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SITE Battle Reports

Postby orcishthug » Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:55 pm

My List:

Heros of Pelennor

Forlong the Robust (Mounted) 70 pts.
Beregond (Mounted) 31 pts.
Damrod 20 pts.
10 WoMT (Shield, Spear) 90 pts.
11 WoMT (Shield) 88 pts.
7 FCG (Shield) 77 pts.
14 CG (Bow, Horse) 224 pts.

45 Models, 5M, 3W, 3F

GAME 1: Dispatch Runners

Each side brings 3 extra models on infantry bases. The models must be easily identifiable to your opponent. That may be by paint, model type, basing, etc. They do not receive any racial or army bonuses. They do not count to the starting number of models in your force. They are armed with a hand weapon and do not carry shields. They have the bodyguard special rule. Their stat line is:
6” 3/4+ 6 1 2 5 0/1/1

Each side will walk onto the board with the winner of choosing sides having priority in round 1.
The objective is to get each of the 3 runners off of the opposite board edge. 1 must exit from the left 6", one from the middle 6”, and one from the right 6”. The game ends on the turn that one force has been reduced to 25% of the starting number of models. A major win is to get all 3 of your runners off of the board and your opponent gets none. A minor win is you get more than your opponent.

Opponent: Dave Ward

Goblin Captain (Shield) 40 pts.
18 Goblins (Shield) 90 pts.
10 Goblins (Spear) 50 pts.
14 Goblins (Bow) 70 pts.
Dragon (tough hide, Fly) 350 pts.

44 Models, 5M, 4W, 4F

The Dragon motivated me to use a spread offense and separate my runners down each side and one in the middle. I kept Forlong away from the Dragon to keep the bodyguard thing going. Dave sent two runners down one side with an escort and the Goblin Captain, one runner was on the other side, and the Dragon and archers were in the middle, which was the four piece GW hill crowned by a huge ruin model. On about the fourth turn the Dragon killed my runner on the right and a scrum developed between my right wing and his Goblin Captain’s group with two runners. The Dragon tried to hasten back to the center to stop my other runners. He used a might on a heroic move, then used might on a heroic combat with one FCG. He lost and used the last might to win combat and move again. After that I locked up the Dragon by feeding him guards and using Forlong and the others might for when I didn’t get priority. I got two guys off and got a minor win. I’m sure the guards didn’t think being fed to Dragons was in the position description when they signed up for the cushy “I’m close to retirement” purely ceremonial Ecthilion Tower job…..

GAME 2: Treasure of the Barrow Wights

At the beginning of the game, but before setup, 3 markers were set up on each board. These were setup on the centerline of the table, one 6” from the left edge, one 6” from the right edge and one in the exact middle. These are the Barrow Wight Mounds.

Deployment was standard 6” with winner for choosing sides and deploying first having priority in round 1. After deployment of both sides, but prior to the first turn, each of the markers will be scattered d6”.

In order to dig up the treasure, move a model into contact with the marker. The treasure has the same rules as a light object from the basic rulebook so it can be carried by a mounted model, handed off once per turn, etc., but must be dug up by an infantry model. A mounted model may dismount to attempt to dig it up. Possession of the treasure does not impede movement in any way. To dig the item up, at the end of the hand-to-hand combat round, an unengaged model can attempt to dig it up. In order to attempt to dig up the item, that model cannot have fought in combat that round. Only one attempt per side can be made per turn. If both sides have a model in contact with the marker and they did not fight that turn, neither side can attempt to dig it up (the enemy is too close). To dig it up, roll a 4+ on a d6. Once dug up, it is considered to be in possession of that model. The item cannot be handed off the turn it is dug up.

The game has a random ending. Once one force has been broken, one full turn will be played. At the end of that next turn, roll a d6. The game ends on a roll of a 1. If the game does not end, roll at the end of the next turn, the game will end on a roll of a 1 or 2. If the game has not ended, at the end of the next turn and each turn after, the game will end on a roll of a 1, 2 or 3.

