Haradrim invasion of the 2009 Necro LOTR GT

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Haradrim invasion of the 2009 Necro LOTR GT

Postby Smeagol » Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:50 pm

The Necro is a long standing Indy GT and has slowly expanded from its original WHFB roots to cover WH40K, Blood Bowl and now LOTR. As the force types are posted on the website a couple of weeks before the tournament I had a good idea of what forces would be playing. I also have the advantage of knowing the model collection/preferences of a couple of the veterans I’ll be potentially facing. Lots of Gondorians, a couple of Harad (including myself), some dwarves, a far bit of Mordor and one Shire list.

Of the group the Shire list is the only one I was concerned about. I know how effective a horde force can be when played well, I know how dangerous Dunedain can be when used properly and Gandalf is about as ugly as you get for the side of good. Bundle that into one force and you have nightmare written all over it. So I start musing about how I could handle and possible defeat this force in combat. My ponderings ultimately lead me to the feeling that if I was facing them in a scenario where my opponent had to split up their force, then I could take it otherwise I'm going to lose.

I arrived on Friday night and got to meet many of the locals that I’ve only corresponded with online and to get reaquainted with a few I've known frm my WHFB tournament days. I spent much of Friday night watching the Blood Bowl competition unfold and chatting about LOTR with other enthusiasts. After the end of the Friday night activities I went off to bed to get some sleep.

Modified Seize the Prize
Eric Adams - Shire list (Gandalf, 6 dunedain, Farmer Maggot, his three hounds and 50 hobbits)

I wake up to find that I’m matched up against the hobbits in game one. Great! My heart sunk into my stomach as I knew I had almost no chance to defeat this force given the scenario. Normally I would have whooped for joy at the thought of a Seize the Prize scenario against hobbits, but since this scenario is modified so that I have to take the prize through the enemy’s lines, all my opponent has to do is sit and wait for me to come to him. This was further reinforced when my very capable opponent made the comment that all he had to do was destroy my force and he wins. Unfortunately this comment only managed to upset me since it meant he didn’t intend to fight the scenario and would just sit there and throw dice. I hate fighting lost causes and I really hate having it rubbed in my face. To his credit Eric didn’t mean to cause me any grief or insult, he was just thinking out loud, but the damage was done as he unintentionally put me into a sour mood before the game even began.

So now that I’ve got an insurmountable task I went about the task of thinking of ways to try an pull out a win. Eric’s hobbits deployed pretty much as I expected with Gandalf, the Dunedain and all of the hobbit archers in the center and the rest of the hobbits on either flank. He had a (defended obstacle) hill on his left flank that he deployed his left flank hobbits onto so as I look at the terrain I see that my best chance to get across the table with minimal losses is to move models to his left flank and skirt his center, but then I hit that hill. If I go to Eric’s right I have a ruin I can use for cover, but his center can reinforce much faster since he’s closer to that side with his initial deployment. In the end I opted to keep both options open and deployed pretty much to match his force. Our first few turns were pretty much as I expected. He moved his center forward 2” and used Gandalf’s Cast Blinding Light. I moved to match initially, we traded volley fire on the first turn and he killed three of my models with none inflicted by my side.

It was time to forget archery as a determining factor for me. The next turn Eric started to move his hobbits off the defendable hill and promptly failed a series of jump tests (gotta love short hobbits) which took three of them out of the fight with twisted ankles. He moved the hobbits towards his center; in fact he was pulling both of his flanks in towards his center. At this point I committed to feint to my left, push forwards to the center to grab the objective and then shift my entire force to the my right to force my way over the hill and to victory. This plan was not quite as mad as it sounds, but neither was it guaranteed to work. As I approached the center I sent my spearmen forward to grab the objective and used my archers to shoot up the hobbits on Eric’s left flank which removed a few more models. I shifted enough models to his right to make him think I was going to try and push through there. Hobbit arrows decimated everything within 3” of the objective, but at least I scored some kills on the hobbits holding Eric’s left. He reacted by pulling his lines in tighter towards Gandalf’s CBL radius.

