High Ground - Erebor vs. Rohan 2/19/08

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High Ground - Erebor vs. Rohan 2/19/08

Postby Drunken Mick » Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:06 pm

500 points 4x4 table my dwarves vs. CSK's Rohan.

Wish I'd taken pics but oh well. After the 3-way game with KM, CSK and I stuck around to fit in another game. Here are the rough details :).

Set up: large hill with a rocky side in the middle, lots more rocky terrain was placed with a few bottle necks, which I must say were much in my favor. Can't flank me if you can't get around me.

Beginning: The first couple turns saw my rangers moving to a rocky hill about 5-6 in from the High Ground, from here I would be annoying and shoot at the Rohirrim sitting anywhere near the objective. It was a good idea but as it turned out the hit dice were flowing the wound dice were not. I formed the remainder of my contingent of shields, KG in 2 long lines with Dain and my Iron guard in the rear. I was able to get the dwarven lines wedged between 2 pieces of terrain and the line was about 8-10 models wide. CSK had formed two groups, one led by his captain the other led by Eomer. He bounded forward around some terrain and plopped 2 spearmen and 4 bowmen on the objective opposite my rangers. The remaining Rohirrim formed his 2nd charging group.

Combat begins! Rohan won priority and charged the dwarven line. I believe he brought 5-7 rohirrim. The dwarves slid forward in the cracks and while 2-3 dwarves fell so did 2-3 rohirrim including his full might captain. Next turn I won priority and through the holes in my line my 2nd / 3rd line of iron guard flooded out engaging his cavalry, in many cases 2-3 dwarves for each rohirrim. He countered with his 2nd line and got a couple of charges in but not many. This round of combat saw many more rohirrim and few dwarves take dirt naps. Eomer had charged in and was assailing 3-6 dwarves at this point continually winning combats and slaying dwarves but there were enough of them there to keep him tied up. My rangers were still harassing his rohirrim on the objective and vice versa but not much action there.

Mid game: Rohan is starting to be quickly beaten back, they didn't have many numbers to begin with and my iron guard combined with khazad guard are a formidable combination for killing. Eomer is still alive and keeps winning roll-offs against Dain much to my chagrin, not only that he's put a couple wounds on Dain. However, I still have 6 dwarves (2 iron guard, 2 khazad guard, a shield and Dain on him - eventually he's gonna DIE!). I also move my rangers up to the bottom of the objective and surround that side of it while my other central force has punctured his center, split his force and is moving up on the other side.

End game: FINALLY, Eomer dies but not until he's made his mark killing no less than 3 dwarves and taking 2 wounds and 2 fate from Dain. The rest of the rohirrim not on the objective are summarily slain and the rangers are on the objective engaging and killing the rohirrim still left. It's the 10th turn and I flood dwarves in range onto the objective. Dwarves on the objective 14, rohirrim that pass courage 3. Major Victory for Dain and Erebor. Total losses on my side 15 dwarves, total rohirrim slain 23.

All in all a good fun and relatively quick fight (only took two hours). Much thanks to CSK for staying so I could play another game he's a good guy to play against / with.
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