Testing new forces

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Testing new forces

Postby Smeagol » Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:26 am

I got a chance to take one of my newer forces out for a test run. Steve had brougth his Khandish/Easterling alliance this evening with the intent of punishing my Druzhag horde. I didn't bring them so we settled down for a Meeting Engagement (random scenario) between his force and my Black Gate/Barad-dur alliance. Steve's force was mostly Easterling infantry led by Tai Shan (his Easterling Captain) and 11 Khandish horsemen led by a Khandish prince.

My force consisted of:
1 Mordor Uruk-hai Captain with shield
1 Mordor Uruk-hai Captain with orc bow
1 Morannon Orc Cpatin with shield

20 Morranon Orcs with shield
20 Mordor Orcs with spear and shield
10 Mordor Uruk-hai with orc bow
10 Mordor Orc Trackers

I picked table sides and we started the game. Steve used a large rocky formation in the center of the table to anchor his infantry to as he advanced onto the table with his cavalry and a small detachment of swordsmen following on the other side. I split my force into two parts and walked around a pond that split my route of advance. Volleyfire was uneventful and for the most part would remain so for the rest of the game. As I cleared the pond in the center of the table I moved my two lines towards the center with the intent of linking them. My Orc Trackers moved off to my left to get clear lines of sight for archery while my Uruk-hai archers gravitated from my right flank to my left. Steve's cavalry was threatening my left flank and his direct fire archery was taking a toll on my Orc Trackers. Since his Easterling infantry was obviously going to defend and he ahd left his archers in his rear area I was in no danger of being shot to pieces so I ignored them for the time being.

Steve's four horse archers were starting to get annoying. He had the better bows and movement so he was able to stay out of direct bowfire and still plink away at my larger force. Steve made a couple of mistakes with his cavarly movement regarding range, but my dice rolls were horrible enough that he wasn't punished for those mistakes. Eventually I managed to get my archers linked up on my left flank and started the advance towards his static infantry with my combat line. After an abortive attempt to engage my archers with his cavalry, which resulted in the death of two thirds of them, Steve settled the remainder intot he relative safety of a rock outcrop. The cavalry and my archers pretty much stared at each other the rest of the game.

My combat line managed to get linked up and using the Priority to my advantage. I was able to charge on my terms. This resulted in lackluster returns and me having to spend a might point to avoid a wound on my Morannon Orc Captain. By now I was in position that I coulld engage along his entire combat line and was able to hit unsupported models with my own supported attacks. Byt hte third round of combats I was starting to do wome serious dmaage to his lines with only light casaulties in return. Until his captain, the notorious Tai Shan (who has more lives than a cat), got into the fighting line up. While I was tearing up his combat troops and thinning out his line so that his tertiary support was no fully engaged, Tai Shan was cutting a hole through my center. Single handedly he chewed a gap that allowed the Easterlings to pour into my secondary line of orc spears.

I was starting to rack of casaulties due to the softer orcs being engaged, but it was too little too late. Once I was able to turn his right flank and start trapping models it was all, but over.

Major Victory to the orcs.

During the game I managed to reinforce (yet again) why I should never engage in Heroic combats. Wtih five attacks against an inferior FV I ended up having to spend two Might points just to win the Heroic Combat. I then fail to kill the two models in comabat needing just 5s to wound.

I was also forced to use 1/3 of my force (archers) to fend off less than 1/4 of Steve's force (his cavalry). While I came out on top in the long run, had the combats gone badly for me against his infantry my reserves were several turns away from rescuing my lines.
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Postby BaronDeSade » Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:42 pm

Yes, well I didn't think it would be prudent of me to rush out and engage a force with superior numbers in the middle of the field where I could be surrounded. Although my cavalry was pretty much destroyed, it did save me from having to melee with the Mordor Uruk-Hai at the same time I was in melee with the Morannon Orcs.

I have to say that I agree with you about putting my Easterling Archers on the front line. I could have utilized them a lot more. I also agree that Captain Tai-Shan would benefit from having a bow instead of a halberd. I already have an archer model that I converted into a captain, and it just needs to be painted.

He did indeed hack a path through the moronic orcs. Hail Tai-Shan!

I'm having second thoughts about the Khandish axemen, though. Against a line like yours, where you have two attacks, and I only have one at -1, and can't spear-support, I'm pretty likely to lose, and then I only have D4 to resist with...it just sounds like a slaughter to me.

Yes, you should never do heroic combats, period. You spent TWO Might points to kill ONE Easterling Archer :P . I still smile about my Rohirrim Warrior who held off your Spider Queen's heroic attack :P .

You definitely have your army designed for cost-effectiveness, compared to mine. Your moronic orcs are better fighters than my Easterling swordsmen, for the same cost. Your spears cost almost half of what mine do. Even so, as you mentioned last night, your army has a softer center, whereas mine does not. I see a few places where I can streamline things for my benefit.

Thanks for the game!

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