Gary's GitD Report

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Gary's GitD Report

Postby Gartl » Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:26 pm

Well it has been awhile, but I have finally found time to write my battle reports for GitD. First, let me say, as many others have, that this was a fantastic event. I really enjoyed the camaraderie, the skill of my opponents, and the great lunches. Kudos to Tim for running such a great event!

I brought a very basic list to the tournament, one with no named heroes or elites. I was hesitant to bring it, but Tim suggested that I do as he claimed I played it better than my other forces.

1 x Captain of Minas Tirith w/ horse, lance, and shield
1 x Captain of Minas Tirith w/ shield
11 x Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ shield
11 x Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ spear and shield
15 x Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ bow
1 x Warrior of Minas Tirith w/ banner
1 x Warrior of Minas Tirith w/ horn
5 x Knights of Minas Tirith w/ shield
1 x Knight of Minas Tirith w/ banner

For the first battle, Storm the Camp, I faced Tom Opalka and his Isengard force.
Sharku on Warg
Dunlending Chiefton
16 x Uruk-Hai Scouts w/ shields
6 x Feral Uruk-Hai
5 x Warg Riders w/ shield
4 x Warg Rider w/ spear & shield
4 x Dunlending Warriors w/ shield
4 x Dunlending Warriors w/ bow
4 x Dunlending Warriors

We squared off on the Rohan table, which was loaded with terrain, and rolled for corner. Tom won the roll and wisely chose the corner with the hill. This allowed him unimpeded access to the bridge. This meant he could get to the bridge 1-2 turns before I could reach it and we would be fighting on my side of the board. In my corner were two woods on either side of a road that made moving towards the center difficult as it formed a tight bottleneck. Since we would be fighting on my side of the board in any case, I decided to put my archers in the woods, have my cav hold the road, and sent my infantry to my right. Tom moved his infantry straight towards the bridge and ran his cav with Sharku around the woods to the ford. I expected him to have his cav wait for his infantry, but he rushed straight into my cav, already having taken several casualties from my archers. I shifted most of my infantry back to support my archers, but sent six in a wide swing around my right. My cav and infantry managed to kill his warg riders, but his infantry had now reached my lines and the fighting was fierce. My six infantry sent to capture his camp were going to have to make it past a feral Urik, a scout, a Dunlending warrior, five Dunlending archers, and Vrasku. They managed to take down the warriors, but I lost three to shooting before reaching his archers. By this point he had been broken and two of his archers decided to flee. Another warrior went down to Vrasku, but on the following turn Vrasku failed his morale check and fled. A turn later the last Dunlending archer fled allowing my two Warriors to enter his camp.

Result: Major Victory

Tom was a fantastic opponent. He was a great sport, had a well themed army, and was a capable opponent. I think his one major error was sending in his Wargs by themselves. However, he did almost break through with a couple which would have given him the game, so maybe it was a worthwhile gamble.

My second game, Domination, was against Aaron Hunt’s Gondorians. Apparently it was time for a civil war.

Faramir w/ heavy armor & bow
1 x Warrior of Minas Tirith w/ horn
3 x Knights of Minas Tirith w/ shield
6 x Rangers of Gondor w/ spear, bow, and armor
10 x Rangers of Gondor w/ bow and armor
13 x Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ spear and shield
18 x Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ shield

Well here I was outnumbered and facing two named heroes. To make matters worse, this board also had a river splitting it in half diagonally. We agreed to consider the river difficult ground and rolled for corners. I lost the roll so ended up setting up a large portion of my force in woods. My cav would have to get across the river and Aaron had some decent shooting. I moved my archers to the second objective on my side of the river while Aaron moved his troops to the woods directly across the river from my archers. I held my cav back to threaten anything he decided to cross the bridge with while the my infantry split, half going to capture an objective in the woods to the left of my deployment zone, and the other half moving to face his force in the woods. Aaron sent seven rangers and some warriors to stop my force crossing the river while his main force waited in the woods while his rangers and my archers traded shoots. Aaron started to move some infantry across the bridge so I charged my mounted captain unto the bridge to hold them (I could only fit one mounted model). I moved my infantry into the river across from Aaron’s main force in the woods in the hopes he would come out to meet me. He outnumbered me, but I had been moving my archers forward enough so that if he did charge me I could have the archers in the fight within two turns. Aaron did charge and the river became filled with blood. My captain on foot and warriors could do nothing, but my archers, once they charged in cut down the enemy like wheat before the scythe. This was a nice change from their near-useless shooting. In the far woods my warriors were outnumbered and starting to take heavy loses. On the bridge my captain managed to halt the enemy, but then Faramir used a heroic action to charge him. Faramir with a warrior and spear support won the combat, but failed to wound my captain. At this point Faramir was out of might so when I won initiative my captain charged back in. My captain won the combat and ran his lance through Faramir’s chest. Aarons force broke and on the next turn several of his troops fled. At the end of the first turn to see if the game ended, Aaron rolled a 2 and the game was over.

