Thread: Las Vegas GT - a Black Númenórean's tale

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Thread: Las Vegas GT - a Black Númenórean's tale

Postby The Mouth of Sauron » Sun Sep 07, 2008 1:22 am

Black Númenórean & Mercenary of Khand
Scenario based Battle Strategies
by Timothy Hixon

It’s time for the Las Vegas GT again and this year I was less than prepared for the event. I was preparing a few armies and giving them as much testing as I could muster. I had a Black Númenórean horde that was my front runner for a while until I got bored with the only viable battle tactic that force provides for, the frontal assault. I hate frontal assault games and while I’m good at them I get bored with forces that only lend themselves to that tactic or it’s polar opposite the castle defence.

So I moved onto a more challenging force in the form of the dead of Dunharrow which consisted of the King, 20 warriors and 10 riders of the dead. This force started out promising with major victory over the forces of Mordor, but got soundly thrashed in every other game I played with them. So five days to the GT and I decide against my only fully painted force

I delved into the idea of doing goblins, but they are too far from finished to get done in time, I toyed with a dragon as my center piece model and the various options for that model and couldn’t think of a viable force that I would trust against the players I know I’ll be facing. So by the Thursday before the event which starts in two days I still didn’t have a force finished or decided upon. So into my mix of completed forces I delved. The Khandish Mercenaries did very well in Baltimore and could very well repeat themselves this year. I have the Haradrim from last year’s Las Vegas GT and with 600 points available I could easily put a Mumak into the mix and I have my Dwarf Rangers which only need a couple of models to be finished to bring them up to 500 points.

After finishing the basing and the stringing of bows on the models I have been working on I had put my Black Númenórean models next to some Khandish Mercenary horsemen I had out so I could string their bows and decided I like the look of those two forces together. So one of my criteria had been met, the force looks good on the table. The second criteria was easy to meet as the two forces are easy to place into action along side each other. The Black Númenóreans need cavalry and archery support and not trusting the orcs (or more accurately not liking the paint jobs on the trackers) decide to hire out these untrustworthy but deadly warriors. After all their reputation precedes them with stories of being undefeated in battle and all (not true they’ve lost games, but those losses weren’t GT games). The force is viable with a couple of good fighters, albeit one of them will avoid battle occasionally by deserting, but since I’m comfortable with running a single hero force it’s a gamble I’m willing to take.

The Black Númenórean warriors are tough and make for a great front line for most scenarios, the mercenary warriors provide some much needed can openers (two handed weapons) and numbers, but the most important feature is the cavalry. The mercenary horsemen are not as fearsome as the Morgul knights, but they are mounted archers so I get two weapons in one model, highly mobile archers and high Fight value cavalry. So now that I had my force I had to finish the basing of the Black Númenórean models and do some touch ups of the mercenaries. My force will not win any painting awards, but they are painted well enough to allow me a chance at the higher spots with good game play and a bit of luck.

Minas Morgul Contingent
1 Black Númenórean Marshal with shield
25 Black Númenórean Warriors

Mercenaries of Khand Contingent
1 Khandish Mercenary Chieftain with bow on horse
22 Khandish Mercenary Warriors
11 Khandish Mercenary Horsemen

Points = 600
Models = 60
Might = 4

No plan survives contact with the enemy, but I still like to have some basic tactical plans in mind. My basic combat tactics shouldn’t change much in the knife fighting ranges (1” to 3”), but my strategic plans will vary and change depending on the scenario, the terrain and my opponent.

Storm the Camp – More models than your opponent in their corner (and vice versa).
For this scenario I’ll use my Black Númenórean as the camp guards and send the mercenaries out to fight for the enemy’s camp. By adding in a few Black Númenórean warriors to support this effort I should be able to force a hole or two in the enemy’s lines and more importantly keep the enemy out of my camp through numbers, shielding, high defence and their obnoxious Terror special rule. There is no guarantee I’ll win this scenario, but it’ll be a tough one for my opponent to win in return.

Contest of Champions – You champion must kill more than theirs.
I’m in trouble in this scenario, but there is nothing new there. I routinely take generic captains and avoid the heavy hitters when it comes to this scenario. Since I can’t rely on my mercenary captain I’ll have to rely on my Black Númenórean Marshal to do the dirty work. With a line of defence Black Númenórean warriors in support he should be fine particularly with the mercenary cavalry and (assuming he’s not drunk) their captain to act as assassins and work on taking down the enemy’s champion. Wraiths will be problematic, but the Black Númenórean still have a 54% chance of charging one of those monsters and eventually driving it away or at least keeping it tied up. I’m bes served by fighting defensively in this scenario as my heroes aren’t strong enough to gamble on an offensive strategy. I’d rather let my opponent make more mistakes than me in this scenario.

