Adepticon Singles

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Adepticon Singles

Postby griffen127 » Thu Apr 07, 2011 2:14 pm

Adepticon Singles

So I Really had grand ideas for this army. I was going to make it a jewel of my painting skill and modeling. This however was just too much for my timeline. I had plans for a great display board that would make my Mordor lava board look small. With work and my HE painted my time simply ran out. I had to skip painting my new archers and use old ones, not get the board done. I had to contact Brent and tell him the news that I would be unable to get my list done and as such change out a couple of pike for the bow that would not get done.
So onto Acon. I have never played with the list that I have made, and I truly believe that it was a weaker set up. I would learn otherwise.

Game 1 Wow this was against Josh L. I never played him and it was great. I can't believe I drew a blank. It was the most fund I had this day. The game was very interesting and we had a blast. In the game we both went for the objectives and we met and beat the crap out of each other. It ended with Josh broken and me getting major with objective. We had a blast.
Game 2. Ty is a person that I never played before and I was able to play him twice over the weekend. He is an amazing painter, and can make an army as hard as any I have played again. We started we a mad dash to the objective. His knight got there first and died for the honor. I was able to form my battle line about 4 inches past the objective. With his magic and ticks Ty was able to get my cav to run around like fools. I hit his line with all the power I could and my bow did a great job damaging his line. The dice were to my favor and Ty was back footed. The battle was joined and I pushed though kill most and his evil Wraith. Ty only had a couple of figs left and I ran as fast as I could to his camp. The game ended with my line in his camp and my cav in my camp with the objective. Major win with bonus

Game 3 Mark? With Dwarfs. So we lined up and I look at his list. The kings champ and the most bow in the entire tourney. Wow talk about tuff stuff. We line up and start to charge across the field with bow fire crossing the sky as we go. I stop about half way and use the hill as a block for half of his arches the strength 3 ones. My 14 to his 10. I use the time it takes for him to decide to charge to refuse flank. Form a new line and punish his advance with bow. Before we hit combat I killed 8 of the 10 bow along with 3 D7 warriors for 4 of my bow in return. With our lines close by I charge to avoid his bow. The battle is bloody with both sides killing. The kings champ does what he does best and kills the few fools that fight him. Imhril does the same. I collapse his right flank and double tap his center. My right flank is about to fold, but it holds on till the end. With our heroes fighting each other I call a heroic combat and kill both of the banner bearers in one turn. A mass of pike even beat the champ to. The game ends with my hero killing 4 to 3. Major win. A very interesting game.
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