Angmar Vs. High Elves

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Angmar Vs. High Elves

Postby knitemare » Fri Mar 21, 2008 8:34 pm

I'm not going to go to far into this. I played CSKs High Elves lead by Elrond. My force was Buhrdur, 3 Cave Trolls, 6 Wargs, 26 Orcs, and an Orc Captain.

I did EXCEPTIONALLY well right up until then end. I was killing a lot of elves, got my force into combat quickly, mostly neutralized Elrond, and managed to dig up and walk away with the prize.

That was the point that things went down hill. I lost my 19th model as I picked up the prize. Through my own stupidity my orc captain failed his courage check and ran away. Buhrdur also failed, but that was dice. In two turns I went from 18 models to 2.

CSK had 6 bowmen left when I had a Cave Troll and an Orc (carrying the prize). The cave troll failed as did 3 elves. The Orc failed 5" from the table edge. CSK moved his remaining 3 bowmen toward the prize. One of them was about 8 inches away when he fled the table, he was the last model in the game.

That turned the match into a draw. I was really angry at the time, but I'm over it now. After having time to think about it I'm really happy with how well a bunch of orcs and trolls did against the High Elves. I thought it would go a lot worse for me. Also, never second guess myself.
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