Ill Met by Moonlight – Wipe out opposing force (modifiers for shooting, non-standard deployment).
With a line of shielded Black Númenórean warriors and a score of mounted mercenary bowmen (barring massive desertions) I have a good chance at taking the fight to my opponent and blooding them while my reinforcements come up to the fight. If things get dicey then I can easily fall back onto my reserves and resume the battle from that position of strength.

Domination – Capture objectives (Random game length).
With only two heroes my options are limited, particularly if the mercenary captain fails to report to work. So worse case scenario I leave a contingent of mercenaries and Black Númenóreans on my home objective while I send out two parties to capture the two nearest objectives. The Black Númenórean Marshal will have to lead the more dangerous assault if I only have one captain available, but otherwise I can send a captain with each flank. Terrain placement is important in this scenario and if I can manage to get one or more of the objectives close to my home objective the easier this becomes. Another option is to place two of the objectives close to the center so I can concentrate on destroying my opponent’s force and at the same time be contesting the terrain.

Meeting Engagement – Reduce opponent’s force to 25% and keep a hero alive.
I have a very strong front line in the form of the Black Númenóreans and a really good supporting line with the mercenaries and a very good strike force in the from of the cavalry so I can very easily go on the offensive in this scenario, but my captains are just a cut above average and with one of them occasionally going AWOL I should seriously remember that fighting defensively is an option. Particularly since the mercenaries do not provide me with spear support which is an excellent resource when you are attacking. I can defend without them by shielding, but when you are on the attack shielding is kind of counter productive. The cavalry should easily keep my opponent off balance and the two handed axes of the mercenaries will give me an edge in the combat arena when I can isolate enemy models, particularly if I can trap them. Turning my opponent’s flanks is an important part of my close in tactics and even with desertions I should have the numbers to accomplish that task against most of my opponents. Especially my opponents that love pike blocks.

To Kill a King – Kill the enemy’s King and keep yours alive.
The Black Númenórean Marshal is not easy to kill so it’s basically a game of defending and forcing my opponent to try and get my King. Once they’re committed I unleash my cavalry and mercenary captain to go after their leader. If their leader is leading the attack against my force so much the better for me.

High Ground – Dog pile on the hill in the center (10 turns).
This one is pretty much a race to the hill with the cavalry and depending on the opposing force I either sweep over it and attack their lead elements to delay them from gaining the hill or I sweep around and harass them with archery fire until my main line comes up and then launch into their exposed flanks while my Black Númenórean warriors work on taking the hill and my mercenary warriors work on cutting off the enemy’s reserves from doing the same. Here is where Terror and FV 4 will come through for me. Once I push models back it is harder for them to reengage me than it is for me to do the same. I just have to remember that I need to save a Might point for turn ten to either save my bacon from a tied Priority roll and I lose Priority or to exploit the opportunity if I win Priority.

Take and Hold – Dog pile on the objective in the center (random game length).
An unlikely GT scenario, but still a possibility. The cavalry’s primary duty is to take the center and then defend it with bow and sword until I can get Black Númenórean warriors to cordon the objective zone. The mercenaries job is to tie up the enemy and kill or be killed. As long as I can fend off assaults into the center I don’t care who dies first. Well not as long as my Black Númenórean Marshal is alive and making successfully passing his courage tests.

To the Death – Wipe out the opponent’s force.
This scenario is the worst of the bunch for me. I never know how I’m going to deploy, but at least this time I not just using soft mercenaries. By splitting my Black Númenórean warriors into two groups I can provide for a strong front line to make the ability to decimate my softer mercenaries on the first turn problematic. The key thing for me to remember this year is not to panic. My opponent has al the problems I have and I’m adding Terror onto his list of challenges to overcome in this scenario.

Clash of Piquets – Enemy force broken (only half of force is deployed the rest come in as reinforcements).
This scenario I want my cavalry and the majority of my Black Númenóreans in the front lines and the mercenaries to come in as reserves. The cavalry can be released to engage the isolated groups that come onto the field while the Black Númenóreans are more than capable of defending themselves until my scattered reserves arrive to bolster their numbers. Depending on my opponent’s forward force I may go on the offensive and see how much damage I can do to my opponent’s force before they can muster much in the way of reinforcements.

