MitM 2010 Battle Reports

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MitM 2010 Battle Reports

Postby ChrisLS » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:19 pm

Mayhem in the Mountains 2010 Battle Reports

I’m sitting in the airport in Denver and trying not to be annoyed at the world at this moment. This has nothing to do with the wonderful time I had in Denver, or the awesome hospitality of Tim McKnight and Keith H… OK, I don’t know how to spell his last name. No, it has to do with TSA, who confiscated my shampoo and toothpaste, and at whatever fates have decided that I don’t need to leave for home until 11 pm, so I can get home sometime around 2 am and only four hours of sleep.

But enough of my griping! I had a wonderful time this weekend, and it reinforces my determination to continue to travel to great LOTR events around the country. I was trying to get a new army done in time for this event, but in the end between work, sick wife, and baby, and just being disorganized and lazy, I didn’t get it done. So I decided to roll with an army I haven’t fielded since the Las Vegas 2008 GT.

The Shadow Returns to Rhûn


Captain with shield on armored horse

5 Kataphracts
16 Warriors with shields
7 Warriors with shields and spears
12 Warriors with bows

The Black Gate

Morannon Orc Captain with shield

3 Morannon Orcs with shields
3 Morannon Orcs with shields and spears

The Nazgûl

Bob the Budget Ringwraith (2/7/0)

Models: 49
Bows: 12/46
Might: 6

It’s a very nice force – not over-powered, but with a mobile strike force in the Kataphracts and captain, and a nutcracker in the Morannon Orcs. And don’t forget the Nazgûl trickiness! I’ve also painted it to about the highest standard I can. I finished it shortly after leaving Games Workshop, so I was at the peak of my skills and focused on getting them done.

Tim McKnight, the manager of CollectorMania where Mayhem was held, was kind enough to pick me up at the airport and put me up for the weekend. I can’t thank him enough for all of the courtesy and help he gave me, and his store and community did an awesome job of hosting the event. The community had made some great looking tables, all of which had a unique theme, and Tim Kulinski and Robert Brightwell had also brought some tables up from Arizona.

After checking in, we got a goodie bag of our event T-shirt and a Gale Force 9 measuring tool (the 6 inch wedge with two other measuring sides) with Mayhem in the Mountains emblazoned upon it. Cool! We also got our packet of scenarios, and we started flipping through them. Hmmmm… Lots of “kill ‘em” objectives, though with additional challenges for bonus points included. We’ll see how that goes, but there was also the ever-popular Seize the Artifact scenario along with a modified Domination with three objectives down the middle.

Some great competitors were there, including Frank Brown and Tim Kulinski, plus some local talent. All in all, it looked like a good challenge, and I was psyched for the first round!
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Postby ChrisLS » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:20 pm

Round 1 – The Foothills of Khazad Dum
Modified Ill Met By Moonlight

Opponent: Bryce Stevenson
Army: Galadhrim


1 Galadhrim Warrior with banner
8 Galadhrim Warriors with spear and shield
8 Galadhrim Warriors with bows
7 Galadhrim Warriors with elven blades

4 Galadhrim Knights with shields
2 Galadhrim Knights with bows

Elladan and Elrohir

Total Models: 33
Bows: 10/30
Might: 6

Table: Mirkwood

This scenario required us to split our forces in two, and half of them would be deployed within 6” of the centerline, and the other half would be within 3” of the back edge of the table. The objective was to reduce your opponent’s army to 25% of its starting models. It had the fun little twist that while archery was limited to 12”, it was more deadly, adding +1 to the to wound rolls. Bonus points were available by having your leader kill more models than his leader, up to a max of 3.

I deployed first, placing my Morannon Orcs with pike support up front, backed up my by wraith and as many additional footmen as I could put up there. I put a few models on the left side as flank protection. For the rear deployment, all of my mounted models went to the left side, and my archers were right, with a few swordsmen mixed in.

Bryce deployed Rumil and some warriors just to the right of my main body, and put his archers between my groups near the clump of forest in the middle. Gotta love the Woodland Creature rule. His knights were naturally put back, most opposite my own cavalry. Interestingly, he put the twins back with the remainder of his warriors. Hmmm…

We started with me swinging my warriors around the trees, trying to come to grips with the small contingent of archers in the middle. I threw a few models towards the combat group the left, trying to hold them off. I brought my Nazgûl up a little and tried to Compel Rumil, but to no avail. The rear models went racing forward. Bryce then moved up his own models, and also moved some of his archers into the tree clump, as expected.

