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1k Battle, Easterlings vs. Uruk Scouts!

PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 2:38 pm
by BaronDeSade
Having grown bored of 600 point matches we have decided to bump things up to one-thousand point's-games. I was pleased about this, as I have a lot of Easterling models and playing the larger games feels more like an epic clash of armies, even though we are still using the warband rules (“War of the Ring?” Never heard of it!)

My army was made up of three infantry warbands of Easterling warriors, pikemen and Khandish horsemen, one cavalry warband of kataphrakts and black dragons led by Amdur, a small warband of a war-priest, a kataphrakt drummer and a kataphrakt, and finally, a dragon knight on an armored horse.

Tim rolled out a large force of Isengard scouts backed up by Orcs with spears, led by Sauruman and Ugluk. His plan to use Orc spearmen to back up Uruk-Hai scouts was utterly foiled by our rolling the scenario “Take and Hold” which ensured that our warbands were scattered across the board.

The majority of my army arrived on the table first, with two of my infantry warbands appearing on the left board edge and my cavalry appearing on the right. Most of Tim's troops followed, and the treacherous Sauruman tried to blast my cavalry with a Sorcerous Blast, only to flub the roll. This sparked an angry grudge between the wizard and my horsemen that would last all game. A few Uruk-Hai fired their bows at my troops, to little effect.

My infantry warbands turned “North” and attacked a unit of Uruk-Hai archers that had appeared there, while my cavalry turned the same direction and attacked Ugluk and his scouts. Sauruman and his unengaged Orcs and Uruks began to march towards the center. I knew that taking the center of the board was the goal of this scenario, but I also believed that it would be much easier to do so after I had defeated a couple of Tim's warbands first, as his army was much larger than mine.

My infantry engaged the Uruk Archers in the North, and with three of my warbands pressing against one of his, the outcome was never in doubt. The Easterlings smashed the Uruks while taking few losses of their own, although one Easterling captain was slain. Having defeated their foes, they then formed a column and marched towards the center of the board, where more Uruks and Orcs were waiting.

My Khandish horsemen peeled off of the infantry warbands, as there was no room for them to fight in the close-combat of the Northwest table corner. Instead, they turned assassins and began to stalk Sauruman as he moved towards the center. One painful arrow cost the White Wizard all of his Fate, while another volley struck two wounds from him. He retaliated with Sorcerous Blasts, which unhorsed some of my archers, but I could afford to lose many archers in order to kill a wizard!

In the Northeast, Ugluk's warriors were bowled over by the Kataphrakts and brutally trampled. Tim's only victory there was insuring that Ugluk was killed by someone other than Amdur. My war-priest finally arrived, and galloped over to join the cavalry with his drummer. The Uruk archers did their best to take him down as he galloped impudently in front of them, but they could only slay his bodyguard.

My cavalry reformed and prepared to take on one “wing” of Tim's defensive lines around the objective. Although the cav attack would take place a couple of turns before my infantry could join the melee, I was feeling good after trampling Ugluk and was willing to bet I could break the enemy on that flank without any help.

I used the kataphrakt's drummer to set up my cavalry while the Uruk's futilely shot arrows at them. My cavalry began the charge at the extreme right of the Uruks, which is an excellent place to begin to wrap a flank, but then Sauruman stepped up and blasted Amdur's horse from under him, robbing me of his powerful charge and some of his inspirational-leadership radius.

Things worsened when a crafty Uruk-Hai captain pulled off a successful heroic fight and surrounded my charging Dragon Knight. Although the Knight could have massacred his opponents, he badly whiffed his fight roll and ended up as just another corpse on the battlefield. My cavalry force had now lost two of its powerful chargers and all of its might points.

I would have disengaged, but Tim kept achieving priority and my cavalry were surrounded. Sauruman transfixed Amdur and the Easterling hero was slain. Salvaging what I could, the Easterling war-priest took off to link up with my infantry. The last of my kataphrakts to die was my stalwart drummer, who had fought heroically and with fine rhythm and had caused the Uruks much grief.

Both armies broke on the same turn, but Sauruman's commanding voice kept the Uruks in line. My infantry column had engaged the Uruks on my left flank and my Easterling war-priest was halfway to meeting them. One of my infantry captains had fled but the last one was keeping the troops in line. I was losing some Khandish horsemen but Sauruman was on his last wound and it would only take one more lucky arrow to finish him. Sadly, the game ended at that point, giving the dug-in Uruks and Orcs the victory.

Had the game continued, victory would have remained a possibility for me. I still had a solid infantry force which was coming up on the objective and one more lucky arrow shot would have seen the majority of the Orcs and Uruks fleeing. The battle was very close and Tim was certainly not happy when I smashed two of his warbands for few losses of my own. Severly wounding Sarurman had him sweating as well. It was perhaps foolish of me to attack with my cavalry without waiting for infantry support, but on the other hand, my cav were facing Uruk archers and would have had to weather three or more turns of arrow fire while waiting for my troops to engage the other flank. As bad as the Uruk archery was, they certainly could have gotten lucky and decimated my cavalry at a standstill.

In the end, it was an excellent battle and I look forward to more of these 1K games!



Re: 1k Battle, Easterlings vs. Uruk Scouts!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:03 pm
by Smeagol
The Hobbit rules changes don't hurt your force one bit. The Uruk-hai however lose some punch due to changes in spear support. I'm loathe to lose the orcs since they add much needed numbers and tush extra dice in combat can still mean the difference between winning and losing a fight.

I'll be bring out my Khandish Raiders or Dwarf Rangers this Friday. I want to see how the new rule change how they play.

Re: 1k Battle, Easterlings vs. Uruk Scouts!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:50 am
by BaronDeSade
In all fairness, those Orc spears didn't do much for you last game, anyhow. :wink: I think that the Wizard caused most of my casualties, either directly or indirectly.

Sure, bring out the Dwarf Rangers. I have a few grudges of my own with them.

Re: 1k Battle, Easterlings vs. Uruk Scouts!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:08 pm
by Smeagol
I'll be bringing both anyway. They aren't that difficult to transport since each fits in one box.