Perfect, I have a chance if I can only keep him guessing for another couple of turns. I dashed another capture group to the objective, this time accompanied by a hero. I moved my other hero towards Eric’s left flank accompanying what warriors I can muster to squeeze through a choke point in the wooded terrain and then start shifting my other flank towards the middle to act as a blocking force when the sweep starts. Eric manages to punish the objective force, but my hero still digs up the artifact and shifts to exploit Eric’s weak left flank. Things start to collapse as Eric spots his peril. He realized that he’d opened up an escape route for my hero with the artifact and began to shift his interior lines back to his left. He also started to move hobbits back into position, but they move really slowly. As I start to sprint towards the open gap with my own force, his archers suddenly find themselves without viable Lines of Sight and thus have to start shifting and then scampering to reform a firing line. Unfortunately I get broken at this time and my heroes are nowhere near my forward elements which have actually managed to reach the hill I need to secure for a win. Almost all of my forward models flee, though I still have enough to make another push. Unfortunately for me Eric has also managed to reform his archers into another gun line and that leaves me with no option but to try and bleed his force in combat to buy myself some time. The combats go my way with hobbits packed into boxes for burial for a couple of turns and I even manage to get a Watcher into Gandalf to inflict a wound. I definitely out quality my opponent, but quantity has a quality all its own and I’m soon surrounded piecemeal and my hero with the artifact is shot dead.

The artifact is now lying on the table. I send in two warriors to go retrieve it while my last hero leads the attempt to push the hobbits back. Those two warriors get shot to pieces and while I do manage to push the hobbits back and even kill some hobbits I lose more of my own warriors in the process. At this point the game is effectively over. Farmer Maggot’s hounds get around what’s left of my line and one of them picks up the artifact. My last gasp at keeping my opponent at a draw is to eat up the clock. So I work on pulling warriors out of combat and to try and form up a defensive line to fight out a draw and to get an archer or two clear to shoot the dog. The Dunedain spoil that attempt by calling a series of Heroic Moves to tie up and trap my models. My warriors fight valiantly, but their efforts are futile. In the end I am defeated soundly when my last warrior is killed.

It was a crushing defeat and the stress of the game was in my voice and body language the whole game. I can honestly say that I hate playing against Hobbit forces, particularly when the scenario is written so they can just sit there and ignore the scenario objectives and still get a major win. Eric however was a gentleman and a very good player. He played his force well and I take a small measure of satisfaction in making him sweat out the few turns where it looked like I might break through to a win. Once it was a foregone conclusion that he had me beaten, he continued to play his game with the quiet confidence he had shown the entire game. His sportsmanship and composure during and after that game is very commendable.

With the result of my first game a Major Loss I am now starting my tournament from the cheap seats. This is not as bad as it sounds as you can still do quite well in the long run even with a loss as long as that loss occurs early in the tournament.

Justin Petrelli - High Elves (Gil-Galad & 43 High Elves)

My second round sees me facing the ringer army played by a very competent, but young player. Justin’s borrowed force is a collection of High Elves of the Last Alliance lead by Gil-Galad. Exactly the type of elves I dread seeing across from me. The scenario and my opponent’s lack of experience at the game worked to my advantage and I started working on how to maximize my opportunities and minimize the chances of Gil-Galad carving holes in my lines. I started during the objective terrain placement and made sure that three of the objectives were relatively close together and near the center. Since I outnumber my opponent by almost two to one (he has 44 models and I have 63) I could use this approach to push my entire force onto all three objectives and still engage the elves with a larger force. It has the disadvantage in that it allows the elves to do the same and their quality is much better than my quantity. Justin deployed into his nearest objective and then started moving towards the other three. I can see I’m in for a potentially bad fight as his force moves as a single block, until it comes to his archers. Instead of moving his archers up as part of his attack force to get into direct fire range and soften up my lines, he’s opted to Volley Fire instead.

I now have the advantage as I can now freely maneuver my own archers into defensive positions near the objectives and shoot up the advancing elven warriors without taking direct fire in return. My close combat watchers on my left moved to take the left most objective, a few spear men took the center objective accompanied by half of my archers which moved into position to shoot up the advancing elves . On my right I have a longer trek, but I also have Gil-Galad leading the force headed to that objective. So I opt to maneuver around the objective to avoid direct conflict until I’ve had a chance to shoot up the elves. I can afford to sit back out of charge range and pepper the elves to whittle down their numbers until they near break point and then I can bum rush the objective for a win.

