Tim and Gary battle it out

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Tim and Gary battle it out

Postby Gartl » Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:57 am

This last Friday Tim and I had an opportunity to throw down and what a throwdown it turned into! I couldn't find my Wood Elves (left then in the garage at home) so I pulled out my dwarves and dusted them off. Tim was fielding his Khandish Mercenary army that he is planning on using at the UK GT. This version had a Mordor Troll Captain, a Haradrim King and a Khandish Captain. I decided to use Dain just because I like him so much and one generic Dwarf captain. We rolled for scenario but didn't like the one we got (not used in GT play) so re-rolled and got storm the camp. I consider this my second weakest scenario, after Domination, as it requires a player to be aggresive while am a much better defensive player. But even so I was determined to crush Tim!

Battle field - From my board edge, there were woods in my left corner and a hill in the right corner (my camp). In both of the opposite corners were woods. About middle of the battlefield was a small rocky hill while about ten inches to the left of that was another rocky hill. Both hills we either difficult ground or required a climb check.

Tim and I both started out the same way, a curved battle line advancing while archers sat back and volley fired. I had more achers, but the Khandish had range. My archers were focusing on picking off his spear support while he focused on my archers. Fortunately, lady luck was on my side and my fire was much more effective. After a few rounds of volley fire, five Khandish and Harad soldiers lay dead while only one Dwarf had fallen. Tim was taking it in stride and said "When Gary rolls this well in the early part of the game, he makes up for it in the later part of the game". Tim had no idea how prescient he was going to be.

I waited to see how Tim was going to manuever around the rocks before deciding my attack plan. He was steering the majority of his force to his left of the center rock leaving only five Mercenaries and 12 mounted archer to cover his right. I decided to commit the majority of my force to move right and face his strength while a smaller detachment led by my captain moved through the gap between the hills and directly into his camp. I figured my dwarves could handle his cav easily enough.

Tim played right into my plan commiting the majority against Dain and his guard. My other force simply had to weather some direct fire and then crush the cavarly to win the game. All Dain had to do was hold the rest of his force.

Things started to go wrong when Tim's first round of direct fire passed my front line and cut down two Iron Guard. Over on Dain's front, Dwarf after dwarf lost combat and a couple fell. My only solice were my archers who continued to clean up the Khandish spear support.

The time came for Tim's cavalry to charge against my attack force and things were back on track when his cavalry bounced and three died. That didn't last long as the next round the Haradrim charged again, this time winning almost every combat which was also taking place over by Dain where the Troll was slaughtering Dwarves in an attempt to get to Dain. I knew the attack force had to get through soon as my right flank would fall before too long. But things were destined to not go well as I lost fight after fight. Once we were in hth combat I was easily losing 80% of all combats.

Dwarves fell, Khandish and Haradrim fell (mostly to missile fire) and then we hit break point at the same time. I was very concerned at this point because I only had Dain and few Dwarves with him and my archers back at my base. The attack force had been crushed leaving Tims two heroes to attack my archers (with the support of three cav and one footman). Dain's force was outnumbered about 3-1, but this is where conserving Dain's might points paid off (Tim was all out). When Tim got priority Dain called a heroic moved and charged the troll. There were no other heroes nearby so morale checks had to made for all his men. The Khandish and Haradrim started disappearing quickly and the numbers began to get even again. Tim's other heroes moved forward, but his troops were taking a lot of missile fire. Then the Khandish captain failed his courage and fled.

The battle was in the final stage as dain and his banner bearer faced the Mordor troll captain and seven archers faced the Khandish King and one horsemen. The King defeated three archers in hth, killing one while a second decied to flee. The other horsemen defeated four arcehr and killed one. The next round the horsemen and two Dwarves fled followed soon after by another Dwarf.

The last turn was upon us. If Tim got priority his king could get into my camp and I wasn't sure if my remaining Dwarf archer could reach it himself, assuming he didn't flee. Dain and the troll would be squaring off again (each having taken a single wound) and one would eventually fall. Tim got priority so I was pretty certain it was over. Then he rolled snake eyes for his King who fled off the table. Dain defeated the troll in combat, did two wounds, and cut him down!

Victory to the Dwarves! This was an incredibly hard fought game and only Dain, a standard bearer and one archer was left to claim victory. These are the games I love!!!
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Re: Tim and Gary battle it out

Postby BrentS » Tue Jun 17, 2008 8:50 am

Gartl wrote: Then he rolled snake eyes for his King who fled off the table. Dain defeated the troll in combat, did two wounds, and cut him down!

Victory to the Dwarves! This was an incredibly hard fought game and only Dain, a standard bearer and one archer was left to claim victory. These are the games I love!!!

Unbelievable finish to what sounds like an amazingly fun game. I think the King of Erebor got extremely lucky on this day!
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