The Battle of Four Armies...LONG

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The Battle of Four Armies...LONG

Postby thorhak » Sun Dec 14, 2008 12:49 pm

So yesterday, while I was supposed to painting my army for tGitD I was overcome by the intense desire to play a game, found 3 willing participants threw down the gauntlet...

So actually two of the players were newbies, one (Joe) being a 40K player whose interest in LOTR has increased as it is being played on a more regular basis, I believe he's in the process of making an Easterling Army. The other Eric, actually bought into LOTR when it was first released and has 3 armies but with scarce to no LOTR activity his models had been shelved(of course, he didn't bring any with him to the store yesterday, lol) . The third player, Will, (an Australian), now has several games under his belt and is becoming quite well-versed in the rules and gameplay. He is in the process of creating a Dwarf army, which already features Durin, Mrar, 2 Vault Warden teams, and the rest Iron Guard. This was the army he used yesterday, being 375 pts.

All four of us played in one grand game, with the simple objective of holding the objective, (the over-turned BSKODA Bud Cart I prepared for ACON 2008), that was placed in the center of the table. The game would end once one player's army was broken and at the start of the next turn a "1" was rolled. Joe used the store manager's, (Tim) Gobos featuring 2 capts., a Cavetroll, several prowlers and the rest rank n' file Gobos, assuming you can get Gobos to form ranks, lol. Eric used my Uruk-Hai featuring a Capt., Lurtz, 6 Beserkers, 6 Crossbows, and the rest Fightin' Uruks. The table set-up was simple, featuring one piece of terrain (that would require a climb test to negotiate), in each quadrant. We each choose a corner, w/ Eric/Uruks being at 10 o'clock, Will/Dwarves at 2, me/BSKODA at 4 and Joe/Gobos at 8.

After looking at Wil's Dwarves which totaled 12 models, I decided to attack him head on, then make my move for the objective. My hope was actually that he would make a bee-line for the objective, allowing me to pin him between my BSKODA from the East, and the other two armies from the West...I was sadly mistaken. When he saw me coming straight at him, Durin commanded to his troops to steamroll straight ahead likewise...

In the early rounds, Eric maneuvered his Uruk x-bows to the clifftop in his quadrant and quickly took down Joe's Cavetroll. Joe return fired, in fact he returned fire again and again - but to his dismay he learned Gobo arrows bounce nicely off Uruk armour. After 6 rounds of volley fire using 12 Gobos, he only managed to land 3 hits, yes, 3 out of 48 attempts - none of which went on to wounds! In the meantime, both Eric and Joe maneuvered the remainder of their forces to the objective, and with the Uruks movment advantage, Eric soon found himself with control of the objective.

On the other side of the board, my 28 BSKODA, (a capt., 7 GotFC, Beregond, 7 Rangers and 10 BSKODA) had clashed head-on with the Dwarves. Unfortunately for me, the terrain in my quad was far enough North that the Dwarves were able to reach it first and form their line: the two vault wardens teams in the middle flanked on each side by 3 Iron Guard with Durin in a sweeper position. My line was typical, BSKODA in front supported by either GotFC or Rangers w/ spears. After several rounds of battle I had lost several BSKODA and GotFC while the Dwarves sustained no casualties. At this point, I still had numerical advantage, but to use it need to have my models supporting the ranks, a handful of BSKODA and Rangers, (remembering to make way for models having to retreat for lost battles) climb the terrain piece so they could try to get behind the Dwarves.

Back on the West-side of the table, Joe, being an experienced WH40K player and knowing Horde technique was easily handling the Uruks. It didn't help that Eric rushed into things and didn't take the time to form ranks, thereby allowing the Gobos to quickly surround and trap individual Uruks. It was only the Gobos cold dice that prevented Joe from manhandling the Uruks. Interestingly enough, Joe never moved his Gobo archers up into battle, choosing instead to leave them in Volley Fire formation and continue to take pot shots at the Uruk Cross-bows - I don't think he scored a single wound w/ bow fire the entire game.

Back on the East-side the slaughter continued...My Captain succumbed to the two Vault Warden teams in the middle of the battle and soon after that I was broken. The 4 models that had scrambled-up the cliff were met w/ Durin and quickly dispatched. And as the turns wore-on I was losing 2-3 models/turn to failed courage tests. Meanwhile, I had yet to kill a Dwarf - none, not die were colder that The Hobbits reception at the Baltimore GT, lol. So at this juncture, I reminded Will that he could easily win this game. I had only 5 models left on the table, and in the Uruks rush to join battle and taste blood, they had pushed-on past the objective leaving it unoccupied. Now Dwarves being Dwarves, were a good 4 turns away from the objective, but with my continued urgings, Will saw the light broke from battle with me - all except Durin for clean-up duty, and headed towards the objcetive. With my five remaining models, two fled the next turn leaving me with three. I used these to chase down the closest Iron Gaurd, surround and kill him - my only kill the entire game. And soon after that I was eliminated, but had the honor of getting to roll the die to end the game...and then, and only then did I start rolling 5s and 6s consistently, lol.

Once Will got his Dwarves to the objective he quiclky formed ranks placing a Vault Warden team on each side of the objective, again flanked by Iron Gaurd, Durin and Mrar. About this time, the Gobos had broken the Uruks, and they were fleeing faster than Febber could change a newborn diaper. And while Joe was mopping the floor w/ Uruks heads, Wil was launching throwing-axes at anyone who challenged his control of the objective. Finally a 1 was rolled, and the game belonged to Durin the truly Deathless and his croonies.

In retrospect, what could I have done differently...first army creation. I should have taken Imrahil and left Beregond and the Rangers at the campfire. I think I was right in not charging headfirst to the objective, as I would have been sandwiched between the three other armies. Knowing the players, I felt Will's Dwarves were my biggest threat. I was really hoping he would make a dash for the objective and be the one "caught" in the middle of things. Lastly, I goofed in deployment. Knowing I was gonna charge headfirst into the Dwarves, I should have deployed my models accordingly. Instead I placed some models facing North to the Dwarves, and some to the East facing the Gobos. Thus I had to swing my East-facing flank Norhtward which gobbled-up turns, thereby allowing the Dwarves to gain the upperhand by using the cliffwall to secure their East flank. I could blame my cool die, but then that's just for sore losers and whiners, :evil:

It was a great game, and the lesson I learned - fear the might of Dwarves! Especially ones named Thorhak.....errrr I mean Durin! :twisted:
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Postby BrentS » Mon Dec 15, 2008 9:04 pm

I just wanted to acknowledge that I did read this and thoroughly enjoyed it. Glad to see you got a game in!
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Postby thorhak » Tue Dec 16, 2008 2:40 am

Thanks for reading Brent...I was getting a bit discouraged, lol - lots of "views" but no remarks. :twisted: It was longish...and no pics.

But it was a good game, and marked the conversion of 3 40K players to LOTR. One being Eric who fielded the Gobos, but also two onlookers who I met for the first time. Apparently they had heard that LOTR was gaining momemtum at the store, and are in the process of creating armies, one Mordor, the other Uruk.
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Postby Ogre-Daddy » Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:16 am

Sounds like you guys had a blast...thanks for the battle report...

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Postby febber » Tue Dec 16, 2008 1:56 pm

Nice of you to let them win so they didn't get discouraged. :lol: We know the BSKODA are indestructible.
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