The Great Beast is Unleashed!

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The Great Beast is Unleashed!

Postby BaronDeSade » Thu Feb 23, 2012 8:14 pm


Gary and I met up today for a rare, mid-week game. I was eager to try out my new Great Beast of Gorgoroth, and Gary was looking forward to forming an army of all Gondorian cavalry, led by Aragorn, King Elessar.

My Mordor army had three warbands: a Black Guard Drummer leading 11 other black Guard, including a banner, and the Great Beast. Khardush the Firecaller led six orcs with shields and six orcs with spears. An Orc Captain with a shield on a warg led 8 orcs with spears and shields and four orcs with spears.

Gary's army had two warbands of Gondorian Knights, one led by Elessar and the other led by a captain of Gondor. Despite the expense of the Great Beast and Black Guard, I outnumbered Gary's army by a significant amount.

Our scenario was Lords of Battle, and I led with my Great Beast. Gary was unable to resist and charged the Great Beast with King Elessar. The rest of his army charged forward and was stopped cold by my orcish shieldwall.

In Turn 2, Elessar killed the Great Beast and it fell and crushed a couple of Gondorians. All of my troops knew to get out of its way, though. Khardush attempted to hit Elessar with a fireball, and grossly failed. The orcs proved their quality by slaughtering the knight's horses, scoring many wounds for their side's victory points and making the Gondorians much less threatening.

In Turn 3, Khardush slit an orc's throat and used the life-force to finally cast a fireball that killed Elssar's horse.

In Turns 4-9, the orcs slowly encircled the Gondorians and hacked their horses to death. Once the Gondorians were on the ground, the Black Guardsmen cut them up fairly easily. Elessar could not be killed, but all of his friends could, and the game ended with the orcs unbroken and Gondor with three models left on the table. Victory for Mordor!

In Gary's defense, he was rolling quite badly today. What made this ironic was that he was using dice that showed the White Tree of Gondor in place of the “1,” so every time the White Tree came up, it was good for me, and bad for Gondor :-).

Perhaps in the next game, my Great Beast will get to move from its starting position :-)


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