He then took his first shot, a single snipe at my Nazgûl. Whatever, he needs a 5/3 with his bow, even if he hits. He does hit, he does roll a 5, and then rolls a 4, killing my Nazgûl dead turn 1. Well. That makes this a more tricky game. How many heroes does he have? Oh, crap…

Well, nothing to be done. I keep rushing my troops forward, and manage to fend off Rumil and his buddies. I decide to take a different tack, and managed to circle around his combat group, trying to take out Rumil before his friends the twins arrived. His banner is making my life very difficult, but I finally manage to surround and kill the rag. Nice! My own swordsmen are barely managing to hold off the twins and their buddies, and my right flank is looking doubtful.

My left flank is another story. After initially getting my infantry charged by the knights, I win priority and charge them. With my cavalry and mounted captain in support, I start taking them down quickly, and my archers are moving up, occasionally shooting at targets of opportunity.

The right flank, despite the presence of all three of Bryce’s heroes, is somehow managing to hold up. I isolate one of his spearmen and try to kill him, but he managed to hold off six models two turns. My Morannon Captain barely manages to survive a concerted effort to kill him, with Bryce being forced to spend tons of might in the attempt. He’s also trying set the pace of the fight with Heroic Combats, because I keep winning priority. My archers are now getting up into the combat and he’s starting to get swamped.

Two knights are holding up the left flank, but one rapidly falls and my Kataphracts crash into some more archers, who also quickly fall. My own troops are now swarming the woods, and isolate and kill the really annoying archers hiding out in there. Bryce’s entire right flank has now collapsed, and my mounted captain has racked up five kills. Somehow I’ve managed to hold off the buzz saw of the twins and Rumil, though Rumil has managed two kills.

As my forces swamp the remaining elves, Bryce’s force has broken, and he fails some courage tests, but it is just speeding the end. Swamped and heavily outnumbered, his warriors fall before the Easterlings, though his heroes remain on the field.

Result: Major Win + 3 bonus points – 23 BPs total

This was a good warm up for me. I knew that outnumbering Bryce by almost 50% put me into the drivers’ seat, but the pucker factor definitely set in when he killed my Nazgûl turn 1. Must remember to protect him… I managed to play a solid game after that, and never losing priority after turn 2 was huge. With no heroes to support his right flank, I rolled it when I could dictate the fights and prevent his knights from charging. I was also pretty puzzled with his choice to put his best combat heroes, Elladan and Elrohir, back in the rear. He’d have been better off putting them up front and rushing my troops in an effort to kill them off with their vastly superior combat skills before I could adequately bring my numbers to bear. He also needed his heroes to perform, and even when the got into combat they weren’t putting my troops on the ground. D6 is a very, very nice characteristic.
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Postby ChrisLS » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:20 pm

Round 2 – Reinforcements
Modified Meeting Engagement

Opponent: Aaron Hunt
Army: Rangers of Ithilien

Faramir, Captain of Ithilien (the new, beefy guy with a 12” stand fast who counts as a banner)

17 Osgiliath Veterans with shields
16 Osgiliath Veterans with shields and spears
8 Rangers of Gondor
8 Rangers of Gondor with spears

Models: 50
Bows: 16/49
Might: 3

Table: Easterling Camp (home turf!)

This was another kill ‘em scenario, this time with half of our forces starting between 6” and 12” from the table edge, and the other half coming on from our table edge randomly (1-2 model doesn’t come on, 3-4 comes on where opponent puts it, 5-6 where you put it). You also get bonus points for killing your opponent’s heroes.

I deploy first again, and hide my entire advance guard (Wraith, Morannons, archers) behind the stockade wall. I do put one swordsman up into the watchtower, just because I can. Aaron deploys into a shield wall, but hides Faramir behind his stockade. I get some pretty good rolls for my reserves, and bring them up on the right flank with the idea of riding the cavalry around the open ground and into his flank or rear. Aaron also advances cautiously, waiting for the majority of his reinforcements to catch up. He has one large group that comes up my left flank, backed by Faramir, but the rest go into the middle of the camp.

I start hopping the wall, with my archers, and moving other folks around it. I figure if I can sweep into one flank while holding off the other, I should succeed. Instead, it turns into a series of small, isolated battles around the gaps of the tents. There is one large, open area near the right gate, where he’s pretty much daring me to charge in, and I’m daring him to come out. I pretty quickly decide to ride some Kataphracts and my captain around to the rear instead of riding into that kill sack, but I leave my other cavalry in place to keep him honest.

