Grudge match of the Eastern Realm!

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Grudge match of the Eastern Realm!

Postby BaronDeSade » Sat Feb 04, 2012 12:19 pm

...And so it was that in the Third Age, Amdur, the Lord of Blades, led his warbands out to punish the wicked Haradrim of Kushir. Many taunts were exchanged between the two armies, and both sides knew that the grudge could only be settled in a contest of The Lords of Battle!

The Haradrim had numbers on their side, to be sure, and many of the black-robed Watchers of Karna and the hefty Abrakhan Guard, backed up by a field of spearmen. The Easterlings had superior armor, the inspiring leadership of Amdur, and the spellcasting trickseyness of a War Priest and a Ringwraith.

The battle began as the Easterlings surged forward, driven by the Fury of their War-Priest's chanting. The Haradrim formed themselves into a strong battle-line, ready to fight. Although the Watchers of Karna were renowned bowmen with poisoned arrows, the Easterling archers reaped a bloody toll from their ranks, whilst, in return, the heavy scale mail of the Easterlings protected them from the foe's arrows. The Haradrim shifted their fire, trying to wound or incapacitate the deadly Amdur before he could reach their ranks, but the broad shields of his warband protected him. Ultimately, Kushir of Harad knew that he had no choice but to attack, lest the Easterling archer's make crow's-meat of his whole force.

The melee was joined, and there were many attempts at Heroic Combats, some of which were more successful than others. Sadly, for the forces of Rhun, the vile Haradrim proved to be the better fighters in close combat. Indeed, the fighting skill of the Watchers and the Guard easily overwhelmed the inspirational presence of Amdur. The Ringwraith of Mordor, from whom much was expected, instead proved to be a addle-pated dunderhead, incapable of casting spells or winning battles, and thus proved himself more of a deadweight than a boon to the Easterlings.

Worse, General Kushir defeated Captain Tai-Shan of the Easterlings in close combat, bringing eternal shame to the army of Rhun. Disgusted, Amdur called for a parley and the Easterlings withdrew from the battlefield.

Fie upon the Haradrim! A pox upon Kushir!

Baron DeSade
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Postby Smeagol » Sun Feb 05, 2012 2:10 pm

Kushir's bodyguard was barely bruised. :-)
Though I cannot say the same for the rest of my force. Your archers were tearing up my force. The scenario deployment rules meant that close combat was a viable option so I didn't have to bleed out as I closed. I don't think that I need the Shadowlord to protect myself from bowfire given the relatively short range of contact.

Good game even when it looked like I was going to lose. Oh' how much is the ransom on Tai Shan worth. :twisted: :lol:
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