The woses soundly thrash Barad-dûr

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The woses soundly thrash Barad-dûr

Postby Smeagol » Sat Oct 17, 2009 4:58 pm

Well they did take a beating in the process. Steve and I had a chance to play a 750 point game last night and he was sporting his new Barad-dûr force which sported The Dark Marshal, two orc captains, an Easterling Captain, a bunch of orcs and a war catapult. I upgraded my Woses force to 750 points. It consisted of Ghan-buri-ghan, 69 Warriors of the Druadan, a Captain of Rohan with a bow and Gandalf the grey.

The mission was domination and the field was littered with rock piles, an old bridge in the center, a low hill in one corner (objective), two wooded areas opposite (objective) and a rocky hill (objective). Steve won the roll off for table corners and choose the low hill which gave me a corner with a wooded area. The gave me two pieces of terrain I could use to my advantage very early on as my Woses pretty much disappear from sight in terrain and they can ignore woodland movement penalties.

The initial turns were predictable. I cast Blinding Light with Gandlaf and Steve was dismayed to find it affected war machines. So much for squishig Gandalf in one turn. Then came the next problem, Woses are hard to decimate with a catapult as you can't see anyone not in the front ranks thanks to their elven cloak ability. So as long as I kept my troops in cover (the two woodland areas) or within 6" of Gandalf it was really hard for Steve to target anything useful. I made a measuring mistake and Steve managed to get a catapult shot to one side of my force and I lost 5 woses in a single shot. My lines were already congested due to the deployment zone and my numbers, but the catapult and Gandalf's CBL meant I had to stay congested or risk getting pummeled.

Steve split his force into three parts. The catapult with a troll stayed on the hill, half of the warriors were escorted by the Dark Marshal and an orc captain, while the other half was lead by the Easterling Captain and the other orc captain. I choose to concentrate my force on my left flank and go after The Dark Marshal and ultimately take the hill. On my right I advanced into my objective woods and held position with Ghan leading a dozen woses. I sent a few woses out into the open as a scouting party to try and take my third objective. The catapult was ineffective as Steve couldn't roll a 6 to hit or he'd roll a 1 for drift. As I set up a deadly crossfire on my left Steve wisely choose to fall back with The Dark Marshal's force. The idea of facing 30+ blowpipes didn't seem appealing to him. In the process he tried to Sap Will on Gandalf, but I managed to resist with two will (one of them free). I then unwisely choose to Sorcerous Blast The Dark Marshal to get him away from my lines. I succeeded and I now had the wraith down to 4 Will, but I had just burned the last of my own Will which dropped CBL and Terrifying Aura.

Que the catapult which Steve gleefully threw his dice to pound Gandalf into the dirt, but both rolls came up misses. We closed to contact with The Dark Marshal pulling one of my woses out into charge range and I counter charged enough to punish the limited attack. The rest of my left flank moved into a firing line. On my right Steve's other flank (lead by Tai Shan, his Easterling Captain) was moved to catch my vanguard in the center in a pincher attack. I sent my reserves racing from my left to my right flank. In the meantime my few scouts and Ghan-buri-ghan's force sent a hail of poisoned blowdarts into that force. A couple of orcs dropped and the orc captain took a poisoned dart. The catapult got a shot in and knocked most of my center and the few orcs fighting there onto the ground. Gandalf was caught in the blast as well. I lost a half dozen woses, but Gandalf was unharmed.

The orcs charged in and the Troll closed in as well. The Troll was using the combats nearby to hide from my blowpipes, but Gandalf commanded the troll into a more open location. The catapult missed both times and my hail of poisoned darts failed to even scratch the troll. Combats were brutal and Steve learned that woses are deadly to orcs. The orcs got priority again and the troll closed into combat flanked by most of the orcs. The Dark Marshal moved closer, but since he was low on Will he choose not to try and take Gandalf down. I got Gandalf into position to make a Heroic Combat and slingshot into The Dark Marshal to get rid of him. Then came the rocks, the first one missed, but the second one hit, but a lucky drift put the rock right on top of the troll. Okay lucky is relative. The troll was smashed into bloody chunks of shrapnel by the rock. The burst diameter of the hit was a deadly 8" and knocked most of Steve's right flank and most of my center force onto the ground. Woses and orcs died in droves, but Gandalf was again miraculously unharmed.

Evil got Priority and I had to call a Heroic Move with Gandalf which Steve countered, but I won the dice off. I couldn't get into combat with wraith with Gandalf, but I did manage to trap most everyone else. I even managed to get a woses to charge the wraith (not an easy task). Steve in return moved his left flank against my center (which had withdrawn from charge range) and largely ignored Ghan's force in the treeline. My reserves were now arriving and I set them up in a skirmish cloud to minimize any catapult fire. I also launched Ghan's force from the woods and maneuvered against Steve's left flank. Four orcs and two woses traded arrows and darts on the rocky hill objective, darts again assailed Tai Shan, but his meat shield of orcs blocked or took the hits for him. The catapult again launched rocks and this time it landed on top of Gandalf. This made a mess of the combats again and slaughtered woses left and right. Orcs were also chopped down by debris. The Dark Marshal was knocked off his feet, but he managed to avoid being killed by the successful use of Fate. His opponent woses warrior was not killed so by a freak chance he was still engaged so he still lost a point of Will. Gandalf, however was again unharmed as Steve managed to roll another 2 when trying to wound him.