So far the game is going my way as far as how Justin has chosen to fight his force. His archers continued to volley fire and his warriors walked right into my traps. One turn of direct fire from my own archers saw several elves drop dead. I manage an impressive string of 6s to wound and six warriors fall to arrows even Gil-Galad lost a Fate point to a poisoned arrow. Justin’s own volley fire fails to wound anything and he got the hint. His archer moved into direct fire distance, but he failed to clear all of his archers for LOS. He was still three models deep for his archers so his rear most archers can’t fire without endangering the archers in the front rank. His archery is accurate and deadly and I lost a few of my lead warriors to the archers he can get shots off with. This forces me to hunker down in the ruins on my left as I can’t afford to lose too many warriors from that force as they are supposed to push through to take Justin’s home objective as well. On my right Gil-galad and his warriors take the objective and wait for me to attack. On my left Justin sends in a small group of elves to kick me out of that objective. Both of our home objectives are secure with their respective owners. I refuse to oblige Gil-Galad in close combat and pulled my warriors just out of charge range. If the elf king wants me he has to come into the open where my archers will have better LOS for shooting. In the mean time I take shots at his warriors in the ruins and even with the In the Way rolls I drop a couple more warriors.

At this point I’m well on my way to breaking the elves as he’s lost ten warriors and I’ve lost only a few. Twelve more and he’s broken at which time I start the bum rush. The next turn sees the elves on my left attacking the ruins. He’s got six elves and I’ve got nearly three times that number left to counter. Gil-Galad also decided to start bleeding my force by moving forward, but instead of walking into my archery lanes he sends one force to secure the edges of the terrain pieces he holds and another group to hit me in the center, but not in direct LOS of my main archery contingent. I decided it was time to start pushing for his home objective as I’m close enough to breaking his force that I could accidently lose the game by being too cautious. Since I don’t have good archery targets I decide to push for the remaining objective on my right flank as well. Combat is joined.

Justin’s positions are good as he’s got spear supported elves in every fight and none are trapped, there are only a couple that are in bad matchups where I can get two supported models against one supported elf. He has been too cautious with Gil-Galad as my archers have gotten him to hide behind his warriors to avoid shooting and he was expecting me to engage him in close combat. Again I didn’t oblige and Gil-Galad found himself supporting a warrior instead of fighting. At this point Justin’s dice abandon him. He loses nearly every combat and I manage to roll a 6 to wound in almost all of them. The next turn is just as bad. This means I’ve broken Justin’s force two turns too early for a Major Win. As the dust settles Justin has 12 archers and four warriors near his home objective, he’s down to two warriors on my left and he’s down to Gil-Galad and a couple of warriors. My right becomes an occupying force and I decide I can afford the luxury of trying to kill Gil-Galad (a task I’ve never succeeded in) while I throw everything I have on the left into trying to reach and take Justin’s home objective. I then watch as several elves flee the table. Justin manages to roll an amazing number of 4s for Courage tests. I manage to get a couple of models into striking distance of his home objective, but if the game ends now it’s a minor win. I don’t manage to roll the prerequisite one or two so we continue. Gil-Galad is again surrounded by Watchers and supported by spears (though there were less this time than last) and I manage to get more models into Justin’s home objective. With his force disintegrating Justin threw his archers toward the defense of his home objective and managed to keep me outnumbered there. Combats are more equal this time, but I still manage to kill elves, though Gil-Galad still won his combat and dropped another couple Watchers of Karna.

Again the game continues. At this point it becomes a game of dog pile. I trap every elf that still contests an objective and throw enough models to get ten attacks against Gil-Galad (who still has two Might points left). I sweep the objective clean of elves and I even manage to win combat against Gil-Galad (The highest he rolled was a three). Twenty strikes hit that old elf, six of them roll 6s and then nothing higher than a 3 is rolled for those dice. Gil-Galad still stands, but he does so alone. The game comes to an end and I have managed a Major win. Justin played his force well for a player with less than six games under his belt and knew the rules very well. In the end numbers, experience and much better dice rolling made all the difference.

