First games with the new rules

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First games with the new rules

Postby BrentS » Sun Feb 03, 2013 4:45 pm

I met up with Dark Dragon and we played two games at Unique Gifts and Games in Grayslake. Had a great time playing two games and tested out some of the new rules. For game 1, I brought an all mounted Rohan force led by Erkenbrand and two captains. 21 Westfold Riders and 4 Sons of Eorl. DD brought 34 Goblins, A Dweller in the Dark and the Watcher in the Water. My dice (especially priority dice) didn't favor me and I found myself getting punked by the two monsters. A couple things I learned...

1) Epic Strike is huge when you are battling against a monster/hero that out fights you
2) The watcher is nasty to play against. You have to find a way to kill it quickly (which isn't easy to do!)
3) New rules really do hurt the archery aspect. Even 21 bows had a hard time doing any appreciable damage when they hit on 5+ and there is a lot of sturdy terrain for the 4+ and 5+ in the ways.

Game two was my Ent force vs Isengard (Mahur with super scouts and White Hand with a load of bezerkers and pikes). This one was going to be my "fun force" to try out some new monster rules. Here's what I learned in this game:

1) Ents kick major butt with the new rules... until you run into an Epic Strike with 6 pike armed Uruks in tow. Then Ents can die very quickly.
2) Throwing models around is tremendous fun!

For whatever reason, neither of us used or found a reason to use the special strikes rules. I still need to test those out!

All in all it was a fun day and great to get out play a couple games.
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