Result: Draw

Aaron was a very good sport and I really enjoyed playing him. He made a couple strategic errors that I was able to take advantage of, and my luck against Faramir certainly helped. It took three cav to kill one warrior, but my archers were killing machines in hth. When the game ended Aaron was 2 models from 25% and I was 10 models from being broken. A very one sided fight, but Domination hates me. One more turn would have likely been a minor victory and two more turns a major.

Game three was against Kyle Toth in Bilbo’s Treasure. I had played Kyle for the Championship in March to Mount Doom the night before so I knew he was an excellent general. He also had three named characters, but at least he didn’t outnumber me!

Ellodan and Elrohir w/ heavy armor
12 x Elf Warrior w/ heavy armor and shield
11 x Elf Warrior w/ heavy armor, shield, and spear
2 x Elf Warrior w/ heavy armor, shield, spear, and bow
9 x Elf Warrior w/ heavy armor, spear, and bow

There were six objectives on the board and one would be the real treasure. I decided to not focus on the objective as it was simply bonus points. I would focus on winning the battle. I sent my cav to check one objective while my infantry checked one they would march past. As it turned out, Kyle and I turned over five or the six and hadn’t found it so we both knew where it was. The real treasure was located on a bluff neat the center of the board adjacent to a wood. I hoped the Kyle would commit a lot to getting the treasure as the fewer elves I had to face the better. I moved my cav around his rear which forced him to keep a force from allowing me to attack the rear of his main army. He put two elves in base with the treasure which I promptly killed with archers. The next turn he was able to get the treasure and start moving it to the side of the board. I managed to kill another bearer with an arrow while one of the twins and a couple warriors guarded his retreat. Kyle managed to get the treasure off the board, but his efforts allowed me to swarm the twin and kill him. Fighting was fierce all over the center of the hill as my cav charged in and fought Erestor and his guard, while our main forces fought it out at the top of the hill. The remaining twin moved towards the archer that killed his brother, who promptly ran away. Both armies were broke at this point and the cowardly archer wisely fled the table to avoid the twins wrath. Soon the elves were at 25% and the game ended.

Result: Minor Victory

Kyle is an excellent opponent and I think he would have had an excellent chance at winning if he hadn’t focused so much on the prize. Perhaps he underestimated me or my army thinking he could get the prize and defeat me without his full force.

Game 4 was against Kyle’s partner in crime, Tim Cornstubble. They play as a team at Adepticon and I think they are a team to be respected. Again I got to fight another Gondorian army and this time in Contest of Champions. I expected this to be my worst scenario as I only had a generic captain and Tim had Gimli!

Damrod w/ sword, armor, and bow
Faramir w/ heavy armor
6 x Osgilioth Veterans w/shield
6 x Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ shield
14 x Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ shield and spear
11 x Rangers of Gondor
6 x Guard of the Fountain Court
1x Warrior of Minas Tirith w/ banner

I was lucky with table assignment as there was a large piece of difficult ground in the center of the board. The game began with me sitting back trading volley fire with Tim’s Rangers. My strategy was to simply not give Gimli any models to kill. This would be tough as it would present few opportunities for my captain to kill anything unless Tim made an error. Tim moved his infantry forward and spilt to move around both sides of the difficult terrain. I moved my forces to face his troops that didn’t have Gimli. Meanwhile, my archers reduced his rangers to less than ten so he could longer volley fire. At this point I expected Tim to move his Rangers forward, but he did not. This would prove to be his undoing. My archers started to direct fire into Tim’s troops so Tim had Gimli and his entourage swing to the other side of the rough terrain. I simply reversed and went back the other direction, but left two archers alone on my far right. Tim saw what I was doing and continued moving to my right with all of his army (less the Rangers) to cut off and kill the two archers. I knew Tim would shield against the archers until Gimli got there, so I intended in running them in Faramir who didn’t have a shield. Unfortunately, Tim is too good of a player to allow me to get away with that and kept models in front of Faramir. While Tim is chasing down my two archers, I send my whole army, less my archers who are direct firing and retreating, to attack Tim’s Rangers. By the time the game ends Tim has killed the two archers while my Captain killed eight Rangers and Damrod.

Result: Major Victory

I did not expect a win in this scenario, but terrain and a strategic error on Tim’s part allowed it. Tim was not happy with the way I played the game, maneuvering away from him, but he understood why I did it. Tim was an excellent opponent and I know any game against him is going to be rough.

