Warg Cavalry vs. Isengard Infantry

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Warg Cavalry vs. Isengard Infantry

Postby BaronDeSade » Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:54 am

Tim brought out an army he has had for a long time, but doesn't play much, of two warbands of Warg Riders with shields and hand weapons, and one warband of Orc trackers on wargs. Opposing him were my Isengard infantry, with one warband of Uruk-Warriors, pikemen and crossbowmen, and two warbands of scouts, scout bowmen and Feral Uruk-Hai. Tim had three generic Orc captains on wargs, and I had a generic Uruk-Hai captain, with Ugluk and Vrasku leading the scout warbands. My last two models were a Uruk Shaman and another scout.

The mission was number six, "The High Ground," and I deployed my warrior warband on the high ground, with the two scout warbands forming the wings of my formation. Tim placed his trackers in the center, with both warg warbands on his flanks.

Our armies traded arrows as the two warg rider warbands curled around my flanks. The trackers did a little damage with their bows, but not a significant amount. My crossbows were more effective, even though I had fewer of them, and my Uruk scouts with bows were killing a few models as well. As the two warg rider warbands were moving around my flanks, my Uruk scouts were shooting them, and the warg riders had no way to respond, as all of the bows were concentrated in the tracker warband. Also, even when the Orc tracker's arrows did find a mark, sometimes the Uruk Shaman would prevent the wound through Fury. I know it must be psychologically painful for my opponent to spend a lot of arrows to bring down a Feral Uruk-Hai, only to have Fury save him. :P

The Orcs finally decided that they couldn't win the shooting fight and charged into my Uruks on three sides. I had no fear of this, because I knew that my Uruk-Hai excell in close combat, and that while I would lose some of them in the initial charge, Ugluk and Vrasku had more Might than their Orc opponents, and so in a struggle to maintain priority, which cavalry armies need to do, I would have the advantage.

As the warg riders crashed in, my Uruk captains spents some of their Might in heroic combats, maximizing the advantage I had in locally outnumbering the Orcs. Vrasku clobbered the Orcs on the left flank, dismounting their captain and sending him scurrying behind a bush, rather than face a beating at the brutal hands of the Uruks. On the right, Ugluk and the Shaman held their flank against two successive charges, then beat down the opposition as they were reinforced by Uruks from Vrasku's warband. On the high ground, numbers between Orcs and Uruks were about even, but the superior melee skill of the Uruks eventually claimed the hilltop for Isengard. The Orcs were broken, one of their captains fled, and Tim conceeded the battle to Isengard.

Tim is a better tactician than I am, but strategically, that Warg Rider army is unweildy. Although there are some advantages that come from having warbands with a single sort of weapon, I find it more advantageous for my playing style to have combined arms warbands where I have a mixture of melee, movement and shooting. In my Isengard army, I give up movement for increased melee skill, which is not my preferred playing style but works to the strengths of the Isengard list. Having my force all-Uruk's also means that the Shaman's Fury works on all of the models, and I do love the power of Fury. Feral Uruk-Hai are the bomb, and the Fury spell makes them even more bomb-like.

Had we played Reconnoitre, I would have been in a much worse position, especially as my crossbows cannot move and fire. It would be interesting to play that out and see how it went.


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Re: Warg Cavalry vs. Isengard Infantry

Postby Smeagol » Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:00 pm

The problem with points match games is that you get mismatched technologies in play. Warg riders are generally feared by Rohan and much of the area around the Misty Mountains where FV 4 and Str 4 are not so prevalent. My Warg Riders haven't been a force to be reconned with for a long time. That fight was closer than I thought it would be to a point. If I had been broken one turn earlier (by one stinking model) then I would have a 1 in 3 chance to end that game the following turn when I managed to outnumber you on the hill and still had all my heroes intact. I think I'd have gotten a 1 minor victory at that point. Alas that gambit was foiled by good dice rolling on my part. :-)
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