Modified High Ground
Jonas Skinner - Erebor (Dain, Captain, rangers, warriors, khazad guard, iron guard)

This scenario is modified so that any shooting onto or from the hill receives a -1 modifier in addition to the normal high wind knock down effect. No problem as far as I’m concerned since this is not a shooters scenario. High Ground is a scenario that I’m not too worried about. The biggest threat to my force is archery and the big hill in the center pretty much negates that. The trees and ruins that flanked either side of the hill also pretty much eliminate that threat. I moved in as a massive block of 63 models and other than a first turn Volley Fire barrage (no effect) I moved forward for the next couple of turns as does Jonas. Predictably I get to the hill first and as I’m crested the hill Jonas is just climbing the foot of the hill. I’ve even had time to prepare flanking forces to sweep his lines and hopefully knock him off the hill completely. Then the winds kick in and knocked every model on the hill down.

Dain declared a Heroic Move (as I have Priority) and so does Kushir (my generic captain), but Dain wins the roll off. So instead of decimating the dwarves on turn five and pretty much winning the game, Dain rallies his warriors and charged my front lines while they were on their backs. This sets the tone for the last few turns. It became a truly hard fought knife fight with my flankers trying hard to get around to his interior lines and dwarven warriors and heroes doing their darnedest to cut their way through my center. Turn ten sees the dust settle with Dain and a couple of warriors on the crest of the hill and the remnants of our two forces holding the rest. The Haradrim managed to hold the hill by only a few models and I come out with a minor win. This was truly the best game of the tournament with all the drama and hardships of a truly hard fought game. It could have been a blow out if I had won the Heroic Move dice off. Dain again proved to be a superman and I didn’t even manage to scratch him. Of course I was never in the position where I could throw ten warriors at him either.

That concluded day one and I was happy to learn that I was only four points behind Frank Brown and Chris Langland Shula, two of the best LOTR players I know. Of course now I’m headed into the scenarios where I do not do so well traditionally. My force is not built to win Contest of Champions easily and Meeting Engagement is typically a nasty one for me as well. Defense 3 and 4 is a problem in a pitched battle. Thankfully I have already faced Gil-Galad and Dain. It looks like the Troll Chieftain is behind me in points so I’m unlikely to face him. I’m also safe from Chris’ Gandalf and Frank’s Boromir. Before we go off to dinner the next day’s match up are posted and I learn that I am facing Treebeard in contest of Champions. What a way to start day two.

Contest of Champions
Brandon - Fanghorn and Lothlorien (Treebeard, Wood Elf Captain, Wood Elves)

I had spent part of the night awake thinking of strategies of how to deal with a wood elf list with Treebeard as their champion and nothing came to mind. The best stratagem I could come up with was to fight defensively and to do it from cover. If I exposed my hero to wood elf bowmen he would die and if I put him within 18” of Treebeard he was going to die. I could probably rack up a couple of kills with my champion before he died as he is bow armed, but all my opponent had to do was walk treebeard across the table and smack around a few troops while his archers shot up my champion. So defended obstacles was what I was shooting for in the morning.

Brandon has only been playing for about 6 months and he’s a young player. He’s got a good feel for his force, but he’s still struggling with tactics for his force. Experience is definitely on my side as was my reputation. Apparently someone has been spreading the rumor that I’m one of the best players in the US (not that I have any awards to prove that claim) and Brandon was a bit nervous about facing me. He was also very excited about playing a game against me which lightened the mood. I choose to place a ruin in the center of one table edge and Brandon predictably choose the only woodland terrain piece to put on the opposite table edge. I placed a ruin on one side of the table (my fight) to provide me something to advance to during the game and Brandon placed a length of wall right next to the first ruin I placed. He just made a fortress for me to fight from (assuming I got the table placement die roll), the last piece of terrain I placed out of the way and then proceeded to win the die roll for first deployment.