Faramir isn’t really engaged, but his 12” banner is huge. With lot of F4 in the battle, Aaron is winning a lot of fights, and frequently killing my people. What we expected to be a slap fight of S3 on D6 is turning into a bloodbath. While Aaron’s troops are tearing up parts of my center, my Morannon Orc captain is ripping up his right. The Nazgûl is also hanging around there, trying to keep Faramir honest.

I finally get enough troops in place to feel like I can risk a charge into the pocket. I only partially succeed. My captain and other Kataphracts are being held up by a guy blocking a choke point, but I pull a Heroic Combat and slingshot the captain around into another lone Gondorian, threatening the flank of the kill sack. Aaron is also having terrible luck on priority as well – I’m dictating the fights. I’m finally able to get my cavalry into the rear on my right, and start grinding down more troops.

Things are going slowly, particularly because I’m feeling the banner effect and F4 of the veterans, and Faramir is finally getting personally involved. I swing my Nazgûl around to try some Transfixes but I’m not getting them. I’m losing men rapidly, and finally break. I’m thinking I’m toast, when at the end of the same turn I break my Kataphracts and captain go on a killing spree, and Aaron is only two away from breaking himself.

My Nazgûl and captains manage to hold my force together, and I’m able to get the captain back into combat. Faramir is also having terrible luck against archers – one slaps him around, while another one stabs him in the face when he tries to sneak up behind. My cavalry finally manage to kill a couple more models, and Aaron is broken as well. In two turns, Aaron fails nine courage tests as I first Transfix and then kill Faramir. With his force dissolving, he falls below 25%, and the game comes to an end.

Result: Minor Win + 1 bonus point – 39 BPs total

This was an incredibly tough game. Both of us had headaches by the end of it, and I can’t really point out any critical mistakes either of us made. My constant priority made the game very difficult, but Aaron’s masterful use of the terrain to maximize his numbers while minimizing mine was great. When my force broke, I thought it was over, but the tear of kills I achieved that turn made the difference. In the end, it was really anyone’s game, and I can’t say I won from anything other than luck of the dice.

After two rounds, I was undefeated and Frank Brown had achieved two major victories, but only two bonus points, so with 3 points between us, I figured we’d be paired for the next battle. But instead it was…
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Postby ChrisLS » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:21 pm

Round 3 – Domination (modified)

Opponent: John Hess
Army: Easterlings with Black Guard

Amdur, Lord of Blades

8 Easterling Warriors with shields
4 Easterling Warriors with shields and spears
6 Easterling Warriors with bows

Captain of the Black Guard
4 Black Guard of Barad-dur
10 Orcs with spears

Wild Warg Chieftain
5 Wild Wargs

Nazgûl (1/7/1)

Models: 41
Bows: 6/18
Might: 8

Table: River Bed

I’ve met John before at the Gathering, but never played him. He’s been playing LOTR for about a year in the Chicago area, and is already a very good player. His list was a mixture of models, but it had all of the elements mine had – speed, strength, and defense. He just had fewer models.

The scenario was similar in most ways to Domination, but instead of four pieces of terrain, there are three objective markers, and whoever has the most models within 3” of them captures them. All objectives: Major. Two objectives: Minor. Anything else: Draw. The placement of the objectives was very interesting. One was on the bridge crossing a chasm, another in the riverbed, and a final one on one side of the river. When I won the right to deploy, I chose to go onto the side with the objective.

Deployment was pretty standard. My cavalry went right, my Morannons went left with the Nazgûl, and everyone else went up the middle. Being on the high ground, I was able to see tons of stuff with my archers, so I kept them in the middle. John mirrored my deployment, with the wargs on my right and the Black Guard captain on my left. Amdur, his Nazgûl, and the bulk of his warriors went up the middle.

I started off with trying to shoot down his wargs, and this worked very well. As my cavalry moved towards the right objective, I shot and killed three of his wargs. His archers were shooting for my cavalry, but between their low numbers and my D6 and 5, his shots were doing nothing.

John lined his forces up along the riverbed as I advanced, and his infantry started to wade in. His wargs wavered, but finally started across the river as well. I promptly shoot down one of them, and then manage to charge his Wild Warg Chieftain with my captain and Kataphract, surrounding and then killing him. I’ve got the right objective wrapped up.

The left side looks like a Mexican stand off. John lines up on one side of the bridge, his two Black Guard holding it and his captain hanging a little back. I then Compel one of his Black Guard forward and charge it with my Morannon captain and two warriors.

