Sauron vs the Heroes of the Last Alliance

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Sauron vs the Heroes of the Last Alliance

Postby BrentS » Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:30 pm

One of the benfits from the March to Mount Doom tournament was that I had a chance to face off against Josh's Sauron army (featuring 5 Moronnaon Orcs and two trackers) with my 4 model, Heroes of the Last Alliance army - Elendil, Isildur, Gil-Galad, and a Dwarf King. We played to the death and Sauron won the day. However, I did manage to put 12 wounds on Sauron (the Ring saved him 7 times!!). Josh rolled a '1' once when he was trying to get saved by the ring but used a point of might to save this roll. So while History did not repeat itself, Isildur did find himself standing along against Sauron and had his shots to cut the finger of the Dark Lord! We had a lot of fun in this battle of giants.

Sorry, not much of a battle report but it was a lot of bashing of Sauron. Many heroic moves by the Last Alliance and many tests of courage for attacking Sauron. Isildur ended up being the last to die but also failed the most terror tests.
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