I choose the ruins with the wall and proceeded to setup in the best of all possible terrain for this scenario. The elves and Treebeard setup in the woods opposite of me. So far I’ve got the best of all terrain to work with, but Brandon has had some tough teachers and while he’s still learned the basics of the game; he’s still struggling with mastering tactics that work for his force and has yet to overcome a fear of archers. The first few turns were little more than Volley Fire exchanges as I moved forward to get fully deployed against the wall and into the ruins in the center of the field. I moved my combat arm to the right to secure the other ruins as I knew eventually I would need to break the Wood Elves to have any chance to defeat Treebeard. I also needed to lure the elves into engaging my force closer to my hero so I could do some damage before my champion got shot or clobbered.

Brandon soon discovered that I could out Volley fire him (22 archers to 12) and so he moved into direct fire range. He made the mistake of moving forward when I had Priority so he had to burn a Might point to shoot before I did. Twelve elven archers targeted my champion and most of them hit, luckily the wall stopped all but one of the shots and it failed to wound. The wave of panic that hit me was unreal. Seeing ten hits from a wood elf volley hit my defense 5 hero was unnerving, but my luck had held. I returned with a withering volley of my own and six of those elves went down, one of them was shot by Kushir so now I’m 1-0 in the kill ratio and Treebeard is not close enough to engage or throw rocks. The wood elves advanced on my right and got within throwing dagger range, not wanting to get chewed up piecemeal I fell back. I needed the wood elves to move closer to me so I could initiate contact without getting cut up with daggers.

Treebeard continued his advance flanked by his elven allies. I resisted the temptation to lay Kushir down to avoid elven archers. I also considered havng him fall back out of Treebeards rock throwing range, but ultimately decided that the wall would be enough protection in case he decided to toss rocks. The wood elf archers again shot at my champion, but this time his dice were not so kind and nothing managed to get past the wall. I returned fire with very archer that had LOS targeting the elven captain. Three wounds removed Treebeard’s Heroic Move support hero. My champion was still sitting on only one kill and Treebeard was getting rather close. The wood elves on my right again closed on my Watchers and spears holding my fight flank. Treebeard continued his beeline for my center with a small skirmish force on his flanks. I had already started to shift my archers out to my left and now started to drift them further up the field to be able to bring enfilading fire into the center of the Wood Elf lines. I really had no clue what I was going to do once Treebeard got to my center. On my right I had fallen back again to stay out of throwing dagger range since I had Priority.

The next turn the Wood Elves on my right moved forward into my charge range (and of course his throwing range), while Treebeard got dreadfully close to my center. I discovered that Kushir (My Champion) was also within 6” of a Wood Elve warrior so I sent him into combat with the elf and managed to get several other models in direct contact or supporting. As Treebeard was one turn from being able to engage my lines it suddenly occurred to me that I was playing an Evil army and that I could shoot into combat. I now saw the light of how I could possibly manage to win this game. I had already stripped Treebeard of his Fate and he was also wounded so if I killed Treebeard great, but if I just killed my own engaged model(s) that was even better. So I abandoned the wall except for a couple of models to act as bait. After all I needed him to stay away from my massed archers on my left flank. Brandon fell for it and charged the nearest model. I fired every archer I had LOS to the combat with and was delighted when I managed to kill my lone Watcher. This caused a pause in the game as I explained what and why and how I was able to do this nasty trick. I reminded him of Boromir’s own description of “the cruel Haradrim”. After trying to appeal to my honour (“it’s not honourable to shoot your own troops”) and failing to convince Kushir that it was a wise course of action to allow Treebeard to smash his lines with impunity, we continued the game. [Kushir has ordered Mumakil to march through his own warriors in order to secure victory so he was unmoved by the appeal.]

I declared a Heroic Combat with my champion who had many more dice to roll for the combat than the lone elf, but Brandon rolled a 6 and beat back my hero and his companions. To add insult to injury I lost a Watcher of Karna in the process. I had to call a Heroic Move the next turn and again engaged the troublesome elves on my right, whereas Treebeard decided that charging two models was far more likely to work to his advantage than charging one had been. Again I managed to shoot the engaged Watcher archers down, but this time I also manage to inflict another wound on Treebeard. The Wood elf engaged by Kushir again rolled a 6 and pushed my warriors back. Now the Wood Elves were broken and Kushir was out of might so when they started to flee the field near Kushir I was understandably concerned. I managed to engage a wood elf that remained and trap him with my champion while Treebeard went after two more models in my center. Again I managed (just) to shoot my models down. Most of my hits went against Treebeard, but thanks to the poisonous arrows I killed both my warriors so no kills for Treebeard.

