Wrath of Fanghorn

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Wrath of Fanghorn

Postby The Mouth of Sauron » Sat Jun 21, 2008 11:35 am

I took out the three ents and Gandalf against the power of one of our local dwarf players. We played To the Death and I was expecting the worst. Dain and 51 of his lyal retainers were arrayed against my 4 models. I got a lot of stares and comments on the force. The most common was "That's your entire force?".

We set up the terrain with a rocky hill in the center and there were lots of woodland terrain clustered around the center as a result. I got to choose table sids adn I choose the side with all the open terrain. My opponent was confused why I didn't want the trees for cover as we closed, but it became clear to him once the game started what was really going on, particularly in the last half of the game.

I got all of my force deployed within 3" of my table edge while Dain and half of his force was deployed within 3" of his table edge and the other half deployed in the center of the table. I advanced my force towards the dwarves on my right in the center (and whith no hero support) while I got Cast Blinding Light up. My opponent did some quick math and decided that Volleyfire was not as useful as the press of bodies against the ents. He also sent Dain and his bodyguard to the rescue of his advance force. Within fouor (very fast) turns the ents were in striking range of the frward half of the dwarves and Dain was closing towards the center, but due to terrain he got seperated from his supporting dwarf warriors and only advance with his Khazad guard bodyguard.

Gandalf blasted dwarves with Sorcerous blast with his free Will and killed the lead dwarf and the two dwarves he was thrown into. Talk about some hot dice. Treebeard kicks Dain, but has to spend two Might to wound the old dwarf who avoids one wound with his Fate. This pushes him back through his Khazad Guard and safely away from Treebeard in case I get Prioity. The next turn Gandalf won the heroic Move roll off and moved so Dain and his two Khazad Guard were in line for a Sorcerous Blast. i spent two dice (one free) and rolled two 6s (my dice wre hot), since the target was a Khazad Guard Dain couldn't resist the spell. I sent one bodyguard throguh Dain and his otherKhazad Guard, killing both Khazad Guard and knocking Dain down (I told you my dice were hot). Treebeard then charged the prone Dain and proceeded to squish him like an overripe grape. Meanwhile the other two ents are trying to pound dwarves, but are only marginally successful. Once Dain is dead I pretty much get to decide who moves first for the next couple of turns until I'm out of Might.

Gandalf continued to cast Sorcerous Blast at any groups of dwarves and manages to kill at least one everytime the spell goes off (more than half the time on one die), while the ents pound on dwarves and Treebeard tries to win fights when trappted. The end results of the first half of the game is Treebeard has one wound inflicted, one ent is wounded and Gandlaf is down to one Fate point, but the dwarves are within two models of being broken. Sicne I was tearing apart the dwarves in the tight terrain my opponent decided to pull the remoainder of his force over to my side of the table so his archers would have several turns of fire at my advancing ents. Volley fire was still not an option for him since he couldn't get any of his models to gbe more than 6" from my models. This left him with just direct fire. Cast Blinding Light prevented and damage from bowfire as I pursued and killed fleeing dwarves and entered the open terrain. four turns of moving and we again engaged in combat.

more of the same, Gandalf Sorcerous Blasting lines of dwarves and in his best turn managed to hit a line of 7 dwarven archers in a line from the flank and killed four of them. Within a few turns the dwarves are down to just one model which gets hit by Gandalf, treebeard and another ent.

End Game:
Gandalf has no Might, 1 Will, no Fate and two wounds left. CBL and Terrifying Aura are still up.
Treebeard has no Might, all his Will, no Fate and two wounds left.
Of the ents only one took a wound.

The dwarves suffered almost a dozen lost to routing, over a dozen lost to Gandlaf's attentions and the rest were hocky puck and smashed potato look alikes.

It was an enlightening game and I could have done some things better, but I am sure that had my dice not been so good to me everytime Gandalf cast a spell I would have had a much tougher time of it. Of course Treebeard and the ents couldn't win fights a lot of the time since I couldn't roll higher than a 2 on three dice in several fights.

Had my opponent stuck to his original game plan of swamping my ents and utilized his two handed weapons when he had them trapped I would have lost Treebeard and at least one ent, but he panicked and ran for open terrain to try and shoot my force instead.
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Postby Guardian of Ecthelion » Sat Jun 21, 2008 11:48 am

Wow! That sounded like a good game. I am sure you had a better time than your opponent. I like to see what some of the super elite style forces can do. Great battle report.
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Postby The Mouth of Sauron » Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:47 pm

Guardian of Ecthelion wrote:Wow! That sounded like a good game. I am sure you had a better time than your opponent. I like to see what some of the super elite style forces can do. Great battle report.
Joseph has beaten me plenty of times and he realized his big mistakes halfway through the game, but too late to recover. This force would do well in a lot of scenarios, but not well in many others. Domination is a nasty scenario for this force. Reconnoitre isn't a good one either.
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Postby BrentS » Sun Jun 22, 2008 7:16 am

That sounds like an awesome game! I'm looking forward to hearing more of the terror that is Fanghorn!

Sounds like Gandalf was the real champ though. I'm going to have to look at getting that old Wizard into one of my forces.
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Postby Drunken Mick » Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:03 am

He's so darn pricey. I'm not sure any force I have could fit him in, either thematically or points wise at less than 700. Maybe with a super cheap force with a generic captain at 600 but that's still a ton of points to spend on him. He does work very well in Hobbit forces since they're so cheap (and their heroes). Tim's also shown how tough he is in low model forces. One would think that Treebeard and the other named Ents should get knockdown (which would make them even deadlier).
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