Reconnoitre - Get as many models off your opponent's table edge as possible while blocking theirs from doing the same.
This is a tricky scenario, particularly since my favourite tactic has been deemed as incorrect/illegal. Not to worry, the cavalry is still more than capable of winning this scenario for me like it always has and my Black Númenórean line is more than capable of meeting and handling even an elven line. The mercenaries provide me with can openers for the tougher opponents or extra attacks against the softer targets. I have the advantage of numbers which will make dwarves and elves very unlikely to win this scenario against my force except by breaking my force which is a quick way for me to end the game in my favour. As always I will move to defend my table edge from my opponent’s side of the table. As long as I can keep the fight on their half of the table then I will more than likely win the game. I have had this scenario come to a screeching halt as both I and my opponent were reduced to 25% on the same turn and my scoring models either failed their courage test that turn or were still one turn from leaving the table. The lesson learned is to get a cavalry model off the table as quickly as possible and then destroy my opponent while I work to get more models off the table. Better to have a win in hand than a hard fought draw. I’ve lost this scenario a couple of times with my dwarves, but not with my mercenaries in the field. My biggest concern is to avoid another draw in this scenario which is all I’ve managed in the last few months of prep games.
The Mouth of Sauron

Postby The Mouth of Sauron » Sun Sep 07, 2008 1:24 am

Having covered my force I also thought about my potenital opponents. I know some of them from games online and I met two others in L.A. at the games day tournament. So I have some knowledge I may be facing so far are; at least one Far Harad force, one deadly Wood Elf force, one Dol Amroth fiefdon force which is very similar to hithero's, an Isengard Legions and an Easterling force. i strongly suspect the wynr (TLA memeber) will be bringing his Legolas and Gimli lead elf/dwarf force which I have been soundly thrashed by twice now.

The Far harad force isn't a big problem as I can work on taking out his heroes and that will make his warriors very unlikely to charge my Terror causing front line.

The Wood Elf force is played by a very good player, Gary, whose managed to beat me with that list several times. Lately I've managed more draws than losses so things are looking up. As long as I can avoid Contest of Champions with his Legolas I'm probably good. Of course he want's to avoid Reconnoitre againt me.

The Dol Amroth force I faced in L.A. and it was a tough fight. I nearly won that game, but his last knight managed to kill of my last Spider Queen. While that game was close I expect to be able to do a whole lot better against that force with mine. his cavalry is ouotnumbered and other than lances isn't much better than my own, though he does have imrahil. Basically this is another force I want to avoid in contest of Champions.

The isengard Legions is a nice force, but the player is too dependent on his phalanx formation. My cavalry is better than his warg riders, though I need to be wary of Sharku. He has a shaman which will make my life a littlem ore difficult once he gets Fury up. I'll need to out maneuver his force in order to defeat it as he will protect his banenr and shaman behind the line of warriors. Luckily for me he's an inexperienced player and thus relatively easy to fluster and confuse by maneuvering. he was not prepare dto handle my Mirkwood spiders at all and my mercenary horseman are just as fast if not as numerous.

The Easterlngs are played by another friend of mine, Steve Shook, and he was my primary play test partner for the GT. His Easterlings have gotten hammered by the Black Númenórean on multiple occassions and he thouroughly hates them, but in the process he has also learned how to fight against them. This unfortunately gives me an advantage as I now know he'll refuse to advance on my lines because he's afraid of my Black Númenórean's Terror and what it does to his formations when he fails half of his courage tests. It also means that he's going to try and castle up when he can to force me to attack and to prevent me from getting around his flanks. So basically I want to avoid meeting Engagement with his force.

I have no idea who else to expect, but I do know who my toughest opponents are likely to be and as long as i'm prepared for them, I'll just have to weather the rest.
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Postby The Mouth of Sauron » Sun Sep 07, 2008 1:24 am

Well one last minte adjustment before going out the door. I am going to bring enough models to field one of two forces (TBD) for the GT. This alternate is basically my Baltimore mercs with 200 points of Black Númenóreans to stiffen their center. Either force should do well, but I think I trust the mercenary heavy list better. I have more experience with it and it's at that sweet spot for my preferred playing style. Now to avoid getting broken too often. I don't have four heroes to rescue me this time around.