The nearby models had fled into difficult terrain (out of treebeard’s charge range) or into the open terrain in the center of the field. A few were still in vulnerable positions as Brandon wisely used the few wood elf warriors he had left on my left to tie up model s in combat to keep them from fleeing Treebeard and he used Heroic Moves to reach these. Kushir finally won a combat against the wood elf and scored another kill. Treebeard jumped another Haradrim in the center while Kushir engaged the last Wood Elf on my right flank. A hail of arrows removed Treebeard’s chance at a kill, but left my archers in his charge range. Kushir finally killed another elf and I now had three kills to none. Treebeard used a Heroic Move (and his last Might point) to charge my Watchers of Karna and engaged two of them before they could flee. Treebeard now represented the last model in my opponent’s force and I moved every archer I could into range and LOS. I rained a fusillade of arrows onto Treebeard, but not only did I not scratch the old ent I didn’t wound either of my models. Brandon threw his dice for combat and I threw mine. I won the combat! I had four strikes on Treebeard and managed one 6. The second dice roll came up a 5 and I yelled “Timber!!!!”

Treebeard had been slain, my opponent’s force destroyed and I had three kills to his zero. Brandon had played a good game and had me worried the entire time, but in the end several mistakes and a few bad die rolls on his part gave me the win.

At this point I’m well out of the cheap seats and back in the running for first place. In the last round Frank Brown is fighting Dave Ward’s Mordor Troll Chieftain led Black Gate/Easterling force, Chris is facing off the dreaded hobbits (Eric was the front runner) and I’m facing off John Adam’s Gondorians. I’m still four battle points behind Frank and Chris and I’m looking at hitting a high defense and high fight value force in Meeting Engagement. Not my best matchup by any means.

Meeting Engagement
John Adams - Fiefdom, Tower of Ecthelion & Grey Company (Mounted Forlong, Halbarad, Ranger of the North, Beregron, Fountain Court Guard with shields, Dol Amroth Men-At-arms, Rangers of Gondor, a few Knights of Gondor)

John’s force is a good looking force and intimidating. The sight of Fountain Guard Court with Rangers with spears and Dol Amroth Men-At-Arms supporting, plus a small cavalry force lead by a good hero is a daunting prospect, but my last game had reinforced in me the value of defending with my force and setting up traps. John is smart enough to avoid giving me a fortress to defend so I had to settle for securing my flanks with a building and hedge (left) and a graveyard on my right (small ruin). This gave me enough security that I didn’t fear his cavalry on my left flank at all, though I was still concerned about it on my right. I deployed my Watcher archers in the center stretched out to my right with spears behind and my combat Watchers of Karna as my flanking force on my left. They were to move into the safety of the hedge on my left and intended to threaten John’s flank when he closed.

John deployed his troops into two block formations on either side of the ruin on his table side. It looked like John was planning on trying to do a frontal assault with two phalanxes of Fountain Court guard, Ranger with spear and Men-at-Arms pike. He was also obviously worried about my archery as his horsemen stayed in the rear of his formation and followed behind them. I rethought my defense strategy and decided I would move forward to engage in direct fire and then have my center fall back while I simultaneously advanced my flanks. Over the next few turns John’s force moved forward and I peppered his lines with arrows, dropping the odd Fountain Court Guardsmen.

Once he got close enough I started the 3” retreat in my center, but I did so by sliding slightly towards each flank. After three turns of falling back I had a 4 to 6” gap in my center, but my flanks had managed to start to extend around John’s. John committed his horsemen to my right, which was really his only viable choice given the terrain, this freed up my watchers on the left to move out and start the envelopment of his force. It was time to stand and fight and since I had completely removed all of his Defense Fountain Court Guard from his right most block (my left) it meant my strongest flank was engaging his weakest (very Spartan of me). On my right I desperately needed to get Forlong off that horse of his and I threw every archer that had even a remote chance at hitting him into that effort. I was rewarded with a dismounted Forlong the Fat. I also put every archer I had into killing off Halbarad on the other flank and he went down to a hail of arrows.

