black Marshal again and again fails to wound him. Treacherous Warg Trackers abandon their mounts and charge through a gap to attack the Helmingas banner, for no result. One Black Numenorian is killed, but so are two Helmingas and a Rider. Good is broken. Evil hovers on the edge of breaking.

T13: Erkenbrand decides that he can't win this battle and flees. Broken, outnumbered, and now berefit of leadership, the Good side conceeds the battle.

That was a close game. Despite being outnumbered, and despite the bad matchup of medium cavalry fighting heavy infantry, I was still slaughtering the enemy in droves. Sadly, Evil magic was the end of my Great Eagle, who died without killing a single enemy model. Sad too, was the epic incompetence of Gimli, who should have been cutting down Warg Trackers left and right. It's a big gamble to spend so many points on epic heroes, and it's painful when they let you down.



Re: 1K Rohan vs. Mordor

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:30 pm
by BaronDeSade
Oh, and I wanted to add, that since the effectiveness of the Rohan throwing spears have been cut by a third when they are charging into combat, they aren't as impressive as they used to be when going into melee. On the other hand, being able to move up and hurl throwing spears out of the retaliation-range of infantry is quite nice, and so I think the throwing spears are still worth having, in moderation.

Re: 1K Rohan vs. Mordor

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:32 pm
by Smeagol
Moderation? Where is the fun in that. Fine I'll bring the Rohirrim out and show how it's done. :-)

I got real lucky in my deployments in that battle.

Re: 1K Rohan vs. Mordor

PostPosted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:06 am
by BaronDeSade
"Lucky" is putting it mildly. "Couldn't have been better," is more accurate

Gimli: Worst. Dwarf. Ever.

I don't know why you'd bother with so many throwing spears. They're great out to 8", but I don't think that they killed anyone once I was in melee range.

Re: 1K Rohan vs. Mordor

PostPosted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:26 pm
by Smeagol
Shooting is not how you win games. It is just one of many tools. Throwing weapons and archery are tools for influencing your opponent into doing what you want. I agree that these weapons are less effective than they were, but they still work as I use them. I just have to be more patient than before.