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Yearly success (and failure)

PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 2:01 pm
by Gartl
For two reasons I decided to track my wins and loses this year. First, I want to keep track of how each of my armies perform as I tend to forget over time. Secondly, I want a written record as Tim and I seem to have very different memories of our success against each other in the past :-) So here you will not really see battle reports, but a tally of my glorious victories and, hopefully few, humiliating defeats. To date this year I have played four games. So lets begin.

Wood Elves vs Steve's Nazgul/Black Numenorians - Major Victory (this was not really a good test as his army was only 13 models and it was King of the Hill)

Wood Elves vs Tim's Haradhrim/Orc Force - Major loss. This had more to do with dice than anything else. Tim fired 10 shots in one turn needing 4s to hit. He scored 9 hits, and six wounds (needing 5s). The rest of the game went the same.

Wood Elves vs Tim's Black Numenoreans/Haradhrim- Major loss. Last year Tim couldn't beat my Wood Elves. This year he is humiliating them. What's up with that?

White Guard vs the same force of Tim - Major win. The dice went the other way this game (and I think I manuevered much better this game), but this is an iffy win as Tim allowed Faramir's banner effect to work on Osgilioth veterans. We will try again without that effect.

I managed to get three games in this weekend against Tim, so new results are ready for posting!

Galadhrim/Wood Elves vs Tim's Dunlendings/Orcs - Major Win. My dice were on fire and as we were playing modified Contest of Champions Tim resigned when Saruman was down to his last wound and he had lost 20 models to the two he had killed in return (army wide, not champions).

Nazgul vs Tim's Undead - Major Loss. Tim let me practice for the Mt Doom event and I choose the King of the Hill scenario. Although I lost, I was playing three models against 15 and still managed to kill 9 versus losing 1. He still had me 2-1 on the hill at the end of the game, but it was a very fun game.

White Guard vs Tim's Haradhrim/Black Numenorean/Khandish Mercs - Minor Win. This was the best game Tim and I have had in a very long time. The game began with 125 models on the board and ended with 4, all mine and three of them holding objectives (Domination scenario). An absolutely outstanding and fun game with two very evenly matched armies.

So after GitD my record gets worse. Lady luck did not get on the plane with me so things just did not go my way.

Galadhrim/Wood Elves vs Chris Thomas' Numenoreans - Minor loss. Five seperate 4+ rolls would have given me a major win if I had gotten even one of them. Instead all five went Chris' way, including the five contested heroic moves, all of which went his way. At the end of the game 20 elves were chasing Elendil who had the prize and who was the last survivor of the Numenorean force. Chris was an awesome opponent and my favorite of GitD. I would love to play against him again (and hopefully roll better).

Galadhrim/Wood Elves vs Gondorians - Minor loss. I hate domination and this game reinforces why. I broke one turn before my opponent. Legolas and Galadrial covered all but two elves so none ran. Next turn I broke my opponent and half his army was within six inches of Galadrial who gives them a -1 courage. So needing an eight or better he should have lost half of his models in the center of the field which would have given me my second objective and a minor win. Instead he rolls a 1 and the game ends so he never has to test. I really really hate domination. As an example of how my dice performed this week (as well as my opponents) one dismounted Gondorian Knight single-handedly killed two mounted Galadhrim Knights (who had charged), two Wood Elf warriors, and a Galadhrim Warrior. He did all of this while outnumbered 3/4 to 1 (including once with Legolas in the fight). The two fights he lost while trapped, I failed to roll a six with 16 dice.

Galadrhim/Wood Elves vs Matt Kimball's Easterlings - Draw. I had figured out prior to the tournament how to handle this scenario. Legolas auto hits emissary until dead. Worst I can get is a draw. Instead we are paired on the Bree table and Matt hides the emissary inside the Prancing Pony so Legolas never has a shot. Then the turn I move my emissary into Matts camp with a heroic move, Matt reminds me that we didn't roll last turn for the game ending (ended on 4+ when one side was broken). Matt rolls a 6 and the game ends. So instead of a minor win I get a draw.