Minas Morgul Contingent
1 Black Númenórean Marshal with shield
15 Black Númenórean Warriors

Mercenaries of Khand Contingent
1 Khandish Mercenary Chieftain with bow on horse
30 Khandish Mercenary Warriors
15 Khandish Mercenary Horsemen

Points = 600
Models = 62
Might = 4
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Postby The Mouth of Sauron » Sun Sep 07, 2008 1:25 am

Okay it's been a rough day for the Mercenaries and the Black Númenóreans. The Scenarios for this weekend are Reconnoitre, Meeting Engagement, Seize the Prize, Domination and To the Death.

Game One:
Reconnoitre versus Matthew Johnson's Dol Amroth fiefdom force.
Sell sword losses:
1 Mercenary horseman (below average losses).
5 Mercenary axemen (below average losses).

Mathew and I fought just two weeks ago in the L.A. Games Day LOTR tournament. On that day his Fiefdom force carried the day defeating my Spiders of Mirkwood force. It really came down to luck as my Spider Queen should have torn that last Knight of Dol Amroth apart, but she managed to lose and get killed by one of Imrahil's finest. So he won by having the only model left on the field by the end of the game.

Today his reinforced force (he added Forlong and some axemen to make up the 100 point difference in the two tournaments) got to face off against my Black Númenóreans & Khandish Mercenaries. We set up the terrain, deployed and ripped into each other. Mathew deployed first and placed his Rangers of Gondor on his far left flank (top left) with Forlong, his axemen and a couple of pikes to support them on their left. His foot knights held the center and then the rest of his pikes and then Imrahil and his knights. So obviously he's going to make an attempt to blow through my right flanks for a quick win while trying to tie up my mercenry cav on the left.

I deployed a force of Black Númenóreans on my left with a group of mercenary axemen to support, the mercenary horsemen deployed in the center along it another group of mercenary axemen and my right flank was held by my Black Númenórean Marshal, several Black Númenórean Warriors and some supporting mercenary axemen. In hindsight I made a deployment error. I should have place the axemen in the center on my right as additional forces to stop Imrahil. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time.

Imrahil led the charge on my right flank and came to an abrupt stop when he hit my Black Númenórean wall. I took the worst of it with Imrahil killing everything he came into combat with, but I managed to avoid losses by his knights. My own horsemen moved up the center and started shooting at Forlong's lines with no appreciable affect while my infantry moved forward to get into range to engage the enemy. Imrahil managed to call another charge (Heroic Move) and engaged my lines again, some of my warriors were still knocked over from the last round. Luckily my Marshal was unengaged and could pick his fights. I stacked up three warriors on one of Imrahil's knights and declared a heroic Move. I managed to kill the knight, but I had to expend the last of my Might to do so. This allowed me to trap other knights. While Imrahil was skewering everything he could touch I managed to unhorse one knight and kill another. By this time I have a big hole in my right flank and I realized that any reinforcements are at least two turns from arriving (my deployment error) so I redirect infantry from the center that direction.

On my left I move my cavalry at full gallop to the far left to try a break through while also engaging one of the rangers. I also moved my infantry to interdict the axemen and to threaten the Knights of Dol Armroth who move to engage the Black Númenóreans and as luck would have it my opponent failed a couple of courage tests. He also attempted trap my horsemen by engaging them with his rangers. I managed to beat back his rangers and inflict some casaulties in the process. Forlong managed to push back my lines, but wihout significant losses to either side.

On my right Imrahil continued to work on cutting a bigger hole into my fight flank by engaging two models at once. My marshal and other available models worked on engaging the remaining knights and the approaching pikemen. I am still holding the line, but I have no reserves available and what I've got for a defensive line is now paper thin. Imrahil slaughters more of my warriors while I only manage to push models back.

On my left my horsemen make a concerted push and I get several of them past the rangers while I work on engaging the rest and fully engaging Forong's skirmish line on the hill. I'm still not able to get behind their lines, but the cavalry charges threaten to breach his right flank and trap Forlong's men in a vise. The rangers go down rapidly and I manage to push Forlong back up the hill. An arrow into combat managed to wound Forlong prior to the combats which helped to make my opponent more cautious with him from this point on.

Imrahil declared a Heroic Move and smashed open my right flank enough to get a single rider past my ragged remnants of a defensive line. My reinforcements arrive too late to catch the rider, but I do manage to be in position to catch the pikemen now fighting their way past my marshal and the couple of remaining models in their way. Imrahil again slaughters more of my models (He's killed close to 16 models by this time in the game).