At this point, John isn’t sure why I can do this. He’s always played that once you’ve entered a model’s control zone, you must move immediately into contact with the model, not swing around him. We research the rule, and note that it says you must end your move in contact with the model whose control zone you entered, but nothing about having to follow the shortest path into contact.

One Heroic Combat later, I’ve slingshotted into his second Black Guard and tear him apart, too. I still have to deal with John’s Black Guard captain, but things are looking good for me on the left. On to the center.

In the same turn I wrap around his Black Guard on the bridge, I am also wrapping around the Black Guard holding his right flank. I am also thrusting into John’s line, breaking it up into smaller pieces while staying clear of Amdur. Again I am winning all of the priority rolls I need and controlling the action. John is also massively readjusting his paradigm of how to play LOTR with the wrap around as a possibility. I start grinding down his forces in the middle, surround those I can, holding off by shielding superior forces.

In the mean time, my wraith keeps Transfixing John’s captain, and my Morannons are chewing up the remaining troops on the left. I’m even managing to shoot a few down. After a few turns, I’ve managed to destroy his entire right flank and secure the second objective. The Nazgûl starts heading back towards the center, where I’ve been whittling John down, but not taking him out.

I’ve broken his force, but the heroes are keeping the army together. After the first turn, the game continues, but it’s getting tight on time. He manages to surround the objective, but I throw the last two will on the Nazgûl into a Compel to push one orc back out of the way and drive through the gap like a Mac truck. We call the game when I’ve outnumbered him over 2-to-1 around the objective and he’s down to about a quarter of his starting force.

Result: Major Win – 59 BPs total

The flank battles really decided this game. By shooting down the wargs and isolating the chieftain, I managed to eliminate his mobility from the game and free up my own, even if only as a threat. The Heroic Combat on the left was critical, taking out both of his supporting Black Guard and allowing me to have my way with his Black Guard captain (ewww…). The center was less critical, with my superior numbers proving difficult to overcome. John admitted that this army was trying to be too many things, and that he didn’t realize just how badly the drop in numbers from his earlier armies would hurt him. He also said he just wanted to try out some models he hadn’t played, which was fun, but proving not as successful as he’d hoped.

I had a sneaking suspicion I’d be facing Frank in the next round, and after doing the math, it was pretty much guaranteed – we were the only two undefeated players in the tournament.
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Postby ChrisLS » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:21 pm

Round 4 – Seize the Artifact

Opponent: Frank Brown
Army: Barad-Dur

Shadowlord on Fell Beast

Black Guard Captain

8 Black Guard
8 Morannon Orcs
5 Morannon Orcs with spears
10 Orc Warriors with spears
10 Orc Trackers
5 Orc Trackers on wargs

Models: 48
Bows: 15/46
Might: 4

Table: The Shire

Ah, yes, not only was I playing Frank Brown this round, but in the exact same scenario we’ve played each other both times we’ve played. There was one minor change – well, pretty major, but a small change. Might could not be used to pick up the artifact. Well, this would be interesting. Our numbers were almost identical, but Frank had the edge in strength and a lot of F4. His Shadowlord was a dual threat – he severely limited the effectiveness of my shooting, and since he was on a Fell Beast, he could take off with the artifact once it was dug up.

I won the roll to choose sides, and chose the side that had walls positioned in such a way that they could provide a defensive barrier in case of loss of the artifact. It also mean the side I’d be moving towards was fairly clear. We both deployed in fairly typical fashion, with some of my warriors on the left side as an escort force, mirrored by some of his, along with all of my archers on the right, mirrored by his trackers. Infantry in the middle, cavalry on the flanks, as Frank said, we’ve got this opening down to a chess-style set piece.

First turn was utterly predictable, we both moved our cav forward, then backed it up with the infantry. What did make things interesting was the presence of the wraiths. Frank brought the Fell Beast up directly behind the cavalry, while my wraith was back in the infantry. Frank won priority, and I chose not to contest it. I could do a lot of things, and I was hoping for a Heroic Combat. Well, Frank killed that when he Transfixed my mounted captain. Or did he?

I Compelled one of the trackers on wargs forward, then jumped it with my own Morannon Orc captain plus Kataphracts and every infantry model I could fit on it. The tracker and warg went down like a sack of potatoes, and I rush up to take on the line. My mounted models make it behind the line, hopefully slowing down his infantry. I take down another tracker, but the wargs are making courage checks like crazy, despite the Harbinger rule. By the end of the turn, I’m thinking I might be able to get the artifact if I get lucky.

