The Great Beast vs. the Weak Elves

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The Great Beast vs. the Weak Elves

Postby BaronDeSade » Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:13 am

GRISHNAKH the Orc was in a rotten mood, but then, he felt he had a right to be. In one night, he had been beaten by Uruks, stabbed by Rohirrim, cudgeled by Hobbits, and then stepped on by a bleedin' tree, of all things. After a long period of recovery, during which he spent a lot of time in self-pity and recrimination, he decided that, (unlike Boromir,) he would simply walk back into Mordor, gather up some troops (cracking skulls as necessary) and a few extras, then go back and smash the forest where all of his misfortunes had happened, assuming that blowhard wizard, Sauruman, hadn't chopped the whole thing down by then.

He had “borrowed” a Great Beast of Gorgoroth from Sauron's siege-works when the Great Eye was occupied with some ruckus or something at the Black Gate, gotten a bunch of his old gang together (they seemed strangely eager to leave Mordor for some reason) and on his way back, dragged up a few of his ancestors out of the Dead Marshes, because, he figured, they weren't doing any good just lying under the water and scaring people. It wasn't like anyone was going to simply walk into the Dead Marshes! So, with his band of thugs and his Beast and his Specters, he set in motion his plan for vengeance on the forest.

Of course, the Elves had known he was coming, and set out a force to meet him. That Elf woman in the white dress was there. She seemed to be able to see the future, and Grishnakh intended to beat some secrets out of her, the first chance he got. However, there was a battle to win, first, and to demonstrate who was the real “Lord of Battle.”

That one poncy Elf, Legolas, had a band of Wood Elf Spearmen in a copse of trees that directly faced the Orcs. Grishnakh sent one of his under-Captains to face off against him. His under-Captains led a motley force of Morannon and common Orcs, backed up by Warg Riders, and the second of his captains faced off against some no-name Elf Captain who had a group of bowmen. Galadriel herself led some Elves in shiny gold armor off on the right flank, where Grishnakh, his Orcish spearmen and his Beast were going to sally forth.

The battle opened with the two under-Captains in the center rushing forward to engage the Wood Elves, as they didn't fancy their chances in a duel of missile fire. Grishnak's Specters attempted to lure some Elves into trampling range of the Beast, but the canny Elves resisted the magical lures, and Grishnakh was forced to begin a long march that would eventually lead him into the flank of the Elves.

The Elves were aware of this, of course, and with a shrill battle cry, they charged directly forward into the rabble of Orcs, expecting that their superior fighting skills and mass of spear-support would allow them to break the Orcish line and envelop their enemies before the Great Beast could be brought to bear on their flank. A virtual blizzard of throwing daggers flew out of their lines as well, forcing the Orcs to duck behind their shields.

But something happened, then, that the Elves did not expect. Perhaps the earth-shaking steps of the Great Beast rattled them, or the howling of the wargs, or perhaps they were just having a collective bad-hair-day, but their entire line was seized with a violent case of incompetence. Their daggers flew wide, and when they did hit, they usually hit hilt-first and did no damage. Their attempts to spear Orcs usually ended with a Morannon Orc clobbering them over the head. Even the famous Elf bowmen, protected as they were by Galadriel's Blinding Light, were being shot down by the laughing Orc archers that rode on top of the Great Beast.

And thus it was that, rather than bursting through the Orc lines, the Elves found themselves being pushed back over the bodies of their fellows, whilst the warg riders, free from their duty as a mobile reserve, swung out to the left flank, intending to catch the Elves in a pincer as the Great Beast closed in from the right.

Desperate now, Galadriel, Legolas and the no-name Captain all unified in one mighty attack that sent the Great Beast toppling over and dying. More Orcs jumped off of its back, though, and continued fighting.

With a mighty push by the Orcs, the Elf line buckled, and the Elves were now a broken force. Galadriel rallied her troops, although not before one Elf ran away, and attempted to balance the scales by smiting one of the Orc captains, but it was not to be, as she too had been cursed by the evil bad luck that the Orc Specters had dragged with them out of the marsh, and her ineffectual flailings on the battlefield were the cause of much Orc jeering. The warg riders had curled around on the left, while Grishnakh's troops had finally engaged on the right, and the Elf lines grew truly thin.

Finally, the few remaining Elves managed to somehow slay enough Orcs to break Grishnak's force, but under the leadership of the Orc captains, no Orcs ran, and that too was the cause of much hooting and jeering from the Orcish ranks.

FINALLY, finally, the Elves managed to steal priority away from the Orcs and locked up their heroes in combat, which did lead to a mass desertion on the Orcish side, and as the battle ended, there remained only Grishnak, one of his under-Captains, and four of their warriors. Of the Elves, Galadriel and Legolas remained standing, while all of their force, save the clever Elf who ran away, lay dead.

TECHNICALLY, the Elves won the Lords of Battle game, as they had inflicted more wounds on the Orcs, YET with such a great slaughter wreaked on the Elves at the hands of the barely-competent Orcs, it would be hard for me to consider that a defeat. My opponent, Gary, must have run over a animal-shelter's-worth of black cats on his way to the game, as his luck was just abysmal. Two turns in a row, Galadriel rolled three “1s” to hit, and of all the throwing daggers the Elves hurled, they only caused one casualty. Elf combat rolling was equally poor, with many “snake-eyes” results, and, lacking any significant armor, the Elves paid heavily in blood at the hands of the S4 Morannon Orcs.

It is hard to say that Gary did anything wrong, save getting out of bed that morning, as I don't think that, with that luck, he could have done much better, and he did, technically, “win,” making it his first victory over me using the warband rules. So, we each got something we liked: Gary got to win the game and I got to butcher his Elves like they were being run through a slaughterhouse. Good times!


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Re: The Great Beast vs. the Weak Elves

Postby Gartl » Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:48 am

Thanks for the game Steve, it was a blast in spite of my horrific luck. True it was only a Pyrrhic victory, but a victory none the less, and my first under the new rules. yay! I really must have pissed someone with some serious power off as I don't think I have ever rolled that many "1s" in a game in my life. Hopefully those rolls are now out of my system!
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