On my left I get four horsemen off the table and use the remaining horsemen to slash into Forlong's right flank. My axemen move through the trees at the base of the hill and manage to get around the knights using it as an anchor which allows me to engage Forlong's left flank with multiple models. I work on getting Forlong isolated, trapped and engaged by multiple models. i manage to destroy Forlong's right flank and badly chew up his line so he's forced to fall back to the hill to save his line from being surrounded.

Imrahil uses his Priority (and my lack of Might) to get one knight off the table and another one within striking distance (he's 1/2" from the edge) and his pikes move forward in a line to skirt my survivors which Imrahil again engages. With my reinforcements I am able to hit almost the entire line of pikemen, but they're all one on one fights. This is not looking good for me. Imrahil calls a heroic combat and slaughters his lone model to go and rescue his pikes. Needless to say he won that fight as well. I killed a pikemen, but the rest of the combats just push models around.

On the left my captain takes the opportunity to run off the table to get my scoring model count to five while I close in on Forlong's line. I get around both flanks and manage to trap just about every model. Forlong himself gets caught in a triangle of death with two axemen and a Black Númenórean Warrior. Forlong dies and I manage to kill enough models to break the fiefdom force. I'm close to breaking too, but still safe enough for the time being.

Imrahil keeps his pikes on the table while he manages another charge into an axeman. The pikes try to run past my models as fast as they can to get into scoring position and two are able to break free of my control zones with the help of the rest engaging key models. The one bright spot is the Knight of Dol Amroth on horse ready to score fails his courage test and flees the field. Woo hoo! I'm still up five models to his one. Imrahil and his pikes manage to cause enough casaulties to break me.

On the left I surround the remnants of Forlong's force while I start moving my models towards the table edge to try and reduce my numbers below 25% and increase my lead just in case.

The next turn sees failed courage tests on both sides and a pikeman gets off the table to give Matthew two scoring models with Imrahil and a few others now in position to make a break next turn.

On the right I lose enough models to failed courage tests (mercenaries are only courage two after all) and this guarantees this is the last turn. To add insult to injury I also manage to reduce Imrahil's force to below 25% through combat. I manage a minor win with seconds left on the clock.

Two handed axes helped to make short work of the Knights of Dol Amroth, but I didn't have enough models on my right flank. this was due primarily with me underestimating Imrahil's killing ability. Normally I have a wraith in tow and that keeps him sedated enough to prevent the slaughter he inflicted on my lines. My opponent fell for my feint into the center and this gave me the edge I needed to push through on the far left. I nearly mistimed this attack and was nearly cut off and contained. As usual for me my first game wasn't that stellar as I made too many little mistakes to earn a Major Win in this scenario.
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Postby The Mouth of Sauron » Sun Sep 07, 2008 1:26 am

Game Two:
Meeting Engagement versus Chris Langland-Shula's Easterlings.
Sellsword losses: 3 axemen and no cavalry. Truly the best I've ever rolled for Sellsword losses.

Chris and I have never played, but I helped to consult on his Easterling force and now I'm not sure that was a good idea. I think I need to stop giving force building advise or examples. The US GTs have a points resolution system to resolve draw conditions caused by not destroying your opponent's force in this scenario. I don't like the system, but I understand why it is in place. I already knew my best chance in this scenario was to defend and the table got set up in such a way that both sides had little fortresses to defend. I hate the points resolution method because it allows you or your opponent to sit back and plink away at the enemy and still get a victory without actually engaging in a fight. So my choices are to defend knowing my opponent has no intention to come out and fight me (boring) or pretty much guarantee I get destroyed and go after him in his fortress. I'm stupid, an aggressive player and hate boring games so I committed myself to the fight.

Chris' Easterlings deployed a group of warriors on his far left behind the rocky terrain, while the rest of his force when behind the fences in the center of his lines between the two hills (Chris deployed at the top of the map). His cavalry sat on both of his flanks. I deployed axemen on my far left, my cavalry in the center to move through the gap between the fence and the trees on the left with my infantry behind them (this was a mistake, but not a serious one) and I deployed more Black Númenóreans and axemen on my right.

