The Dwellers Beneath

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The Dwellers Beneath

Postby The Mouth of Sauron » Sat Apr 19, 2008 12:37 pm

I got to play two games with my Goblins and they did well in their first two games. The first game was 600 points and consisted of my 70 model version of the goblins and faced off against a 58 model Easterling/Khand alliance force.

Goblin GT horde wrote:1 Goblin Captain with shield
1 Goblin Captain with orc bow
31 Moria Goblins with shield
10 Moria Goblins with spear
19 Moria Goblins with orc bow & spear
8 Giant Spiders

Models = 70
Might = 4

We played Meeting Engagement and I got to choose table sides and priority. I advanced with the spiders on the left and the goblins strung out in a long line across my entire table side with the archers in the rear. My opponent (Steve Shook) set up his force into a spearhead with his Khandish Chieftain's chariot and his cavalry acting as the point of the spear. I suffered from some indecisiveness in my first game with this force as I have little respect for gobins as a force. I don't know why I doubt them, but I always do. I only sent half my spiders to outflank my opponent and kept the other half back to cover my left flank when the cavalry charged. The rest of the line moved forward with my archers crawling behind. At this point I'm still thinking about my attack options. My archery wasn't too impressive, but I did manage to strip a Fate point off the Khandish Chieftain. The Easterling moved forward, but were careful to stay outside of my direct fire range, something I expected. I took some arrow fire, but no casaulties ensued. I then suffered a bout of aggressive behavior and sent in my four spiders to attack the flank of the advancing cavalry. As soon as I finished moving those four models I realized I had just telegraphed my intentions, threw away four of my strongest warriors and was now way out of position. Not bad for one turn, I felt like I had just thrown the game away so I converted my attack plans into a defense plan. My opponent jumped those four spiders. Luckly I had a patch of trees to help protect them and my higher Fight value meant that I survived the counter charges against my spiders. The next turn the Easterlings declared a Heroic Move and jumped the spiders before I could pull them out of danger and I had time to reevaluate my defensive position. I had a patch of swampy ground on my left I could anchor that flank to and I had a formation of rocks on my right I could anchor to, but there was a small gap beyond the rocks where there was a wood. I saw this as a weakness on my right flank as I was not fast enough to close the gap between the rocks and the trees before Steve's cavvalry could get through it and behind my lines. So I positioned a small security force behind the rocks to avoid enemy fire and to act as a gate should Steve see that gap. Steve saw the gap and sent his entire line towards it lead by his cavalry. The spiders took two casaulties, but I also took down the Khandish Chieftain and had so still had two of my spiders left. I got Priority again and pulled those two spiders out of danger by fleeing through the woods and my other four spiders joined them on that flank. I got my left flank anchored tichtly to the swampy ground and I started sliding my main line to anchor to the rocks which I managed. I got my gate force into position and more importantly I had a hero within Heroic Move range just in case Steve got Priority the next turn and tried to dash through the gap. Steve hesitated with his cavalry and took the turn to consolidate his cavalry into a single force again and to get his infantry into a line anchored on the same rock formation I'm using, but angled back just out of range of my main line. If I charge now I'm going to get caught in a bad position. The next turn Steve got priority, but it's too late to punch the cavalry through that gap as I have a force in position to slam the gate on him. At this point he'd have been better off going around the woods with his cavalry and pushing his infantry through the gap. This would have tied up my right flank and in a couple of turns he'd have his cavalry around my lines. Good thing for me he didn't. I through just enough models into combat and/or his path to prevent him pushing through with his cavalry. My heroes are now in position to cover the majority of my line in case I need a Heroic Move. My spiders swung around Steve's flank and prepared to hit his lines from behind.

The next couple of turns saw Steve's cavalry bottled up in the gap between the rocks and the trees and my spiders slamming into his right flank. I also rememebered that my goblins automatically pass climb tests so I was able to charge Steve's main line by scrambling over the rocks and the time I took to slide and swing my line paid off as I had the majority of his line in combat on my terms and things only got better each turn.

