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Postby BrentS » Mon Feb 09, 2009 7:26 am

My army only has 54 models.

Still, I'm quite concerned at facing off against Tim's 75 model horde.
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Postby BrentS » Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:46 am

I was running the numbers and I came up with at least 6 armies that could come close to fielding 75 models for the forces of good at 600 points.

The Shire (obvious one)
Arnor (Captain, Dunedain, Warriors, Rangers, Hobbit Archers) - 70 models
Rohan (Captain x2, WoR w/ Shields, WoR w/ Bows) - 70ish models
White Tower (Denethor, Beregond, WoMT w Shields, WoMT w Bows) - 70 models
Dwarf Rangers (Captain, Ranger, Ranger w/Long Bow) - 68 models
Woses ( Ghan Buri Ghan, Woses) - 75 models with 37 points left over.

Other than the Shire and possibly the Dwarf Rangers, all would be very unconventional armies. None of these armies can bring 3 Heros like Tim's Haradrim or a Goblin Horde.
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Postby Smeagol » Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:30 am

There are counters to any force. My Haradrim suffer from some weaknesses. Generic heroes, low defense, slow movement, average fight value. As mentioned a dwarf force with numbers would be a problem. Gimli and a dwarf captain are 155 points, which leaves you with a little over 400 points for dwarves. So you can get something close to 50 dwarves. My haradrim would outnumber them, but it wouldn't be an easy fight as the dwarves have a hgher fight value and higer defense on their side. I have a wood Elf force that numbers in the 60s. It has a higher fight value, and much better shooting. I'd have to close tih it and I'd get chewed up in the process. In the long run I would hit it probably around turn four on an average scenario and I would be outnumbered due to archery losses. In Meeting Engagement or any other scenario where the elf could sit back and shoot all day, I'd hit them about turn 6 to 8 and by then I'd be in serious trouble. With gondor I can still manage about 50 odd models. They have the advantage of a higher defense and better heroes.

Tactical maneuvering and manageable units are the key to my Haradrim's success. Each group of warriors has built in spear support (of course) and a hero. This means I can reliably send my force out in pieces without worrying about any one of them getting overwhelmed before I can get help to it. I can out maneuver most opponents because they tend to think linearly (single line) or in most cases they cut their force in half. A 50 man Gondorian force I can go tow to tow with because 1/3 of my force is equal to 1/2 of theirs. This gives me an extra 33% of my force to act as a reserve. A goblin norde has many of the same capabilities, but it sufferes from slower movement, an even lower FV, softer heroes and even worse archery. It does have some pretty scary elites and heavies that it can tote around.

I think Gondor could beat my Haradrim in in just about any scenario if the player was patient and was careful about how they deployed and maneuvered to engagement. Most players still put together their forces to act as a vessel for their heroes. I do the opposite. My Heroes are the support for the Warriors, hense the trouble I have in Hero-centric scenarios.

A good opponent who knows their force really well (Frank, Gary, Tom, etc...) will give me headaches. If Frank brings his high elves or Isengard I can assure you that no game against him will be easy. His quality of troops and his skill at playing them will make my life difficult at best.
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