Uruk-Hai Scouts against Galadhrim!

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Uruk-Hai Scouts against Galadhrim!

Postby BaronDeSade » Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:30 pm

Hello All!

This was my first battle with my Isengard Raiders list. I played against Gary who had put together a new list of Elves from Lothlorien-Galadhrim. Our scenario was “Ill Met by Moonlight.”

My army consisted of Mauhur, Ugluk, Vrasku and an Isengard Shaman named Imgul for characters, and for troops: 8 Marauder Scouts with Shields, eight Scouts with Orc Bows, nine Scouts with swords only, one Scout with a banner and nine Feral Uruk-Hai.

Gary’s army was led by Haldir and Rumil, and had 12 Galadhrim warriors with Shields, 5 warriors with Spears and Shields, 6 Guards of the Galadhrim Court with Pikes, 3 Galadhrim Knights with Bows, 3 Knights with Shields, and 9 warriors with Bows.

The victory condition for Ill Met by Moonlight is the utter destruction of the opposing force. No quarter! Missile weapons are reduced to a 12” range but do +1 on the wound roll. Not getting shot to pieces at long range is a nice situation for the Uruk-Hai!

Let us begin the tale!

Vrasku had found a good position to fight from. It was a stone ruin about halfway across the battlefield, and it gave him an elevated firing position from which he could use his lethal repeating crossbow. Around him were the rest of his Scout archers, taking cover among the stones where they could, and around them were the slavering Feral Uruk-Hai. A banner waved in the middle of his formation, although it was hard to see in the dim moonlight.

The wind shifted, bringing the scent of delicious Elf-flesh to Vrasku’s sensitive nose. His pointed ears caught the sound of Elf mail, perhaps two squad’s worth. He opened his tusked mouth and let out a loud roar. The Feral Uruk-Hai joined him, and the sound echoed loudly throughout the forest. The Elves had been found, and the roar would bring Ugluk, Mauhur, and the rest of the Uruk-Hai forward. Vrasku assumed it would bring more Elves to his location, too, but that was fine, as his goal was to kill as many as possible. His trigger finger was itching…

Sure enough, the sound of the Elves moving through the night increased, as did the sound of Uruk-Hai sandals striking the ground and the slap of leather armor. Vrasku could tell that the Elves were moving at a right angle to his position, instead of coming straight for him. With a shouted command, he got his archers and Ferals into a fighting line that ran parallel to the Elves, and he could hear that Ugluk’s troops were doing the same thing.

In a few more minutes, the two forces came within each others vision, and the missiles began to fly. An Uruk-Hai archer shot one of the beautiful Elven horses in the chest, and as the rider tried to nimbly leap from his saddle, as he had done so many times before, his neck unexpectedly became caught in a tree branch, and his spine snapped while the Uruk-Hai roared with laughter. The laughter lessened in a moment as an Elvish arrow pierced one of the Scout archers through the eye.

A few more shots were traded, and another Elvish rider pitched from his saddle while the Elf archers shot down a Feral and another Scout archer. Then, melee was joined, and although one Elf and one Uruk-Hai were slain in the initial rush of swords, the Elves were already learning, to their great dismay, that Imgul, the Shaman of Isengard, was filling the Uruk-Hai with a great fury, and some of the Uruk-Hai were thus able to resist what certainly otherwise would have been fatal wounds.

For a moment, it had seemed like the Uruk-Hai had lost the initiative, but the roared commands of their leaders were enough to energize their whole battle line and they rushed forward in a rage. A few more shots were fired, dropping two warriors on each side, while the Elves took heavy losses of two more riders and a warrior while only slaying a single Feral Uruk-Hai.

The Elves rushed forward in a brave charge, even as another of their company fell to an Uruk arrow. How could this be happening? The Uruk-Hai had fewer archers, and lower quality marksmanship; was this some treacherous sorcery of Sauruman’s? Stoically, they continued their charge.

Vrasku responded with a mighty growl and led three of his Scouts in an attack on an Elvish rider. They pulled the hapless Elf from his saddle and quickly butchered him with their hooked swords, then, full of vigor, hacked into the rest of the Elvish warriors. Vrasku killed another Elf, as did Ugluk, and while a further four Elves were slaughtered by the Uruk-Hai only one Feral Uruk and one Uruk Scout was brought down in return. Rumil slashed at Mauhur, who had been wounded earlier, but the force of Imgul’s spell was strong, and the Uruk Captain fought on, undaunted.

Fear began to be felt in the hearts of the Elves, fear of defeat at the hands of Sauruman’s forces, which they had never before known. Rumil attempted to lead his troops in a heroic charge, but his energy was spent uselessly against the thick shields of the Marauders. Another Feral Uruk lost his life to Elvish blades, as did two scouts, but four of the golden-haired Elves were then beaten down by hooked Uruk blades and the Elvish force was then truly broken.