I win priority – luck is looking good! Frank calls a Heroic move, which I counter. I use my Morannon Orc captain, and he uses his Black Guard. I manage to win the roll off, and eliminate Frank’s Heroic, then proceed to whiff three Courage checks to charge the Fell Beast, including the Kataphract behind his lines. I do throw a two die Sap Will at the Shadowlord, roll a 3, and then bump it up with two might. He throws four dice and easily shrugs it off. Oh, well, figured that my wraith wasn’t long for this world anyway. Sure enough, when Frank’s turn comes he Saps my own will, and I completely whiff my own one die resist roll (only had two Will remaining). I have cost him five Will, though. The wraith then flies off to kill two Easterling warriors on the hill.

The center turns into a massive scrum around the artifact centered on our two Orc captains. Neither of us can hurt the other, but we’re not getting the other too far away, either. In the mean time, my mounted captain is brutalizing his orcs, and I’m keeping a Kataphract in reserve to take a hand-off if it comes. Frank is leaving the artifact in the ground, since he hasn’t actually isolated the item from my grabbing mitts. In the mean time, I’m managing to continue winning priority (notice a theme, here?) and tie up his wraith in combat. I’m not hurting him but I am costing him Will and preventing him from casting.

My left flank is buckling with the attention of the wraith and a bunch of S4 orcs. I swing my archers up, hoping to create a blocking force and perhaps turn his flank. Neither of us are able to isolate the artifact, and I can’t seem to win any fights on the artifact, either. I’m also losing troops at an alarming rate. Frank is holding me off really well, but can’t stop my flow of troops into the area of the artifact.

I finally lose priority, and Frank pulls his Fell Beast back behind his lines, Transfixing my captain while he’s at it. I manage to finally win a fight on the artifact, but fail to dig it up. I’ve brought my archers up into his trackers, and I’m starting to drop them as well, but they’re giving as good as they get.

Time is running out. With about a half hour remaining, Frank finally manages to break my force. My captain manages to hold my force together, but he’s my last mounted model, and I manage to totally whiff a bunch of my other Courage tests. I know I can’t win now, so I play for the draw. I pulled a tight circle around the artifact and prepare for the onslaught.

Frank flies the Fell Beast over my line, Transfixing my captain yet again. He knocks the captain and his horse to the ground, and blows his last will to put two wounds onto me. I give a quick prayer, roll for Fate, and… YES! Though on the ground, the captain is still alive. The next turn, I lose priority, but call a Heroic Move to prevent Frank from charging him while down, and the wraith is now out of Might to contest. I get another model into the wraith, dropping him to his last point of Will. The circle around the artifact manages to hold. Frank piles onto my captain, and forces me to use my last Might to win the fight and avoid risking death.

With six minutes left in the game, Frank wins priority. He pulls the wraith back behind his lines, charges my captain and a few other key models, then sets back to let Harbinger of Evil do it’s work. Or so the plan goes. I go on a absolute tear, passing almost every one of my Courage tests, sending the models into strategic combats or just holding them off to keep them alive for another turn. One archer passes his test, then decides, “What the heck!” and looses an arrow at the Shadowlord. 6, a hit! Roll for who is hit: 6! Can I wound him? 6, then… ANOTHER 6! Frank rolls for Fate, and throws a 1 followed by a 2. YES!!! I killed the Shadowlord with a single arrow! OK, with less than two minutes to go, it didn’t matter at all, but it still felt REALLY good.

With my captain still on the board, his Fell Beast dead, and less than a minute left on the clock we called the game. The artifact never left the ground.

Result: Draw – 69 BPs total

What a fight. This was an absolutely intense combat, with both of us completely aware of what the stakes were and just how critical each move could be. I couldn’t allow him to pick up the artifact and hand it to his Fell Beast, and he couldn’t allow me to pick it up and hand it off to a Kataphract or my mounted captain and take off to the races while his wraith was tied up on my left. All in all, I can’t see any real mistakes either of us made. We responded to the dice rolls about as well as we possibly could. Frank played it a little conservatively, but since he’d lost his more aggressive gambles against me in the last two games, we both felt that was the right move for him to make. From a meta-game perspective, it also made sense. With a draw, we were both in the running for Best Overall and Best General. If one of us defeated the other, the loser stood good chance of being knocked out of the running. It was better for both of us to play conservatively and count on the next game to decide things rather than play recklessly to knock the other one out, but also risk being the one knocked out.
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Postby ChrisLS » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:22 pm

