Scenario Report: The breaking of the Fellowship.

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Scenario Report: The breaking of the Fellowship.

Postby BaronDeSade » Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:28 pm

Boromir of Gondor staggered back as another Easterling arrow pierced his chest. He still held his sword and shield, but his breath was now coming in great ragged gasps, and he could no longer blow his horn. He turned and gave Merry a shove.

“Go,” he gasped. “I’m done for. Go find Aragorn, and help Frodo if you can.”

Merry took a step back. He held a stone in his hand, but six Easterling Warriors were coming, and he could feel the chill presence of one of the Nazgul.

“Go!” shouted Boromir, spitting blood. “I am so sorry. I…”

Another arrow struck Boromir in the back. He crashed to his knees. His mouth opened, but no words came out. He fell, sideways, in a crash of leaves, and his eyes saw no more.

Khamul the Easterling watched the hero die with malevolent joy. He could not sense the presence of the One Ring at the moment, but he knew that it was held by a Halfling. One of the Halflings would know where it was, even if they took some “persuading” to talk. Breaking the Halflings would be even more enjoyable than breaking that wretch, Gollum, he thought.

He raised one bronze-gauntleted hand and pointed at Merry. “Take him!” he commanded the Easterlings.

Merry turned to run, but the Easterlings were on him like bronze-armored attack dogs. He slashed once with his short sword, forcing them back momentarily, before they beat him to the forest floor with blows of their heavy shields. The eastern warriors picked him up like a sack of grain and marched off towards the camp. Khamul nodded in satisfaction. He could hear the cry and crash of a battle behind him, and so he drew his sword and made his way towards the fighting. He seemed to glide over the ground, a humpbacked shadow that left a trail of dead vegetation in the wake of his black cloak.

Aragorn lunged forward, slashing two Easterling warriors out of his way before slaying a third with a powerful lunge. The Fellowship was surrounded by Easterlings, but none of them could hope to stand toe-to-toe with the heroes.

Gimli swung his ax, battering back several foes. “Argh! Bring yer pretty mask to my ax!”

Legolas drew back his bowstring to his eye. He paused, waiting between heartbeats, then fired his arrow. The missile flashed between the combats, through the Easterling’s battle lines, and struck Khamul in the visor of his mask.

The Nazgul stumbled. He grabbed the arrow with both hands and pulled it out with a piercing scream. He drew himself upright, crushed and splintered the arrow in one hand. His ‘death’ at the ford outside of Rivendell had been painful enough that he didn’t want to experience it again so soon.

Legolas had no more time to shoot. The Fellowship was now surrounded by masked Easterling warriors. He drew his white knives and drove the evil men back with the flashing blades, but the Easterlings were firing arrows into the melee, trusting their superior armor and the blessings of Sauron to protect them from their comrade’s shots. Legolas gasped as an arrow pierced his shoulder.

The three heroes fought with determination. Easterlings fell to their blades. Given enough time, it would be possible that they could overcome their foe’s superior numbers.

A shadow moved in front of Aragorn. “You shall die now, son of Isildur,” hissed Khamul. Easterlings closed in on either side of him. Aragorn lunged, putting all of his strength and skill into the thrust. Khamul’s sword leaped up to block the blow, and for a moment, the two blades clashed against each other, with neither able to gain an advantage.

With a shriek, Khamul forced Aragorn back and drove his ancient sword deep into the hero’s chest. Aragorn grimaced as his flesh disintegrated and Khamul’s sword burned with black fire. Clothing, bones and ashes fell to the ground where Isildur’s heir had once stood, and the line of kings was broken forever.

Gimli moaned, his dark eyes full of tears at the death of his friend. He pushed an Easterling aside and raised his axe to strike Khamul. The Ringwraith spoke a word in the language of Mordor, and Gimli froze in place, as stiff as any stone. Easterlings rammed their spears through the weak spots in the Dwarf’s armor, and Gimli slumped to the ground, dead.

Trapped and alone, Legolas fought with stoic determination. It was not enough to overcome the numbers of the Easterlings, and his corpse soon joined the others upon the ground of Amon Hen.

Khamul stood over the bodies. He had lost many warriors, and his will had been almost completely drained in the fight. Still, he had won an important victory for Mordor, and he could now turn his attention to the torture of the two Halfling prisoners.

Tactical Notes: During the game Gartl said, and I later agreed once I had time to think about it, that the scenario isn’t balanced if the Fellowship uses the almost-dead Boromir and the Evil side uses an equivalent number of points, since the almost-dead Boromir is not worth his full points. Khamul used his will to increase his Fight score to 6 against Aragorn, and when Aragorn and the Easterlings both rolled 6’s for the Fight, it was only the roll-off that gave the victory to Khamul. Surrounded, Aragorn died instantly.

I also think that a Ringwraith is more powerful than Lurtz would have been in this scenario.

So, Gartl got hosed over, which is probably why I won this scenario, but it was still good fun to massacre the Fellowship!


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Postby BrentS » Sun Jul 27, 2008 10:19 pm

Huh, and I always though they were Uruks and Amon Hem. :wink:

Anyway, fun read and it sounds like a resounding victory for the forces of evil.
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Postby BaronDeSade » Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:55 pm

Well, I don't have an Uruk-Hai army, and anyhow, Easterlings would have looked much cooler, IMHO.

I also think it is kind of a moral cop-out to be killing monsters instead of Men, since monsters theoretically have no free will, and therefore killing them cannot be an "evil" act.

Killing Easterlings would be a lot more morally ambiguous since the Men of Rhun are following their religion and their tribal loyalty in their actions. So, their ends may be Evil, but their methods are no less Good than those of the Gondorians or the Rohirrim.


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