Good got Priority this time and Gandalf again called a Heroic Move to counter The Dark Marshal's Heroic Move. Both forces are close to breaking at this point. Gandalf got his force onto their feet and charged into the prone force of Evil. I was forced to put in the last of my reserves and left just skeleton forces to hold my two objectives. Ghan moved his force into Tai Shan's force. At this point I made a foolish mistake. i forgot I had Priority so I placed Ghan in position to make a Heroic Move the next turn, but Steve threw both of his captains supported by spears into him. Shooting was uneventful as the catapult was having targetting issues (thankfully). Ghan lost combat and had to expend his three might to just tie. He was dead if he lost combat so there was no need to be conservative now. I lost the dice roll and Ghan was cut down. I'm now missing one of my three heroes and Steve's left flank is still strong enough to break through my right as I don't have a hero over there.

The damage done was enough to break both of our forces. I got Priority and my Captain of Rohan managed to hold the majority of my right flank together as they charged into the orcs. Gandalf did the same on the right which also allowed me to get into combat with the wraith with him (finally). I did lose woses on my three objectives, but not enough to lose any of them. The orc catapult lost a crewman and a couple of orcs fled the field as well. The rocky hill is now being fought over by three orcs and two woses. The catapult found it's mark again and blasted Gandalf and the wraith again. Of course this meant orcs and woses were also smashed. The wraith was unharmed this time, woses were cut down and all but one orc fell to the impacts. Gandalf was knocked to the ground, but again unharmed as Steve again couldn't manage to roll higher than a 2 to wound him. Another Will for the wraith (Gandalf was still engaged as he wasn't killed) so the wraith's dangerously low on Will. Tai shan and his orc captain side kick cut a swath through my woses on my right and while I was able to shish-kabob a couple of orcs, I lost more woses.

Good got Priority and Gandalf managed to keep most of my left flank in the game. I had to send some woses back to my second objective, I launched a few others towards Steve's home objective while Gandalf went after the wraith. It was time to send him back to the shadows. The Captain of Rohan also kept her flank mostly together and I reengaged Tai Shan's force. I was particularly careful to make sure Tai Shan couldn't make a Heroic Combat through my lines to take my home objective from me. My other woses started to flee the battle, but enough stayed that I could still work for a Minor Win as long as the game didn't end just now (we were now at a draw condition). Luckily the orcs were also having courage problems. The catapult crew fled, but the troll stayed behind. The rocky hill was held by two orcs to my one woses warrior. Combat was bad for both sides. The trapped wraith was cut down by the spear supported Gandalf, but Tai Shan's flank bloodied the woses again.

The game didn't end and Evil got Priority. My left flank is now safe, but my right is in trouble. Tai Shan rolled for his courage and promptly failed and fled. The orc captain stood his ground and with some deft moves pierced my lines and contested my home objective. My Rohan captain was tied up and couldn't pursue. The troll again passed his courage check and picked up a rock to chuck at the nearest woses warrior. Gandalf had to stay back to keep woses on my second objective with his Stand Fast! Combat was short and one sided with the orcs mostly doing the dying, but we are still on a draw condition with Steve holding both home objectives and me tenuosly holding the other two. Steve's down to two models and I'm hovering just above a dozen. We roll for end game and ...

The game goes on. The Captain of Rohan uses a Heroic Move to jump the orc captain at the edge of the woods (my home objective) and I'm careful to make sure I own the objective. Gandalf keeps woses on my second objective and I get woses to the rocky hill. I can't quite reach Steve's home objective. Combat consists of just the orc captain who gets beaten, but I can't quite kill him. No matter I outnumber him on my home objective so I now have three objectives to Steve's one. Steve is still down to two models and I'm now down to twelve. The dice comes up a two and the game ends.

Minor Win for the Woses!

Losses for the woses consisted of sixteen dead to close combat (including Ghan), fifteen fled (failed courage tests) and twenty eight killed by the catapult. I had Gandalf (unharmed, but he was out of Might and Will) and my Captain of Rohan (no Might) and ten woses warriors.

Steve had one wounded orc captain and an unharmed catapult troll left on the field.

This was a tough fight with lots of death and mayhem inflicted by the catapult. I think my game plan was sound, but my two mistakes, using all of Gandalf's Will and forgetting I had Priority when I exposed Ghan, almost cost me the game. I need more practice with the woses, but at leeast they are showing signs of being a viable force in a Good vs. Evil engagement. I'm not so sure they're as good against another Good force.
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Postby BaronDeSade » Sat Oct 17, 2009 5:38 pm

Muwhahaha! That catapult rocks! Too bad for the troll, but that's just life in Mordor :twisted: . Thanks for the game and nice report!

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