The game started out with typical Volleyfire exchanges with each of us giving as good as we took. I considered my attack options for the first few turns while I crawled forward and tried to get my infantry on line with my cavalry. once I had my two infantry wings forward enough to start an advance to attack I sent my axemen on the left towards the Easterlings fortified in the rocky terrain on my left. I was careful to stay out of charge range as I wasn't ready to commit just yet. My cavalry I moved over to my right flank with the intent of sweeping over the hill on that side and trying to outflank the Easterlings left flank with them, but I forgot the hill had a seriously bad terrain problem on the side facing the Easterlings that made the terrain dangerously unnavigatable for the horsemen. My infantry on that flank advanced forward to start containing the Chris' left flank and keep it from reinforcing my main attack on Chris' right flank. The cavalry should never have been committed or I should have pulled them back, but that's not what I did so they basically stayed bottled up due to a movement error on my part that placed my captain out of range of some of my models that would have allowed me to clear a path from the hill and make that assault. Then I stubbornly refused to withdraw and try another tact. Luckily my attack on Chris' right flank worked surpisingly well,. He either didn't consider i would hit him there or he was just slow to advance to close the large hole he had in his lines at that point.

The game became a massive migraine in the making and consisted of me pushing hard to burst through Chris' right flank, but his darned orcs were being brave and charging my Black Númenóreans time and again. his Easterlings had few brave enough to face them on their terms, but they defended against my charges quite well. Losses started to pile up as I couldn't get enough mass onto his models to wound them so I abandoned my hand weapons and committted to just using my two handed weapons. This started to change the landscape in the casaulty department, but it was too little too late. The 65 point budget wraith managed to force my Black Númenórean Marshal to spend all of his Might to prevent a catastrophic transfix, This just delayed the inevitable for a turn, but at least Marshals are tough to kill and even the Morannon Orc Captain couldn't manage that trick. on my right I finally got my cavalry redirected into another attack, but the Kataphracts had managed to rally for a counter attack and stymied my advance.

The fact that I went through a couple of bad dice rolling turns was not helping and my casaulties started to climb alarmingly. I got a shot at the wraith, but the warrior committed to the attack failed his courage test (Courage of 4 and I couldn't manage a 7 or better). The wraith withdrew to transifx my mercenary captain who managed to survive the combat. At this point I am broken and my opponent is nowhere near being broken. So I throw my resources into trying to get some points out of him before I go down. if I can kill his higher point models and/or break him then I still have a chance at a Minor Victory, but that wraith and my mercenaries' low courage are not a good combination. Both of my captains Stand Fast! and I managed to charge and trap the (by now wounded) Morannon Orc Captain. I still lose a lot of models and I'm within four models of being decimated when time was called, but I had managed to kill that Morannon Orc Captain.

End result I only manged to kill about 234 points of Chris' models while he had managed to kill 381 points of mine. So Chris managed to get a a very hard fought and extremely well played Minor Victory. He was a great sport as I was getting tired from the exertion of the game and a headache from trying to verify the wording of rules without my reading glasses (which I ultimately gave up trying to do). Chris was using the rocky terrain in a manner I'm not used to fighting so I hadn't committed those sections (defending high ground) of the rules to memory yet. Still the rules issues were quickly resolved with his patience and eyesight despite him being just as stressed and adrenaline pumped as I was in this game. Just another two minutes to resolve the rest of the pending combats and he could have pulled a Major Win off.

This was my favorite game of the tournament and I'm glad I didn't decide to defend into a draw as it allowed me to test the mettle of a great player. If I hadn't been so fixated on defending in this game I wouldn't have screwed up my chances at attacking. My placement of the rocky hill on my right was a serious mistake. i should have just committed to the attack instead of waffling over it during my first couple of turns. When you are placing terrain for each scenario your attack or defense plan makes an impact on how that stuff gets placed. I saw Chris' plan from the moment he started placing terrain and I should have immediately countered it with attack oriented terrain placement. Instead I just managed to improve his position like a fool. I deinitely look forward to a rematch at a future event.
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Postby The Mouth of Sauron » Sun Sep 07, 2008 1:27 am

Game Three:
Seize the Prize versus Chris Balke's Tower of Ecthelion and Grey Company
Sellswords = 4 Cavalry (above average) and two infantry (below average)

This game went pretty much my way from start of terrain deployment through turn six when I won. My opponent had a versatile force that can compete in this scenario, but I have played this one so many times that I have a really good idea of how to set myself up for a win and how to minimize my opponent's ability to win. Step one place a difficult terrain piece dead center of his table edge and then get a non difficult terrain piece on your table edge. It is human nature to tend towards taking the table side you are already sitting so I have a better than average chance I will get the terrain I want. Veteran players will usually spot the terrain traps and swap sides with me, but that's the risks you take. I was prepared for the swap of table sides, but very happy I didn't have to deal with it.

