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TOS Battle Report Day 1

PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:34 pm
by orcishthug
List: Fellowship Boromir, Forlong, Beregond all mounted

4 Knights of MT w/ Shields

14 Mounted Citadel Guard

12 WoMT w/ Shields

12 WoMT w/Shields and Spears

Readers Digest Version:

Game 1 (vs. John Long Fiefdoms w/ Imrahil and Angbor) Clash of Picketts

I deployed half (all CG, Boromir, and WoMT)between 18-24 from corner as prescribed. John deployed Angbor and Knights on foot/and Rangers and others). Shooting killed exactly zip for both for several turns. The reinforcements were scattered and battle lines disjointed. Killing started lated and was minimal. Draw. Minimal Skull taker points.

Game 2 (vs. Gary Lane w/ White Company ... Super Faramir mounted, Beregond, Eowyn, Osgilith vets, and Rangers) Sieze the Camp

I deployed with CG heavy to one side and Forlong and WoMT holding camp on the other side. Shooting was ineffectual to say the least. There were fences and obstacles everywhere cramping manuever and giving loads of in the ways. Nobody had to take jump tests over the fences, they just stepped over on my arrows because I was a fence killer. Gary kept good formations and use of cover and steadily advanced. I vasillated after taking some some shooting casualties and delivering none. Eventually I swung right with most of the mounted troops and tried to break through an ad hoc fence line Gary defended through two gaps. Faramir shifted that way and I was repulsed. Eowyn led a group close to camp but was repulsed by Forlong and the fact that Faramir was not near to add to fight value or reroll. Note: I guess its official now that OV benefit from super Faramir's banner effect...which makes sense.

Draw again with minimal Skull Taker Points

Game 3 (vs. Gary Lane again....don't ask) Domonation

Another Gondor vs. Gondor exercise in futility. We each sent strong wings to the right and reached a second objective. This time I won the shooting war marginally. I sent cavalry and Boromir right and then doubled bachk to try to rush the third objective. That was hampered by Forlong and Boromir being de-horsed and faramir was jonny on the spot. Gary made a rush at the third objective to my right but lacked numbers. Again. Again minimal Skull Taker Points.

Nobody was happy with the system that left it open to play somebody twice or 5 times if thats where the sort fell. I could very well have to play Gary again Sunday morning. I know at least Frank also played the same person twice on Saturday.

Eric is 2 wins and one loss so far. Frank is 3 draws (I think). Tom is one win and two losses. Not sure about the rest.