So three games in a row I am screwed by scenarios that require a random roll to dig up an item or to see of the game ends.

Galadhrim/Wood Elves vs Andree Cauley's Uruk-Hai/Orc army - Major win. Andree is rather new to the game and was playing a borrowed army that had no shooting. It was a very one sided affair, but Andree was a great sport and fun to play (not to mention he had one Uruk-Hai that was charged 3-4 times by cav and required 42 dice to be rolled to obtain 1 six in order to kill him).

Galadrhim/Wood Elves vs Frank Brown's Orcs - Major loss. To kill a King between Legolas with an elven cloak and the Shadow Lord on a fell beast. Legolas hid while the Nazgul stayed out of his range. We danced and the armies fought and then in the final five minutes Frank moved his Nazgul up, compelled Legolas, then charged him with the Shadow Lord and three orcs. Legolas died calling out to Gimli to save him (too bad he wasn't at the battle...).

I put together my new Cave Drake this last Friday and decided to take it out for a test drive. I threw together a Moria army of models I had and ask my friend Dan for a game.

Moria (with Cave Drake) vs Dwarfs - Minor loss. We played the "To Kill a King" scenario with my Durburz versus his Gimli. At the end of the game neither had been killed, but I had another commitment and had to concede, but I would have lost anyhow. The cave drake was fun, but killed more goblins than dwarves and ended up breaking me two turns earlier than the dwarves. As much as I like the model he didn't overly impress, partially because he had lots of Khazad Guard that didn't have to test to charge.

White Guard vs Tim's Isengard Merc force - Major win. Tim offered to play a pitched battle (my best scenario) and I returned to the dice gods favor this game. Tim can usually kill Eowyn with no effort, yet this game she survived multiple cavalry charges, including two by Saruman himself!

Current standing 6-7-1


So I got to go to a ToS primer event at the Alamo Ca store this last Sunday. There were eight players, myself included, and there was some real talent with Wyn, Tim (Gollum), and Richard (a ToS attendee) present. And I got to play all three of them!!! Since it was the ToS format, scenarios winners were determined by points if objectives had not been met.

White Guard vs Richards Angmar army - Win. Richards army had goblins, Gundabad Goblins, Orcs, Spectres, and seven characters (The Undying, two goblin shamans, a Gundabad shaman, two Gundabad captains, and a shade). It was the smallest goblin army I have ever seen, but with the characters that was to be expected and it worked in my favor as it was an elimination scenario. The shade was a real pain, but I was able to surround his force and destroy it to get the win. Faramir did fall to a Gundabad Captain and his friends while he was immobilized, had his weapon destroyed, and was within 6" of the shade. His fall was pretty much inevitable under these circumstances :-(

White Guard vs Wyn's Angmar army - Win. Wyns army had lots of goblins, prowlers, orcs, Durburz, a wight, and three spectres. The scenario was reconneuiter and our forces essentually met in the middle and fought it out. Although I consider Wyn perhaps the best player I know, he is also the slowest I know and I knew we would not finish the scenario, which was sad because it was a great fight and I would have liked to have seen it played to its conclusion. In any case, when the game ended I had killed 19 models including a spectre and he had killed 4 models, all warriors. So based on I points I had my first win against Wyn!

White Guard vs Tim's Khandish Mercs/White Tower - Win. Of course it was inevitable that I would face Tim in the final round as it happens far too frequently. Fortunately we got Meeting Engagement which is my best scenario by far. The battle began with Tim handedly outshooting me. My d6 warriors were falling to 4+ shooting while my archers, hitting on a 3+, against d4 troops were ineffectual. Just before our troops engaged, he had killed 8 models with bows while I had killed only 5. I don't think this was Tim's best played game as he succumbed to his over aggressive tendencies. I was just about to come to him as I was losing the shooting battle, but he kept coming forward rather than continuing the shooting war he was winning. It also didn't help him that the turn his cav charged in my dice caught fire and his fell asleep. I was really worried about his breaking my flank with his cav charge, but after two turns the threat was neutralized. Still it was an excellent game against a very good opponent. My White Guard continues it's winning ways. Hopefully it will continue through ToS.