My opponent set up his infantry in two lines on either side of the trees and his cavalry forward of his left flank to try and grab the dig site first. I could see that his archers (Grey Company) were preparing to punish me for sending low defense models after the prize in the center. Well I wasn't going to be intimidated as I knew I had enough cavalry to properly shield my attempt to get the artifact out. My chief fear was that it would take too long to dig up so I made sure I had a captain on hand to speed the process up if necessary. to that end my cavalry were set up directly opposite the dig site in the closest position I could get them with my infantry split into two flanks that would move to counter Chris' attempts to take the position by force if the digging took a long time. Given the general defensive nature of Grey Company I wasn't too worried. They aren't well suited to attacking unless you are prepared to forego their shooting. Most Grey Company players aren't willing to do that.

Turn one I and my opponent moved forward.

Turn two I get priority and place myself on the far side of the artifact site and dismount a rider to be in position to pick up the artifact in case it gets unearthed early. I also have my captain on hand in case I need to dismount him. The Grey Company put out a hail of arrows, but failed to kill the digger who promptly dug up the artifact.

Turn three I called a Heroic move and pulled the artifact back to my main lines and then set up a defensive perimeter with my cavalry. Faramir followed with his cavalry, but was unable to catch the courier (now a Black Númenórean Warrior).

Turn four I fend off Faramir's cavalry and set up a very deep wall of bodies to prevent archery or cavalry from getting to my courier.

Turn five I move to the edge of the table.

Turn six I win.

Everything went my way in this scenario. Chris was very gracious about the whole affair and once it became pretty obvious he was in serious trouble of this game becoming a rout I took the opportunity to suggest options on how to get to my courier by using his Grey Company to shoot open a pursuit corridor through my lightly armoured Mercenaries and then call a heroic combat to pursue with Faramir through that corridor to catch the courier which was still within striking distance. His rangers couldn't hit or wound a thing. After that it was pretty much over with me protecting the model from volley Fire by preventing it from being seen by his models.

Typically I enjoy this scenario because it is a real challenge with most of my forces to win the thing, but when everything goes your way it becomes a dreadfully short scenario to play. Chris was a great opponent and took this loss a lot better than a lot of players I've seen and played.
The Mouth of Sauron

Postby The Mouth of Sauron » Sun Sep 07, 2008 1:55 am

I'm now sitting at 37 battle points and my most likely opponent for tomorrow's Domination is Rob and his Isengard Legion. Why do I always pull an Isengard legion in Domination at Us GTs (well if you don't count one Easterling player in Las Vegas last year)? There might be someone else sitting at the 37ish point scale, but he and I have the same score so it's likely I'll get him.

Time to think about how to maximize my ability to pick off his warriors and to get him to brak point long before I am ready to risk that condition. Shamn equipped uruk-hai warriors are not a good matchup for my force.
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Postby BostonNazgul » Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:10 am

no one else pulled 2 majors? was 37 the highest on sat.?
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Postby BostonNazgul » Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:11 am

and yet again, Seize the Prize is present at a tournament... sigh...
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Postby The Mouth of Sauron » Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:10 pm

BostonNazgul wrote:no one else pulled 2 majors? was 37 the highest on sat.?
Wyn was undefeated by the end of Saturday with 47 points and I think he was the points front runner until the last round.
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Postby The Mouth of Sauron » Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:12 pm

BostonNazgul wrote:and yet again, Seize the Prize is present at a tournament... sigh...
We are playing the same scenarios as we had a Baltimore last year. I don't mind Seize the Prize, it is no worse than contest of Champions (stupid scenario). I hate To the Death and the points resolution system GW has put into place to handle unresolved "draws".
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Postby Gartl » Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:57 pm

no one else pulled 2 majors? was 37 the highest on sat.?

I ended with 44 on Saturday. Two majors and a draw (one turn from a third major). I got a draw and major on Sunday so ended with three major wins and two draws.
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Postby BrentS » Tue Sep 09, 2008 2:44 pm

BostonNazgul wrote:no one else pulled 2 majors? was 37 the highest on sat.?

I was a smashing 1-2 on Saturday with 27 total points :oops:
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