Chicago GT - Drunken Mick - For Mordor and for Beer!

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Chicago GT - Drunken Mick - For Mordor and for Beer!

Postby Drunken Mick » Mon Oct 06, 2008 1:39 pm

My army:

Waerlaga - BNM /shield
Zaius - BNM /shield
Bob the Budget Wraith (2/7/1)

BNW x22
Orc Spear x12
Orc Tracker x14
Morgul Stalker x4

Game One: Reconnoitre vs. Jamie Welling's Uruk/Dunlandings.

Moderate terrain but nothing earth shattering. Jamie had an extremely good looking army and well... it's Jamie who is fun as hell to play. We wound up in 3 basic fronts. I had him a little in model count but I wanted to make sure I overloaded one side significantly. He feinted early toward the center then left and I countered by sliding around some terrain to keep my far left group from being overrun. This did expose the center but I held back Bob and some warriors in case he made a run for it. On the far right I had him significantly outmanned and took out his Uruk captain after two rounds of combat and my trackers although shot up from his x-bows inflicted some good wounding in the middle and on the right. About halfway through they started to make a run for the end zone as my right side did their job and cleared out that force. On the far left we engaged and Waerlaga was brutally efficient targeting uruks for death while the Numenoreans made sure as often as possible to engage the FV challenged Dunlandings. Jamies center continent was holding on for a bit but I started to punch through. As he was getting closer to breaking he tried to make a run for the border with a handful of models whom I was lucky enough to catch and kill/engage. I had Bob on a angle to cover that side of the field and had 6W left for any black dart action/compel action necessary. So now we get to where I screw up. I broke Jamie and he passed quite a few courage tests but in the final round of battle as Jamie was helping me blaze through combats I lost sight of how many I won and how many wounds I was doing. In an amazing display of death and stupidity I brought Jamie to 25% (I killed no less than 10 models) before running the last 6'' and getting my trackers off the table. Result: Draw (man what a fun opponent and he even bought me a beer!)

Second beer...


Game Two: Meeting Engagement vs. Brent Sinclair's Rohan/Woses

Normal clear center with a heavy amount of forests (the whole tournament seemed well suited to Brent or a WE player for that matter). A big hill on my left and rocks/trees on the perifery. Brent dug in, he had to really so I had to go dig him out. Handy note: flank your soft squishy archers with D6 warriors for nifty volley targets. Brent and I exchanged volley after volley. He wouldn't move into my direct fire and I kept staying out of his, at least until my army got closer. He killed many trackers but they unhorsed / killed several riders/outriders in the exchange. As things heated up in the middle / my right flank he refocused fire and I had a few warriors blaze in (narrowly missing being shot by my trackers shooting into combat killing a couple more riders). A big key for me early on was "Dernhelm's Charge". Eowyn and 2 RRG charged out to beat on the left center of my line. I countered by carefully bringing up a Zaius, a stalker and a pair of spear supporters. I *think* we tied but regardless I won the combat and slew Dern/Eowyn in a single round delivering 3-4 wounds. The RRG fell shortly thereafter and the other riders didn't seem terribly inclined to come charging into me - and when they did they failed courage (yay Bob). The blowpipes were mostly ineffective, even though they hit he didn't roll a lot of 6's or 1's and once in combat with my numenoreans the superior FV and poor D3 of the woses had them dying (GBG Jr. did live for like 3 rounds tho ;) ). The game ended on time with me being a few models from getting him to 25% but based on victory condition I was able to pull out a victory. Brent, as Jamie, is both an unbelievable painter and helluva nice guy / tough opponent. Nasty combination. Had Brent brought his Mahud this would've been far nastier and I might have been handed a loss/draw.

