Drake vs Swan NYC Rumble

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Drake vs Swan NYC Rumble

Postby BostonNazgul » Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:08 pm

White Dwarf SBG Rules Battle test 2


2 Goblin Shamans
20 Prowlers w/ bows
20 goblins w/shield
20 goblins w/spear
1 cave drake

Dol Amroth
5 knights mounted
5-6 knights
2 rangers of the north
rangers/grey company
mix of clansmen and men at arms

*It is not my nature to play with unpainted stuff, but we were both testing armies and have unfinished stuff. dont cringe too much with the aesthetics

Storm the Camp

The GW had a ton of cool terrain so we through down a good amount. Here is the best shot of the table. each camp had a building in it, with the large "inn" in the center on the hill.


I placed my drake with a small contingent of goblins on my left flank with the prowlers, shamans and the rest on the right flank.

John deployed his rangers opposite my drake and the knights and main infantry opposite my prowlers.

Turn 1:

I advanced the drake and goblins straight up with the rest of my army expanding the deployment arc. 1 shaman failed his fury cast, the first of many.
John moved up in a similar fashion. My prowlers volleyed and dismounted a knight. John's shooting was ineffective

Turn 2:
Same as the first turn with John's infantry advancing closer to the house, and my goblins created a large wall between the inn and the board edge to block Johns cavalry.
Shooting was ineffective

Turn 3:
The drake has made it to the corner of the inn and John's infantry was out of LOS next to the inn. I started climbing some goblins over the inn for dramatic effect.
John left imrahil out in front and took a subsequent wound from my prowlers and a failed fate.
Turn 4:

With John's shooting concentrated on the drake my goblins were at full strength. This turn showed me the power of throwing weapons with John's infantry being in range and LOS as they came around the inn.
The drake took 1/6 wounds and continued its march, John had to burn a might to avoid combat with the drake this turn.

Turn 5:

I pulled back my infantry line to avoid combat with the cavalry for 1 more turn, meanwhile shaman "McFailure" burned his 3rd and final will trying to cast fury.

The drake began his hungry assault with the archers and a contingent of infantry John diverted to help. My throwing weapons continued killing with me throwing into combats and spear supports.

Turn 6:

John had to start killing things and pushed his knights into combat. I then counter charged my goblins and trapped as many knights as I could.

Turn 7:

At this point we were involved in the game too much and the camera went away, too many dice to roll. Cavalry did there job in killing some goblins but they were getting swarmed and things were not looking good.

Meanwhile on the western front, the drake was munching his way through swan warriors.

Sadly due to a late start because of a 40k game, we had 15min till the store closed.

Turn 8:

Imrahil loses his combat and takes 1 wound after burning his last 2 fate. The drake had issues with taking the objective as John had warriors in the tower of his building, so I began diverting him to help my other goblins. I sent the small goblin party to take the tower.


We had to call the game as a draw though due to time. Lame ending, good game.


2 stats of the cave drake make this thing super powered.

1) 6 wounds: it has the same Defense as a mordor troll which isnt that high but it can take a beating before trouble.
2) 8in move: further makes it more useful as "slow" cavalry and gives you the ability to flank and assist weak parts of the battlefield.

Imrahil had some bad luck in taking early wounds but I had no doubt without help he would have eaten through my line and could have catapulted into my camp to defeat my rear guard.

Overall I am much happier with this army configuration compared to the blackshields. It gives a more powerful shooting presence and speed of attack with the drake. Plus I get to have fun converting that beast.
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Postby febber » Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:32 pm

Is this John Kelleher you are playing?
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Postby BostonNazgul » Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:57 pm

yeah old school baltimore GT player
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