Current record 9-7-1

Khazad Guard army vs Tim's Black Numnenorean/orc army - Major loss. Last Friday Tm and I got to play a game. I think Tim is tired of my White Guard as it has yet to lose. So I broke out my Khazad army which I really like, but has yet to win a battle. My army is all Khazad Guard led by Dain and with Gandalf. Without shooting/cav/spear support or banner it has been trounced every time. This was no different and it didn't help that my army was split in two while Tim's army all deployed together. Tim was on me on turn one and I had to hope Dain could hold out until the other half of the army showed up. Tim compelled Dain forward and then hit him with everything he had. In one turn he rolled 22 dice to wound. Eventually he took down Dain and the battle was essestually over. Even though this force has yet to win a game I really enjoy playing it.

Current record 9-8-1

White Guard vs Tims Morannon Orc/warg force - Major loss. Taking a ToS training trick from Tim, I let him choose his force and then I picked the worst scenario for me. With Tim having 22 Warg riders and an orc drummer, my foot army as in for a tough time in this reconneuiter scenario. The table had a lot of terrain which altered the way I normally play this scenario so I placed one third of my army and archers on each flank and in the center. Faramir was in the center facing Tim's wargs while Eowyn and Beregond each commanded one flank. Tim's warg riders, led by a captain and shaman, hit a brick wall and were almost completely annihilated. My left flank led by Beregond was having a tough time with spear supported Morannon Orcs, but were holding their own. My right flank, led by Eowyn, had a table securing one flank and rough terrain their left. It didn't help. Tim's Morannon Orcs on this flank cut through them like a hot knife through butter. Faramir was swinging over to help, but had to rush back to kill the orc drummer who had snuck through my line. After killing the drummer he rushed to my right, but it was too late. One orc managed to stumble off my table edge as the game ended. Tim and I broke the same turn and hit 25% the same turn. It was an excellent game and Tim's first win against the White Guard. I was very happy that my army performed as well as it did in the worst scenario against the toughest army it could face.

Current record: 9-9-1

Gondor vs Jon's Uruk Hai - Minor win. This really shouldn't count as Jon has not played for a very long time, but he wanted a game Friday so I obliged. I took a basic Gondor force led by the old Faramir and tried to make it a close fight by engaging his troll in hth with basic troops and running four warriors of MT into three berserkers. Unfortunately, Jon's dice hated him and he couldn't win a fight with F4 and he couldn't wound when he managed to win one (which was rare). So although I tried to make it a tight battle, his force was crushed, but one Uruk managed to keep one objective (domination) which kept it to a minor win.

Current record 10-9-1

I haven't had many real games lately as I have been focusing on getting new players into the game (and had some good success). We have been doing the Mt Doom format and everyone seems to be enjoying it. However, I did manage to get a game in this last Friday.

White Guard vs Tim's Barad Dur army - Major Win. We played the Storm the Camp scenario as Tim's army had just crushed Steve's and I wanted to see how mine would do agains the same force. It did very well and I managed a major win by sneaking Faramir around a flank. Tim saw it coming but was unable to prevent it. My shooting was also on fire and by the time Tim conceded I had killed 20 models and lost none. Got to love those Gondorian rangers ;-)

Current record: 11 - 9 - 1

Tim and I managed to squeeze in one more practice game.