The Gondorian cavalry engaged my spear supported Watchers of Karna archers on my right flank using a Heroic Move called by Forlong and I countered by charging everything I had in range. Kushir managed to engage a leading edge cavalryman who hadn’t charged along with nearly a dozen other models (half of them supporting). In the center I threw my spear support Watchers of Karna against the front and flank of the Gondorian blocks. Kushir declared a Heroic Combat and very uncharacteristically managed to win the fight and kill the lone rider. Kushir and several Watchers of Karna swept around the cavalry and managed to engage and surround every one of them. John’s dice were not being friendly to him and my FV of 4 was proving to be deadly efficient in winning fights. On my right there was Forlong the Fat and one cavalryman left. In the center I was holding john’s force in place and had managed to kill a couple more Fountain court Guard, but on the left I was pushing flank back and slowly started to envelope his lines.

What followed was nothing short of a massacre. I managed a Cannae and completely surround the Gondorians whose lines looked like a horseshoe. By the end I had him engaged from all sides and he was left with fewer models than I had lost in the entire battle. He had eight models standing and I had only lost thirteen. John is a very good player, but I got the feeling that his last battle against my force felt just as hopeless as my first battle against his son’s hobbits was for me. In John’s case dice were not being nice to him at all. I think he lost all but a couple combat tie roll offs. One sided battles are not my favourite games win or lose, but I know how hard it is to fight out a battle you know you don’t stand a chance of winning. John was a class act and did what he could to rescue a hopeless cause, but it just wasn’t to be. We now know how Forlong the Fat and Halbarad met their doom on Pelenor fields.

Final Standings
Eric Adams - Shire – Best Overall - Battle: 78, Sports: 42, Appearance: 42

Frank Brown - Gondor - Best General - Battle: 74, Sports: 47, Appearance: 40

Tim Hixon (me) - Harad - Battle: 70, Sports: 42, Appearance: 40

John Petrelli - Grey Company/Erebor - Battle: 54, Sports: 45, Appearance: 49

Robert Carr - Harad - Battle: 54, Sports: 44, Appearance: 47

Chris Langland-Shula - Gondor - Battle: 58, Sports: 42, Appearance: 43

Kingsley Montgomery - Mordor - Best Sportsman - Battle: 58, Sports: 46, Appearance: 32

Jonas Skinner - Erebor - Battle: 38, Sports: 45, Appearance: 45

David Ward - Mordor/Easterlings - Battle: 42, Sports: 45, Appearance: 40

John Adams - Gondor - Battle: 46, Sports: 41, Appearance: 38

Eliseo Casini - Gondor - Battle: 46, Sports: 43, Appearance: 34

Alexander Adams - Khazad dum/Arnor - Battle: 38, Sports: 42, Appearance: 35

Brandon Kohrs - Fanghorn/Lothlorien - Battle: 30, Sports: 41, Appearance: 24
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Postby Smeagol » Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:53 pm

My force consited of:

1 Haradrim Chieftain with bow
1 Haradrim Chieftain with bow
1 Haradrim Warrior with banner
30 Haradrim Warriors with spear
10 Watchers of Karna
20 Watchers of Karna with bow

Points Spent = 600
Models = 63
Might = 4
Break Point = 32
Archers = 20
Heroes = 2
Warriors = 61
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Postby BrentS » Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:39 pm

I always enjoy reading your battle reports Tim. Always just the right amount of detail to feel like I was there.

Congrats on the big finish after a rocky start!
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Postby Smeagol » Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:50 pm

I was pretty sure I was going to stay in the middle of the pack after the first day. The LOTR players at the event were all good people.
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Postby Guardian of Ecthelion » Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:42 pm

NIce read Tim. I enjoy reading the reports.

Hopefully I can get my rematch at next years Adepticon.
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Postby Smeagol » Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:37 pm

As long as we aren't playing Seize the Prize you should do good.
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