Victory conditions: Major Win: You possess all 3 items
Minor Win: You possess more items than your opponent
Draw: both sides possess the same number of items

Opponent: Justin Petrelli

Shagrat (War Leader) 110 pts.
Dante, Captain of the Black Guard (HW, Shield, HA) 60 pts.
20 Black Guard (HW, Shield, HA) 240 pts.
18 Orc Warriors (Spear, Shield) 126 pts.
12 Orc Trackers 60 pts.

52 Models, 5 M, 4 W, 4 F

The random movement of the Treasures helped a bit in this scenario. The treasure to my right moved about 4 inches closer and the one to the left slid further left and was more screened by a ruin on the other side. This scenario was good news/bad news for my list. My cav could definitely get to the objective first and screen for digging but on the other hand in doing that they would likely lose their mobility advantage, get stuck in, charged etc.
I set up to put Beregond on the Left object, Damrod on the center object, and WoMT on the right object. Justin put his trackers on a building screened hill to his right and then presented two phalanxes of spear backed Black Guard with Shagrat on his left and the Captain in the middle.
On my left I quickly got Beregond to the prize and dismounted. He dug it up at the first attempt and passed off to a CG who got out of Dodge toward the home edge. In the center Damrod got on the treasure and dug it up and passed to a CG while WoMT and CG sold their lives to screen him. On the right, the closest treasure, of course I couldn’t dig it up and the Black Guard and Shagrat punished the screening force. I eventually got it on the third try, just in time to hand off to a CG before the line dissolved. The CG carrying the prizes had horses volleyed out from under them but eventually got the treasures to one Mounted CG out of volley range in my right corner. By that time I was broken and had only killed three of the enemy but Forlong retreated and passed his courage checks and I managed to hold all three treasures when the game ended. I believe I was below 25% at that point. Major win.

GAME 3: Gain Ground

Scenario 3: Take and Hold

Before the game begins, the tournament organizers place 5 objective markers on each table. One marker placed in each board quarter and one a marker placed in the center of the table. Models within 3” of the marker are considered to be vying for control of it. To control the objective, the player with the higher number of models having any part of their base within 3” of the marker will control it.

To start the game, players roll priority with the higher roll having picking sides and having priority. In this scenario, each side will walk onto the table from their board edge.

The game is played until one side has been reduced to 25% of their starting number of models.

Victory Conditions: Major Win: You control at least 4 of the objectives
Minor Win: You control at least 3 objectives
Draw: Neither side controls at least 3 objectives

Opponent: Jason Mitchell

List: ( Voted Favorite Army)
Eomer (Horse, Shield, Throwing Weapon) 95 pts.
Grimbold of Grimslade 50 pts.
6 Royal Guard (Horse, Shield) 96 pts.
11 Warriors of Rohan (Bow) 77 pts.
14 Helmingas (Shield) 112 pts.
8 Helmingas (Shield, Throwing Weapon) 80 pts
6 Mounted Outriders 90 pts.

47 Models, 5 M, 3 W, 8 F

I lost the roll off and got to start on the big end of a V shaped funnel formed by massive walls. There was a goat path where one might feed models one at a time on my left but for all practical purposes you had to go down the funnel. On the right there was room for a mounted figure to get past the wall and a narrow tunnel through the middle of the wall that would only pass foot guys. The good news was that the two objectives on my side were extremely defensible. The bad news was that my CG were bottled up on that side. Obviously the issue would be decided at the tip of the funnel. I placed my CG to the right of the trees and filled in with the foot guys in the other places. Jason put his Archers around the ruin with the outriders. RG was to his left with half the Helmingas and Eomer and Grimbold was to his right with the rest of the Helmingas.
I got in two rounds of volley and one round of split volley/direct fire. Jason did two volleys then direct fire. After that we closed on the middle and formed a close combat line arcing across the opening in the V. Forlong traded blows with Eomer almost on top of the center objective for 3-4 turns with nobody getting hurt. The outriders and RG countercharged frequently to neutralize my CG charges. The forces were fairly evenly balanced. The Helmingas wounded me on 5’s and I wounded them on 5’s. The outrider’s fate offset their lower FV and the RG had higher D. The higher FV of the CG and FCG helped and eventually I got in some uncontested charges and started to kill. The game was a close run affair and I ended up with more models within range of the center marker when time expired for a Minor win.