White Guard vs Tim's Barad Dur - Major Win. We played Clash of Piquets for a change from our normal scenarios. As usual with this scenario the first part of the game was spent trying to get the armies unified. Tim was clever and kept his warg riders off the table as he know they could form up quickly with is foot troops. I started with Berigond and my rangers on the table hoping to shoot up his force as long as possible. I was able to build a strong defensive position and get my warriors where they needed to be quick enough that I managed to hold off his assault. Getting my troops behind his line, I was able to trap Black Orcs and cut them down. Tim conceded when he was 7 models for 25% and I was unbroken.

Current record 12- 9 -1

I managed to get in one last practice game for ToS.

White Guard vs Tim's Barad Dur - The Domination scenario started badly with Tim winning the roll to choose corners. He stuck me in the corner with a stream between me and the rest of the table so my getting out of my corner was difficult as once I got out I had a forest between me and one of the objectives. We ended up engaging on my side of the table and the terrain was hindering us both greatly. He managed to manuever his Black orcs to between the forest my soldiers were in and an objective. He outnumbered me with superior troops so I knew if I launched an assault he would wipe out my force and then saunter into my corner to win the game. So I pulled back into the woods and formed a defensive line with the aid of several trees. This evened the numbers and my rolls did the rest. On the other flank my remaining troops led my Eowyn confronted his BN Marshall and warg riders. With the aid of my rangers I was able to beat back his force and begin my move into the center of the table. Tim and I had been within one model of break point of one another until the last two turns. He broke and I was still four models from breaking. His army then started melting away, but not fast enough as the game ended the first turn he rolled and I was still two turns away from reaching my third objective. Draw again with a game that has a random game end. I hate that!

Current Record: 12 - 9 - 2

I have also been playing 500 point March to Doom games, but am not recording the results as I am teaching some players (and not playing my best) or playing team games (in which Tim kicked my ass. Dain left the field in disgust!)

Re: Yearly success (and failure)

PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:07 pm
by Smeagol
Gartl wrote:White Guard vs the same force of Tim - Major win. The dice went the other way this game (and I think I manuevered much better this game), but this is an iffy win as Tim allowed Faramir's banner effect to work on Osgilioth veterans. We will try again without that effect.
It also pointed out some serious weaknesses in my Minas Morgul and Ally force that the Wood Elves never could. It has problems cracking defense six combat lines.

Re: Yearly success (and failure)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:03 am
by Smeagol
Gartl wrote:Wood Elves vs Tim's Black Numenorians/Orc force - Major loss. This had more to do with dice than anything else. Tim fired 10 shoots in one turn needing 4s to hit. He scored 9 hits, and six wounds (needing 5s). The rest of the game went the same.
Call me a revisionist, but as I recall it was my Barad-dur and Haradrim force that defeated your wood elves the first time. Minas Tirith can't have Orc Trackers on Wargs and they were contesting your left flank, while the remnants of my Haradrim were wrapping up your right with the Morannons tying up the center. No wonder you can't remember the battle results. :P

PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:25 am
by Gartl
Minas Tirith can't have Orc Trackers on Wargs

You are correct. Minas Tirith can't have Orcs Trackers on wargs :-)

And you are also correct about the army I was facing. All I recall as the deadly Harad marksmen (nine hits on ten dice. BLAH!)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:53 am
by Smeagol
I have no idea why I wrote Minas Tirith. Still stinging from that last defeat I suppose. I hate frontal assaults. :)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 2:01 pm
by Gartl
Results updated.

I am grateful to have Tim to play on a regular basis as he highly contributes to any skill I may possess with our very challanging games.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:04 pm
by Gartl
Results for GitD added.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:33 pm
by acepilot12
Our first round game at GitD was a great game. If you could have dug up the artifact in the first couple tries, it would have been an easy win for you. That game came down to a few important die rolls and the last heroic move. You were a great opponent. We definitely need to get another game in sometime.


PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 1:44 am
by Gartl
Definately Chris. I loved our game and I just picture the end with Elendil running off into the sunset holding the ring up in the last light of day and chuckling madly :-)

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