Result - Maj Win

Game Three: Seize the Prize vs. Josh Smentek's Minas Morgul/SL

I had a stinking suspicion I might be playing Josh but hoped I wouldn't be. He had a group of 5 MK's I really didn't want to deal with in STP. Likely my hardest challenge would be STP against anyone with cavalry. Josh did *not* make it easy but in this case a little bit of luck for me coupled with careful planning and execution of my plan saved my bacon. Terrain placement was really in my favor, more than I think Josh realized at the time. 2 sides of the center were huge pieces of mountain. Directly next to those were some copses of trees and the rest of the perimeter was surrounded with fences. Not winning priority was a pain but my initial army set up worked exactly as I'd planned (not something you can always count on during initial deployment. There was a small gap on the left side between the big mountain and the fenceline; room for 2 models to squeeze through. Same on the far right of the fence. I lined up Bob, a few warriors and Waerlaga mixed in with some warriors and spear support. Right behind Bob were a pair of stalkers. Some of you may see what's coming next. I move, he moves. The next turn the placement of the fenceline was almost perfectly aligned to allow me to move 5 to the fence then hop over it. I was able to get Bob, about a half dozen warriors and Waerlaga to w/in 6 in of the prize right after his knights just went past it to keep me out. His SL and BNM were trailing behind when I called my first HM to negate a pair of his knights control zones and engage 3 of them while sliding a warrior up to the prize where he'd dismounted a warrior. After the fight phase I think I killed a knight and he decided to dig up the prize with me standing next to it with him. Next turn he had the SL a *little closer* but his marshall was close enough to counter my HM called by Waerlaga. I won the roll off and again neutralized the knights and ran my warrior over and handed the prize to a stalker now sitting behind a line of 4-5 models and any one of his. On his move he slid the SL over and was about 8-10 in away and wanted to compel the stalker - but lo' and behold the stalkers Elven Cloak ability prevented him from being targeted. On the rest of my turn I moved the stalker back and surrounded him with my trackers. Zaius my other marshal started moving over figuring the stalker could get punked, and he did by a hail of tracker volley fire. Next turn I finally won a priority and ran over / picked up the prize with Zaius and started to run off with him surrounded by trackers. At this point I was around 2 turns or so from getting off and was only down about 3-5 models. Josh couldn't see a way to pull out a win and conceeded. I did offer to finish but I think he'd had it. It really didn't go well and I think it was the fastest game I played being done in under an hour. Good player, tough army (almost identical to my own) who really suffered from terrain and no mounted might. Look out for this guy! Result - Major Win

Day ends we chat a bit then Jamie, Frank and I head out for pizza at Giordano's. 45m wait at Giordano's... F that we head out to find something else. Jamie finds Gino's East SCORE. 2 pitchers of beer, antipasto and a large pie. Good stuff.

Day Two:

Day begins with much coffee and chatting. Dave T graciously allows us early birds to bring our stuff in a half hour or so early. I figure after yesterday I'm at table one or two and Frank would be right next to me. I wasn't wrong. Which leads to...

Game Four: Domination vs. Paul Cumming's Dol Guldur/Minas Morgul/Harad army.

I had a solid tactical layout in mind and had already figured what I would be doing to contain/eliminate his SQ's as well as hold the objectives. Two forests of difficult terrain I placed right near the center of the board. He placed two large pieces more outside (which would make use of his speed were it to stay alive). I set up with roughly 2/3rds of my force charging for the center pieces of terrain and a contingent of my archers with numenorean/spear/stalker support heading for the terrain to my right. Several rounds of fire with me managing to take two wounds off a queen and losing a few warriors ensued while he brought his 8 raiders to bear on my left flank. I anchored to the difficult terrain of the objective on my right and left Waerlaga to the outside (what a tempting treat right ;) ). Zaius and Bob were toward the center where I was holding the nearest forest objective and I set up a screen of BNW's to advance ahead of my archers moving to the 3rd objective. He shot out broodlings right before I had a chance to have Bob sap him but there were of no real effect. They couldn't get to my archery due to the BNW terror screen (supported by Bob's HoE effect) and thus I lost few archers. He didn't seem real keen to try and charge as I didn't keep my models bunched allowing the SQ to take full advantage of her abilities. Back over on the left after a brief standoff he decided to charge in with his Raiders. 2 failed courage tests and were hanging out to dry, the successful charges were met solid resistance as I had better FV and was spear supported or shielded on the charge. He suffered (like JoshS) from no mounted might on that side of the table and after the initial charge Waerlaga called a HM and swarmed his cavalry dispatching them over 2 turns. My lines were stretched as thin as I could manage and I began slogging through the objective to try and push him off. I had been very successful wounding / winning fights but now my dice had gone ice cold and Paul fired up. I managed to black dart the wounded queen (she still had might) slaying her and was jostling to get everyone on the foremost objective. In the last turn I called 3 HM's to counter his one and after moving Bob over, black darted another of his warriors. Time was called before I finished moving the last model over. Tough tough fought battle, as Frank will tell you this guy is a tough player and pretty personable to boot.