Game 5 was on table one against Tom Keegan. Tom had been saying all weekend how poor of a player he was, but I never bought it. Anyone that says that can’t be trusted  Tom had what I considered one of the toughest armies at the tournament, but that really wouldn’t have bothered me in many scenarios, but we were playing Seize the Prize, where you have to get off the opponents table edge. This meant I could very well end up playing to his strengths.

Mahud King
Haradrim Taskmaster
13 x Mahud Warriors
20 x Haradrim Warriors w/ spear
4 x Abrakhan Merchant Guard
10 x Haradrim Raider w/ war spear and bow
2 x Half Troll

Tom and I played on the table with the broken wall running across it vertically. When I looked at the table I realized that one side was much better than the other. The wall went all the way to the corner on one side meaning you could easily block the three small openings in the wall on that side. On the other side the wall ended six inches from the table edge leaving a nice large gap that would require a good number of troops to defend. That side also had three gaps in the wall as well, so it would be a far worse side to get, unless you got the prize first. Then there was the second problem. Whoever set up the table placed the prize in the direct middle of the board. This would normally be fine, but with the wall set up the way it was, it placed the prize in a corner by one side of the gate. This meant that whoever got the more easily protected side would also reach the prize one turn earlier than his opponent. Tom and I rolled off for sides and, of course, he won the roll. As he walked to the better side of the table to have a look (he had been standing on the other side) I was praying he was not a good enough player to notice this inequity in the table set-up. But he his a good player and did and chose the better side. I was now playing for a draw. Tom would get to the prize before me and I would have to stop him from getting off the table, which meant I would be playing directly to his strength, hth. Tom got to the prize and dug it up on the first try (every time I have played this scenario my opponent as dug the prize up on the FIRST turn. I hate this scenario). I split my army into three parts; one to hold the gap; one to stop him if he came through the holes in the wall; and one to come up behind his force if he tried to go through the holes in the wall. Tom then began his march towards my side. He went for the gap as expected, but I was able to stop him there. Unfortunately, he sent two Mahud Warriors and two Haradrim to delay me third force that was to come up behind him if he went through the wall. Unfortunately for me, this was not a delay force, but a Delta force. I killed one of the Haradrim with an arrow and then sent ten warriors to surround the Mahud. In the first round five Gondorians fought one Mahud, while three fought the other. The final two fought the other Haradrim. I managed to kill the Haradrim, but both Mahud rolled 6’s and killed a warrior. This continued for four turns. Four turns in a row Tim rolled 6’s for both Mahud and both killed a warrior every turn. With my relieve force destroyed by two stinking Mahud, and his attack through the gap stopped, Tim swung through the wall and slaughtered the badly outnumbered troops there. In short order Tim was off the board and I was two models from breaking him.

Result: Major Loss

Tim is just a fantastic opponent. He is a pleasure to play as he is a great sport (he even bought me Gobstoppers before the game ) and has a great looking army. Tim made no errors that I could take advantage of and his switch from attacking the gap to swinging through the wall was masterfully done. The highlight for me was killing both half trolls on my first cav charge against them. The low point was Tim rolling sixes four turns in a row for both Mahud. I look forward to seeing him on the battle field some time in the future. After all, revenge is a dish best served cold…

All-in-all it was my most enjoyable tournament ever. That is saying a lot considering how much I enjoyed Adepticon. The opponents were top notch, the tables amazing, and Tim a fantastic organizer. I do wish I could have played Brent, Frank, Jeremy, Chris, Keith, or Matt, but maybe next time. I am also pleased with how my basic Gondorian army performed. It says a lot about this excellent game that an army that is seven years old is still competitive. Until next year (when maybe Tim will actually have the nerve to play me).
It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. - Boromir FOTR
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Postby Smeagol » Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:08 pm

Nice report. You are very good with those damnable Gondorians. :)
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Postby Gartl » Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:18 pm

You are the one that suggested I bring them. Thanks for that and all the play testing :-)
It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. - Boromir FOTR
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Postby BostonNazgul » Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:38 pm

good read! sorry bout the table, it sure made a good looking battle though right!
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Postby BrentS » Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:06 am

Good reports Gary. You had to face several very good generals throughout the event. Someday, we'll get a chance to play one on one!!

By the way, halfway through your final report you started calling "Tom" by the wrong name "Tim". I started to get confused for a minute :wink:
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Postby Gartl » Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:52 pm

Yeah, I played a Tom and a Tim and got confused myself. The last game was against TOM KEEGAN who was an excellent opponent. Of course Tim was as well. Now I am confused again :-(
It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. - Boromir FOTR
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