Round 5 – Red Horn Pass
Meeting Engagement

Opponent: Tim Kulinski
Army: Spiders and Goblins

Spider Queen

10 Giant Spiders
2 Bat Swarms

Goblin Captain with shield
10 Goblins with bows
11 Goblins with shields
10 Goblins with shields and spears

Models: 48
Bows: 10/31
Might: 4

Table: Mordor

Wow, what a match up. I’ve now played in Tim’s tournament in Arizona twice, and stayed at his house once. However, I’ve never played him, and I was looking forward to it. The table was amazing, and he had the army to play on it – terrain loving spiders and auto-jumping goblins. Looking at the terrain, I figured I could try to use the terrain to section up his force and kill a part through the application of my entire army. I chose my side with that in mind, figuring Tim would deploy into the lava delta on his left side.

Instead, he castled his goblins onto the hill in the corner, but deployed his spiders and bats into the delta. Odd, and it actually played into my hands – with his infantry in the “castle”, which I couldn’t hope to assault successfully, I could actually focus on the spiders and take them out.

I started my advance, and began to pepper Tim’s 10 goblin archers with volley fire. I figured once I had killed one, I could avoid his own volley fire and later close in to sweep the heights with arrows while staying out of his 18” range. The spiders were coming quick, though, with the queen staying out of sight. I advanced my line more, and we were doing a back and forth dance, each teasing the other force to try to draw an attack on our terms.

I finally managed to kill a goblin after some four turns of fire, and started shooting at spiders instead. This seemed to be the cue for Tim to attack. He flew in his bat swarms and brought in a spider, while moving up more. I took the assault, losing a warrior in the process, but the next turn plunged into the bats, piling on with each getting a captain with help. I managed to take them both down in one turn. Sweet!

I launched my assault on the spiders, but dang are those things nasty. I kept bouncing off with casualties, but slowly started to force my way into the middle of the board. Tim used the terrain brilliantly, choking my passages, defending the high ground, and otherwise making life very difficult for me. He brought the queen in, dumping all of her broodlings across the river, and then Heroic Combatted me into losing three models. Damn, I’m getting hurt!

But it’s only from half his army. The goblins are spectators sitting in their stone bleachers some two feet away from the action. As I slowly managed to surround and kill his spiders, Tim left the goblins in their fort. With a little over a half hour to play, I’d managed to finish off Tim’s spiders, including the queen through Transfix, heroic combats, and some really lucky jumps over lava. Tim was ten models from breaking, but I was starting to really whittle him down with the archery.

But I was also getting hurt. I was about six models from breaking, and Tim did have a chance. He brought his goblins down from the heights, partly to try to break me and partly out of straight up great sportsmanship, and brought them to bear against my line, leaping a chasm to do it. While the archers continued to shoot Tim’s archers, I brought the rest of my force into the combat. I also brought the wraith forward, putting most of the Gobbos within his Harbinger distance. I was able to quickly reduce his numbers to breaking, and between the lack of goblin courage and the Harbinger rule, his force evaporated the next turn.

Result: Major Win – 89 BPs total

Dang, those spiders are rough. With 10” movement that ignores terrain, you can seriously get them around. On the other hand, D3 makes them very fragile. But more importantly, Tim came close to beating me with half of his army. What would have happened if the other half of the army showed up? I think that was his critical mistake – don’t separate your force too much, even if you do have a beautiful fortress in an inaccessible area of the field.
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Postby Smeagol » Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:57 am

ChrisLS wrote:Round 1 – The Foothills of Khazad Dum
Modified Ill Met By Moonlight

I was also pretty puzzled with his choice to put his best combat heroes, Elladan and Elrohir, back in the rear. He’d have been better off putting them up front and rushing my troops in an effort to kill them off with their vastly superior combat skills before I could adequately bring my numbers to bear.

Assuming the deployment rules were the same as LOME he couldn't put the twins in the center. Only one hero is allowed in the center.
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Postby ChrisLS » Tue Sep 21, 2010 3:14 am

I was afraid I'd cheated in putting two heroes up front (though I certainly paid for it), but nope, no such rule was in place. He could have put the twins right up next to Rumil and gone to town.
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Postby BrentS » Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:29 am

I enjoyed reading all your battle reports. I'm looking forward ot seeing the pictures.

Congrats on the top finish.
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Postby ChrisLS » Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:57 am

Thanks, Brent! I'm busy this evening, but maybe late this week I can get them up.
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