By the 9th turn I had his force 80% encircled. Steve's last hero was out of Might and I used mine to maintain initiative for the next couple of turns. I had all but a couple of my models covered and I now had two breaches in his line in addition to my near total encirclement. By the end of those two turns Steve's force is broken and I have him 100% contained. I spent the next three turns trapping EVERY model in his force and by the third turn I had reduced him to 25% of his starting value and I was still 4 models from breaking. Major Victory for the goblins.

The MVPs of the force were definately the spiders as they were winning combats and killing models which helped to shorten his lines and allowed my goblins to eventually encircle him. They were also the only models I had that could take a charge from his cavalry and have a good chance to beat them and still take them out. If I hadn't thrown my other two spiders away I might have done better sooner, but on the other hand I had also taken out one of his heroes early in the game for the price of only two spiders. So I'm not sure that initial charge was as much of a mistake as I thought at the time. It definitely could have been worse for me.
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Game Two - 500 points

Postby The Mouth of Sauron » Sat Apr 19, 2008 2:13 pm

This time I played my Games Day version of the force against a 48 model dwarf army. Not my first choice of opponents as it's really hard to take on a dwarven horde.

The scenario played was Clash of Picquets which made it easier for me to win as all I had to do was break the enemy's force. I chose to place my archers and my spiders on the field which coincidnetly is exactly half of my force. I was facing off against Gimli and some warriors place strategically way out of position and my spiders were on the opposite flank. The initial turns went well with me placing a lot of my opponent's unshielded warriors on the same flank as my spiders which were making a beeline for them. My opponent tried to put up a defensive line, but I managed to cut down 6 dwarves in my initial charge. Things were going quite well for me with the dwarves now halfway to break point and me pulling out a major win when Joseph rolled 15 hits with 15 archers and then 13 wounds on my goblin archers. Not only did he destroy my archery base in one turn (which I have to admit pissed me off), but he put me behind him in the kill categpry in one freaking turn. He never rolled less than a 5 for the next two turns and except for the fact I had a few sixes of my own I lost almost every fight. Long story short version. We are now both one model away from breaking so it looks like I will at best pull off a draw, but given my spiders are mostly out of position and there are no more dwarves to kill I'm probably going to lose. So I pull a Heroic Move and run away with my goblins to try and buy some time for my spiders. Joseph's archery is ienffective and my shielding allows me to survive most of my fights. I lose two of them, but nobody dies. Now I have a couple of spiders in position, but Joseph gets priority and surrounds several of my goblins. I throw my three closest spiders in to try and rescue the situation to at least pull out a draw. The combats go badly for both sides with each of us losing combats we should have won, but nobody can inflict any wounds on the other. Even my spiders have problems winning fights. My last combat is a spider on two dwarven archers which I manage to win. I failed to wound either of them, but poison gets involved since I rolled a 1 to wound on one of the archers. My reroll nets me a 6 and I manage a Minor Win. Twenty four dead models a piece.

I have never seen archery so deadly as the turn those dwarves dropped 13 goblins in one turn. If that volley had been Gary's wood elves I would have taken 15 hits since Joseph's last two dice came up 3s. Needless to say the spiders were the only thing that kept me in the fight. Without them I couldn't have managed to get the necessary kills amongst the dwarves.

I'm not liking the 500 point level so far since my opponents are able to match my numbers with high defense and high fight value forces. I have to get in a couple of games against Gary's wood elves which should be a tough nut to crack given his much better stat lines and the fact that my spiders do not have may advantages over those stinking elves. Of course I do outnumber him by 1.5 to one so there is some light in the tunnel.
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Re: Game Two - 500 points

Postby BrentS » Tue Apr 22, 2008 9:16 am

You may not have gotten any comments but I definitely read through both of these reports and I apprecaite you taking the time to write them up. Its a great to way to experience an army that you haven't necessarily seen on the battlefield.

The Mouth of Sauron wrote:
I'm not liking the 500 point level so far since my opponents are able to match my numbers with high defense and high fight value forces.

I think this years GD events will be much harder than last years at the 500pt level. I think people have realized that you need to maximize your model counts regardless of your army (sometimes at the detriment of extra heroes). I think the classic horde of goblins and orcs will be harder to play. I've seen too many lists with near max model counts including Morannon Orcs and Dwarf lists that get into the 40's in terms of model counts.

I'd be very, very nervous taking my 26 Rohan Models to one of the events this year!
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