Faramir's Rangers agaisnt the forces of Dol Guldor

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Faramir's Rangers agaisnt the forces of Dol Guldor

Postby Smeagol » Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:38 pm

Steve and I met on the gaming table which pitted my Rangers of Gondor against his Black Guard, Spider Queen, a Mordor Troll, The Dark Marshal and a few orcs and giant spiders. The scenario was Ill Met by Moonlight.

Madril deployed forward with the 28 rangers under his command (no bows, 1/2 with spears) out fo the darkness came a half dozen Black Guard, another half dozen orcs and The Dark Marshal. Initiative went to the Rangers who fell back onto their reserves led by Faramir and Damrod. By withdrawing to the left and right of my lines and sending just a few models straight back up and onto the hill with Madril, I drew Steve into a quandry and he chose (wisely) to send his entire force against one flank instead of trying to pursue both or getting sucked into the center (and subsequently outflanked on both sides). His few archers managed to drop two of my rangers.

The next turn saw Gondor getting the initiative again and again the Gondorians fell back to either side while the models on the hill stepped just out of charge range. Faramir and a few bow armed rangers continued to move forward on the left, while Damrod and the rest crawled forward in anticipation of the Black Guard stepping into view. Unfortunately I made a mistake in my movement and I left some ragners in charge range of the Troll. Well nothing for it but to fight it out. Steve moved the Dark Marshal forward and cast a spell (rolling a 1) which failed. Then moved to be in banner effect range for the Troll.

Damrod and his rangers opened up on the Black Guard and they managed to kill off the two blocking clear LOS to The Dark Marshal. Two more arrows produced a wound on The Dark Marshal which rolled a 1 for his first Fate roll, and then a three for his second. A Might point sorted that out. Madril aimed his bow and his the Dark Marshal form the hill. I rolled a 3 to wound, but with the Ill Met by Moonlinght I got a +1 making it a four, I spend two Might points to make it a 6 and then rolled the second die (needing a 2) and I got a 3. The Dark Marshal was felled by the might of Gondorian arrows. Without the wraith the troll lost his combat and took a wound.

The game was never really tight from my perspective from that point on. The Spider Queen and her court caught up to the front lines, but I was already attacking in the center and on my left, while I pulled a delaying action on my right. I broke Steve's army and only the timely interventiuon of the Spider Queen kept his center alive, while his right flank (my left) was totally destroyed or fled.

I managed to engage (and trap) the troll with Madril, Damrod and Faramir, but Madril was pulled off by a giant spider. The troll lost the combat and Faramir cut him down. The Spider Queen was trapped the next turn and lost the combat. I had twelve dice to roll to wound and ten of them wounded.

Steve capitulated the game with only three giant spiders and one orc left on the field. Of my 57 models I had lost about 15. Not bad for a bunch of Defense 4 troops with secondary heroes. The rangers are one of my pet projects I've never finished, but am thinking of finishing in time for Adepticon 2011.
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