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The Morgul Knights ride forth! (3 reports)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2010 1:34 pm
by BaronDeSade
Hello All,

I had the privilege of playing three games with my Minas Morgul army last night. Tim and Gary were my opponents and my current army configuration was:

The Dwimmerlaik on Armored Horse
The Knight of Umbar on Armored Horse
Two Black Numenorian Marshals with Shields on Armored Horses
Eight Morgul Knights

My first game was against Gary’s Dwarfs, which were led by Dain Ironfoot. Our scenario was “Contest of Champions.” Gary chose Dain as his champion, and I chose one of the Marshals.

The Morgul Knights charged forward along the left flank while the Dwarfs swung their battle-line right to meet the foe. They fired a volley of arrows, which brought down one dark steed and left an irritated Morgul Knight on foot. The Dwimmerlaik Compelled a Dwarf forward, a Morgul Knight charged him, and then Dain responded by charging that Knight and declaring a Heroic Combat. The Dwimmerlaik’s special ability caused Dain to spend an additional Might to do so.

Honestly, it was a mistake on my part to maneuver like this. I should have simply moved closer to the Dwarfs and remained out of their charge range, since I had the priority. Alternatively, I could have used the Knight of Umbar to Compel the Dwarf a second time, putting the subsequent melee out of Dain’s reach. As it was, Gary, who had been sick and feverish all week, failed to remember the rules for Dain’s special axe, and so my Morgul Knight survived the attack and the Heroic Combat failed. Fortune favors the foolish, sometimes…

The rest of the Knights charged in and the melee began in earnest. My Wraiths spent most of the game Transfixing Dain so he could not score any kills. The Dwarfs were hampered in their ability to counter-attack by my terror-causing troops protected by the Harbinger of Evil rule. At one point, the Knight of Umbar attacked a Transfixed Dain for no result; even Combat Mimicry is no use against such a high Defense!

I had many more Might points than Gary did, and so the Morgul Knights were able to complete many charges and use their lances to good effect. Even when they did not slay a Dwarf, they still knocked him down, and sometimes the Dwarf would remain on the ground, paralyzed by Terror if he attempted to get up and attack one of my models. My Black Numenorian Marshal champion was unhorsed early on, but with all of the Dwarfs lying on the ground, he managed two kills. Dain, when he wasn’t Transfixed, managed one kill.

My army doesn’t have a lot of numbers, and with some of the Dwarfs having S4, the Morgul Knights were soon broken. That was fine with me, though, as I was ahead on kills, and wanted to end the game as quickly as possible. Some of my Knights fled, which was good. The Dwimmerlaik spent all of his Will to Transfix Dain one last time and vanished. The Dwarfs kept getting priority, though, preventing the Knight of Umbar from doing the same trick. Dain could not get a second kill, though, and eventually I won the priority back. Three of my models remained: a Morgul Knight, the Knight of Umbar, and one Black Numenorian Marshal. The Knight of Umbar spent all of his remaining Will to Black Dart the Morgul Knight, killing both of them, and the Marshal failed his Courage test and fled, leaving the Morgul Knights with victory!

Tim then brought out an obnoxious army that contained a Dragon with Flight and Wyrmtongue, a Spider Queen, and a handful of Giant Spiders. The scenario we rolled up was Take and Hold.

The game began very badly for me, with the Knight of Umbar and one of my Marshals deciding to sleep for a while instead of entering the battle. The Dragon and the Spider Queen both pounced on Morgul Knights, did Heroic Combats, killed them, and then pounced on others and killed them. Things got even worse when the Dragon did a successful Sap Will on the Dwimmerlaik, banishing him.

After two rounds of battle, the Knight of Umbar finally woke his lazy self up and joined the battle, and the remaining Knights and Marshals were able to move to the center of the board and form a battle line facing their foes, with Knights in the front to absorb the inevitable charge and Marshals in the rear to provide a counter-attack.

The monsters maneuvered for advantage, and then the Knight of Umbar transfixed the Dragon and charged him. The Knight used his Combat Mimicry ability to good effect, and caused three wounds on the Dragon, one of which was not saved by Fate, and the Dragon fled the battle. In the following round, the Knight of Umbar Transfixed and charged the Spider Queen, injuring her. The Marshals proved to be capable of handling the Giant Spiders, and both armies ended up broken. The Spider Queen fled, and the Knights took care of the remaining Spiders, leaving me with a narrow victory!

The third battle was against Tim’s Goblin horde in Meeting Engagement. He brought a bucketful of Prowlers, Goblins with spears and bows, Durburz the Goblin King and Buhrudur the Troll, and worst of all, a Shaman. Fearless Goblins would be able to swarm my Morgul Knights, and Prowlers would be adept at cutting through their armor.

The Morgul Knights rode forward, initially moving to a flank attack and then switching to a center attack to try and gain a turn or two of advantage. Black Darts flew from the Wraiths into the Goblin Shaman, but he unfortunately survived the first volley of Darts. The Morgul Knights attacked the Goblins in a wedge formation, attempting to make the most of their small numbers and defend their flanks against Prowlers.

There wasn’t much joy to be had for the Morgul Knights. Although their Shaman succumbed to a second volley of Darts, the Goblins proved to have enough numbers so that even if many of them failed their Courage tests, there were still plenty who passed. Durburz and Bhurdur started to smash down Knights, and the Knight of Umbar was brought down by Goblins, to his eternal shame. Eventually, I conceded the game, seeing that there was little chance of my victory and that each turn was taking so long for all of the Courage tests to be made. Victory for the Goblins.

So, a fun evening, and plenty of good work done by the Morgul Knights.


Baron DeSade