Result: Draw

Lunch break...

Two beers...

Game 5: To the Death vs. Phillip Buckler's Grey Haven/Arnor army.

I'm at table two. Not where I wanted to be but Frank pulled a minor win in his domination game. Bummer don't get to play Frank for all the marbles. What I did get to do is play against one helluva tough opponent / nice guy to go with it. Phillip has a very well constructed, exceptionally painted army. His only downside is the C2 of his WoA further hampered by Bob. He is even unluckier in deployment and I'm not unlucky. He rolls to place half his force and the one with Cirdan / Arnor capt is up front. His other half with Arvedui / Malbeth is back at 3''. I'm very fortunate, both halves of my army are at 18'' to 24''. I couldn't ask for a better situation. He wins priority and starts a hasty retreat back down from this 3'' high 7'' deep 10'' wide mountain. I've got Bob on the right and Waerlaga on the left with Zaius up top. I charge and begin combat but true to form BN's don't wound worth a crap even with a 2:1 advantage (his spear support was primarily at the other end of the table. He runs Cirdan back and lays him down then surrounds him with WoA. I move Bob and co. up and make the requisite roll to see him (needed a 4-6 rolled a 4) and did a 2 dice sap on him. He used 1 or 2 to combat it and whiffed. Hasta Cirdan along with CBL and AoC. Things are not going well for him at this point. He continues moving up and backward to join his forces while I pick off models here and there as well as some decent shooting. He gets the hobbits (oh yeah, he had em... and they are NASTY) inito range and starts punking me a bit but I weather the storm pretty well. Another turn or so see's Arvedui / Malbeth coming into range and making life hard. D6 models with unlimited fate is beyond irritating. He's saving models left and right. From my trackers high vantage point I get a clear shot on Arvedui. I deal 2-3 wounds of which Malbeth saves all but one. I am surrounding him turning his lines inward but he's holding on. Next round comes. Malbeth is accidentally hung out in full bow range and no in-the-way. I fire 12+ shots at him. I hit with 10, I wound with 4, Malbeth doesn't save a single wound. He dies. Phillip is dishearted but is a trooper and we continue. Next round, Arvedui charges a BNW. I have a shot on him with 7 trackers. I fire into combat, to hell with a lousy BNW :P. I hit 4, 2 on my own warrior. I don't wound him. 2 shots on Arvedui... double 6's... dead Arvedui. Phillip is surprised but an incredibly good sport. Cirdan by this time has damn near run off the board but the hobbits and elves are messing me up badly. One round saw 5 hobbits kill 3 numenoreans... WTH?? :P. He's getting close to breakpoint so I press and finally get into combat with some hobbits... they die *yay*. His handful of elves are still a problem as I don't think they ever rolled less than a 6 for the fight and often a 6 to wound!! I finish off his captain (took 3 turns and like 7 models to get it done) so he's just down to Cirdan (with no will or might or fate) a handful of elves some WoA and hobbits. I finally break him and Arnor does what it's supposed to do. Runs like hell. Bob isn't in range of all of them but the places he resides makes it even better. Phillip is about to concede a MajV to me but asks if we can finish it out. I oblige of course and I'm still 5-6 models from breaking. We go through to the buzzer and man what a class act.

Result: Minor Victory on Points. (from what I recall I killed 440 and I think he killed 220 - which in Meeting was a Maj... oh well).

I finish the tournament 3rd with 2 major wins, minor win and 2 draws. Had a great time, played solid opponents (except Frank damnit) and met some cool new people. I also only played one person I'd played before making it even more enjoyable.
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Postby Gartl » Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:31 pm

Good reports.

Your first day mirrored mine in Vegas. I played Steve first round and when it ended I had four models within 6" of his table edge and had only lost nine models when he hit 25%. So I ended with a draw. What really sucked was his leader making a stand fast, failing, and then 3 of 4 Easterlings failing theirs as well to get him to 25%. Sucks killing the enemy too fast some times ;-)
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