Angmar Vs. Rohan (600pt) Seize the Camp

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Angmar Vs. Rohan (600pt) Seize the Camp

Postby knitemare » Fri Mar 14, 2008 7:43 pm

I played against CSK today in a 600 point throw down. Seize the Camp was rolled (after we both agreed not to play CoP of TaH) and we setup with 6 pieces of terrain.

My Angmar list is:

1 Buhrdur
4 Cave Trolls
6 Wild Wargs
20 Orcs

His Rohan list is beyond my comprehension as all of the models look the same to me, but he had 32 models, Eomer, and Erkenbrand as well as 5(?) Rohan Royal Guard. His entire force was mounted.

Model count had us about evenly matched. I was a bit concerned when I lost 5 orcs in the 3rd turn, but then things kind of swung my way. Of all his riders, only Erkenbrand and one other Rider made it to my camp. His force was broken the turn before. Eomer went down when Buhdur and two cave trolls surrounded him through a Heroic combat. On Rider of Rohan survived me getting to the Rohan camp, but he was 48" away having killed the warg he was in combat with through the entire game.

There was a lot that happened and I'm sure CSK can add some comments to this. I'm really happy with the way my force performed and I definitely want to play the same force again a 4 or 5 more times to see how it does against different lists.

I wish I had taken pictures or had someone on hand to record the rounds on paper. The game was great fun and I was too caught up in the overall picture to remember what happened each round.

Thanks for playing CSK, I appreciate it.
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