B3 Greatest or not-so-greatest Moments

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B3 Greatest or not-so-greatest Moments

Postby Guardian of Ecthelion » Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:58 pm

Ok I thought I would try a new thread because my battle reports suck.

Memorable moments from B3 in no real order except in the order of the games I played.
RD 1 Artifact--John sorry for mentioning this but archery shat Gwahir and made her burn her only fate, she attacked 2 iron guard to to get to Gimli (with the football) IG win the fight and roll 3 sixes in 4 dice to kill her. Holy crap!!
RD 2 One flippin dice roll (':shock:') I am sre Tim will write about this in his report, long story shot C of C Gimli 4 Orc Capt on Warg 3 he attacks 2 dwarves, we both roll sixes and tied combat, same fight skill, dice roll off goes Tims way and he kills both dwarves and winns game 5 to 4.
RD 3 Domination-- Against Jeff Reske who I play alot, march cav right at my archers and they got shot up, unhorsed Faramir and trapped him he won a few but after a few combats Faramir was dead.
RD 4 Recon--Against Tyler with Grey Co and Gondor-- The idea was to have Gimli punch a hole through the middle and SPRINT for the edge. My left flank turned out to be unkillable, and ate some rangers for lunch and made a mad dash for the edge.
RD 5-- Meeting Engagement-- Against Frank Brown--- At range the Rangers were deadly in H2H a different story. The most memorable hear was when Gimli and an Iron Guard went against a Dwarf warrior with shield and lost the fight, nothing higher than a two with 5 dice, then frank rolls a 6 with one die to kill the Iron Guard. Really?
Another favorite story comes from my son Josh who played Kyle (the tournament winner in C of C) Kyle moved awat from Dain and Dain couldn't catch anyone to kill. Josh told me I had him I could reach a few of them but the all failed courage rolls and ran away leaving nothing for Dain to do, but take his 3 points for a major loss. At the end Josh was broke and Kyle had 3 guys left but Shagrat outkilled Dain 10 to 3 or something like that.

What are some your guys favorite or not so favorite moments?
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Postby Sajii » Mon Nov 08, 2010 4:01 pm

In meeting engagement, I outshot arnor and killed 10ish guys out of 50 shooting before engaging with my 71 morannon Orc army. He completely wrecked my army in combat and only a won priority and last might point let me pull off the win. One ranger made 5 malbeth saves, and arvedui spanked shagrat in 2 turns. Oh how my army fears arnor now!
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Postby Smeagol » Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:56 pm

Game one:
Not so good - Robert's elves pull of a masterful level of abuse and break my force, which I hadn't thought possible, but when you lose Priority several turns in a row and get none of the roll offs for Heroic Moves it's going to happen. At this point I was sure I lost the game.

Good stuff - I grabbed the artifact because Robert forgot to pick it up with one of the twins.

The turn the elves broke my only viable tactical option of fighting for a draw changed to "I have a chance" when several elves fled and thinned out the flank I had the artifact on.

Game two:
Tere are too many of both types to name. The series of events that occurred to give me a win is unreal. I was losing that game and all the while I was decimating the dwarves.

Game three:
Good stuff - I was able to dictate the battle and outmaneuvered my oppponent. I was saved by the clock.

The bad stuff - combat.

Game Four:
Nothing went wrong for me in this game. John's force got torn up, but he took it very well. I wish I were as good a sportsman when playing games.

Game Five:
Miserable wraith. I had it dead to rights, but couldn't think outside the box to get the job done at the time. It came to me later how I should have taken it out while I was decompressing at dinner. Lesson learned and it won't happen again.
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