Even so, the stoic Elves showed no fear and faced the Uruks with solemn determination. Ugluk and Mauhur each added another Elf to their kill-tallies, while in the swirling melee another Elf and two Uruk-Hai were slain. Now, the Uruk army was broken, too!

Crazed by the noise and blood in the darkness, one Elf and one Uruk dropped their weapons and fled. Haldir cut down a fierce Feral Uruk-Hai, while his warriors dropped another, but the Uruks killed three Elves with swift blows while Ugluk took another Elf-head as a trophy and Mauhur sliced an Elvish rider out of his saddle.

Ugluk killed another Elf while the rest of the Uruk-Hai surrounded Rumil. Haldir was yet far away and could not immediately come to his friend’s aid, yet Rumil fought like a cornered Mumak and the Uruks could not harm him.

Haldir’s sword swept a path through the Uruks until he found is way blocked by Vrasku. With his superior swordsmanship, he drove the Uruk marksman back and then slid his Elvish blades in between his enemy’s ribs. The Uruk fell, but another Elf fell too, and Rumil only managed to hold off his attackers through a trick of fate.

Haldir led his warriors towards where the embattled Haldir was surrounded. They cut down one of the few remaining Ferals but could only watch on in horror as Ugluk added another Elvish skull to his trophies.

Another Uruk fled, fearful of Haldir’s wrath, and while Rumil fought his attackers his blade finally found a path between Mauhur’s twin swords, finally felling the Uruk Captain. Ugluk shrugged, chuckled, and beheaded another Elf.

Haldir halted his movement, and bade his few remaining warriors to do likewise. Rumil’s luck had finally run out, and he toppled over amidst a storm of sword-blows. He was too late to save his friend, but perhaps a change of tactics might yet save the day for the Elves?

“Fire at the Shaman!” he commanded his remaining archers, and they did, only to see their efforts thwarted by another trick of fickle fate. The Elves then slowly retreated, firing arrows, even as the Uruks turned to pursue them. After a few minutes, while the Uruks came ever closer to their lines, their arrows finally found their mark and the Shaman, Imgul, fell, and his Fury spell was broken.

The Elves continued to slowly retreat, although, seizing his opportunity for glory, a single Elvish warrior leaped forward to attack Ugluk. Although the Uruk-Hai Captain decapitated the Elf easily, three Uruks took advantage of his distraction to flee.

Even as the Elvish archers continued to fall back, Haldir stepped forward to test his blade against Ugluk’s brutal skills. In a moment’s time, the last of the Uruk-Hai Captains had fallen.

Two more Uruks fled at this sight, including the banner under which there were few troops to march. Undaunted, the last of the Marauders used his speed and woodcraft to rush through the forest and kill an Elf archer.

As brave as his attack was, it did not prevent the last of his fellows from flight, nor did it help him when Haldir and the two remaining Elf warriors surrounded him and struck his head from his body, ending the bloody battle.

Haldir looked at the great strewing of Uruk and Elf bodies, and at his two remaining companions. “Another such victory,” he said, “and we will be undone…”


Ah, that was a fine battle! My Uruk-Hai carved up Gary’s Elves like a tender Thanksgiving turkey but he played extremely well and very carefully in the end-game, which gave him the victory. Rumil held up my Uruk-Hai, including two of my captains, heroically, utilizing his special rule that makes me re-roll any results of “6” against him to good effect. Ugluk was definitely the man of my match, slaughtering his way through the Elvish army and leading the survivors in their final charge until he met death at Haldir’s hands, which is a worthy end. A glorious battle, indeed!


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Postby Gartl » Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:53 pm

Your Uruk were certainly on a roll. I have never seen elves fall so quickly. If not for Rumil holding as long as he did the game would have been yours. Excellent game!
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Postby LongFang » Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:14 am

a most entertaining and excellent report too I might add! Makes me reconsider the Isengard force.
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Postby BaronDeSade » Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:06 pm

Thanks! I had some very good luck in that game, so I don't know if a second round with Gary would have gone as well. For example, with my first shot, I killed an Elvish steed, and the rider rolled two "1"s in sequence and died. Mauhur almost died, but he made his Fury save on a "6," and then went on to fight for three or more turns. Gary was already having trouble wounding my Uruks, so when I would then make a Fury save it was especially irksome to him :lol: .

Having Mauhur's Marauders in the army is very nice, as it prevents the Elves from fading back through the forest slowly while they shoot. Gary did that at the end, when I only had one Marauder left, but he still charged through the forest and killed an Elf!

Having so many Captains was useful, several times, as they were able to move all of my troops forward with Heroic moves, and they seemed to do a lot of the killing in my force. Ugluk, especially, was the bane of all Elves. There was a nice synergy too when I had two of my Captains near my Shaman, so they could both take Fury saves.

The game lasted 22 turns! Props to Gary for switching tactics after Rumil's death. Had he blindly charged in to my remaining Uruk-Hai I surely would have slaughtered him!


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