GAME 4: Battle of Amon Hen a.k.a. Storm the Camp from LoME

Opponent: Cliff Kump


Legolas (Elven Cloak) 100 pts.
Rumil 70 pts.
2 Galadhrim Guards 24 pts.
13 Galadhrim Warriors (Spear, Armor, Shield) 130 pts.
10 Wood Elf Warriors (Spear, TW) 100 pts.
13 Wood Elf Warriors (Bow) 117 pts.
Wood Elf Warrior (Banner) 42 pts.
2 Wood Elf Warrior (Elven Blade) 16 pts.

43 Models, 6M, 3W, 4F

Cliff picked the corner with a free standing hill and ruins in the corner for his camp. He managed to keep most of his Army out of sight behind the hill to protect from Volley. I moved out between the ruins and stretched out the CG behind the low wall and off to the right behind WoMT to prepare for advance or direct fire. The elven archers positioned behind the crest of the hill (for in the way) and started direct fire operations. Legolas led about 5 Galadrhim to my left while sniping and the bulk of the non Archers with Rumil swung around to my right. All this time the elves were killing the occasional horse but were otherwise ineffective at their specialty. The CG probably killed about eight during these initial maneuvers (Legolas lost all but one of his escort). Forlong and Beregond led a charge on Rumil and his wing. The elves weren’t as easy to kill in close combat and there were several instances of surrounded spearmen winning combat. Rumil could not be touched. The Galadhrim Guards (and Banner) and some archers came out to join the scrum on the right.
In the meantime on the left Legolas advanced and killed Damrod who was holding the camp with some WoMt. Legolas lost his last escort to a courage check and killed another WoMT but wasn’t enough by himself to contest my camp.
Meanwhile back on the right, a few key kills opened up a path to Cliff’s camp and CG and WoMT rushed in. Forlong fought a few rounds with Rumil. Forlong couldn’t win and Rumil couldn’t wound. Beregond had died earlier so killing Forlong would have turned a Major loss into a Minor loss. Result: Major Win.

Game 5: To the Death a.k.a. To the Death from LoME (Three Hours for this Scenario instead of 2.5)

Opponent: Craig Russell


Glorfindel, Lord of the West (Horse) 150 pts.
Dunedain (Spear, Bow) 25 pts.
2 Dunedain (Bow) 48 pts.
24 Warriors of Arnor 192 pts.
Warrior of Arnor (Banner) 38 pts.
Warrior of Arnor (Horn) 28 pts.
5 Rangers of Arnor 40 pts.
8 Rangers of Arnor (spear) 72 pts.

43 Models, 6M, 6W, 6F

Craig organized his troops and entered to my right with archers backing up the troops to the center and Glorfindel was on (my) far right. I entered offset to the left and limited to 5 inches the first three turns in order to volley (ineffectively). Craig positioned his archers and WoA in the dominating central ruin and wheeled his left through the trees. I made moves to wrap around the central ruin but eventually consolidated along a line between the center ruin and the small ruin on my side, at an angle. The action kicked off when Glorfindel charged Damrod and a WoMT on my right. He proceeded to roll 1,2,2,1 and lost combat. Damrod killed his horse Aesop. That was more or less indicative of Glorfindel’s luck in the game. The high D low strength scrum continued for the rest of the game. Towards the end, after a couple of good rounds of killing, Craig broke. The Dunedain prevented any flight. This one looked like a draw from the beginning and that’s how it ended.
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